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If you just won a million dollars, would you quit your job?

  1. ChilliWilly profile image60
    ChilliWillyposted 7 years ago

    If you just won a million dollars, would you quit your job?

  2. arun10 profile image60
    arun10posted 7 years ago

    I will quit my job if i win a million dollars and start a business to multiply that money to live a happy life.

  3. Jed Fisher profile image86
    Jed Fisherposted 7 years ago

    No, I wouldn't quit my job. That's the short answer. I'd keep it quiet, not change my lifestyle, and slowly adjust to the new wealth over time.

  4. Alhamora profile image62
    Alhamoraposted 7 years ago

    No, I enjoy my job. So no to quiting. But it will surely change my lifestyle though.

  5. suncat profile image57
    suncatposted 7 years ago



    But actually I'd want to get the job first, then I can intelligently decide what I would want to do with it.

    And the third possible solution to this problem whether to job or not to job after winning that amount is to wait until that becomes the case but inform your boss and coworkers that you are in transition and they should be ready to party because you're actually looking for the best software to print the invitations as soon as the news come in....

    LOL   I got a pic of a part of it already, you have to start small...

  6. solar10 profile image59
    solar10posted 7 years ago

    No, I am working not solely for money. There are many things in my job could be bought with money.

  7. Online Money 101 profile image56
    Online Money 101posted 7 years ago

    You need to remember that these types of income get taxed at the highest levels. You might only see $600K of that $1MM after taxes.

    If after adding $600K to your total assets, is deemed to be enough to live on for the rest of your life, and you did not have any interest in continuing to work, then maybe you might want to consider retirement at that point...

  8. Ashantina profile image61
    Ashantinaposted 7 years ago

    Hell yes.
    I'd invest most of it and continue to do my own thing..

  9. ExpandYourMind profile image74
    ExpandYourMindposted 7 years ago

    I'd bank some, invest some, gift some, pay off some bills and continue to work, mainly for the insurance and other benefits. However, I wouldn't feel the financial pressure to stay in any one position and probably shorten my hours.

  10. jwood00 profile image73
    jwood00posted 7 years ago

    A million isn't really that much money, especially once it's been taxed. If I somehow obtained a million dollars, I would invest a lot of it in carefully researched stocks, move from my current home, and I'd pay for any debts. Also, I would invest some of it in stocks for my family. Otherwise, I would not change very much.

  11. Moon Willow Lake profile image76
    Moon Willow Lakeposted 7 years ago

    Absolutely! Then, start a business to watch it grow!

  12. Sultanah profile image53
    Sultanahposted 7 years ago

    No , why should I if I like it in the first place? I would rather invest and earn more and out of my gains , I would also help those in need.

  13. profile image49
    PANASSERYposted 7 years ago

    Yes .$500000 will be invested in forex trading,which will give me atleast 1000000 times income ,now I am earning.Then the remaining $500000 will be deposited in my bank account as fixed deposit.

  14. NateSean profile image75
    NateSeanposted 7 years ago

    I would certainly never work for someone else ever again.

    After buying a nice house, I would devote the free time I suddenly have to learning how to program Iphone applications.

    A really successful Iphone ap can generate even more income and my financial empire would be built entirely on creative projects.