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Besides writing, how do you make most of your money online?

  1. D22314 profile image78
    D22314posted 5 years ago

    Besides writing, how do you make most of your money online?

    Personally, I get it from using programs like Gomezpeerzone, working on sites like cloudcrowd, or by taking online surveys and uploading youtube videos.

  2. shyanne72 profile image54
    shyanne72posted 5 years ago

    Affiliate Marketing is how I earn the majority of my money online. I also complete surveys, Ad-sense Ads, and a few paid to sites as well. I have a hub that I created in order to help others learn how to make money online without investing anything other than time. You can read it here: http://shyanne72.hubpages.com/hub/how-c … investment

    You should never payout to work online. The only things that you should ever pay for is tools, or knowledge. Affiliate marketing can be done without spending money, but you will need to invest time. Read my Hub, and then visit my blog to get a free step by step plan for affiliate marketing using no money what so ever!

  3. Hally Z. profile image77
    Hally Z.posted 5 years ago

    Stock trading! I keep a portfolio of stocks and collect dividends on them on a monthly or quarterly basis. Granted, the markets right now are tanking, but you can still make money in a down economy: http://hallyz.hubpages.com/hub/How-to-S … t-Downturn

    I also do peer-to-peer lending and collect roughly 10% on my loaned money. I post my experience with P2P lending here: http://hallyz.hubpages.com/hub/How-to-M … er-Lending

  4. Nathan_U profile image77
    Nathan_Uposted 5 years ago

    Affiliates programs and offering psychic and spiritual services on-line smile.

  5. Arren123 profile image78
    Arren123posted 5 years ago

    Besides writing I earn from photos that I post online. I written a number of Hubs about the site I use http://arren123.hubpages.com/hub/Cold-h … -your-hand

    1. D22314 profile image78
      D22314posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Wow, I've used Redgage in the past, but never made nearly as much as you have.

  6. cheaptoys profile image61
    cheaptoysposted 5 years ago

    if you count affiliate sales as something other than writing it gives me some income too

  7. sm825 profile image60
    sm825posted 5 years ago

    I make some extra money through YouTube videos with video adverts. I do not make anywhere near as much as the top YouTube Partners but at least it is something.