Are your children equipped for what lies ahead?

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    MojoDawgposted 6 years ago

    Are your children equipped for what lies ahead?

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    MP50posted 6 years ago

    I often wonder about this question myself, the thought of my 4.5 yr old reaching her teens is always on my mind. Some of the things we see and hear about today, I find are a lot to take on board regarding our children.

    A lot of people say they will be alright as children can adapt to anything that is thrown at them, I truly hope so. As regards to the money side of things my youngster has two piggy banks.

    We go the bank once every 3 months together and she pays the savings into the bank account in person, she also keeps an eye on her internet bank account once a week.

    I'm more worried about her life than her finances. Good question by the way.

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    dlalvinsonposted 6 years ago

    My children are all grown with families of their own. I have concerns for them as the America I grew up in has developed into a society with a lot of challenges I didn't have to face. Many things I took for granted have become more difficult for them to participate in. The cost of life's essentials, the political climate and the attacks on spiritual values press in on my kids and their families more than they ever did on our family when they were growing up. But are they prepared and equipped? I think so. They were trained to make good decisions. Mom and I were not dictators. We gave our kids choices, recommended the preferred options and stood back. By and large, they made good choices as kids and continue to make good choices as adults. All have chosen to respect the same values that we illustrated to them and have found them to work well too. I'm speaking of practical life skills and spiritual persuasions. I definitely feel they are ready to respond to the future, as unstable as it seems sometimes.