Is it worth it to make homemade detergent?

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    To Start Againposted 4 years ago

    Is it worth it to make homemade detergent?

    Do the savings really make it worth buying all the ingredients and doing the work to make the stuff? Does it last much longer than it's counterpart?

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    Lisa HWposted 4 years ago

    It wouldn't be worth it to me.  I buy a jug of detergent whenever a brand I like (including sometimes "store brand") is on sale for, maybe, $2.50.  With grown kids I don't have all that much "clothes laundry" to do, and there's only so much "house-stuff" laundry I have to do regularly.  Then there's the occasional "once-in-awhile" kind of laundry.  Sometimes I indulge myself by buying my "ultimate" brand (but even then it's when it's on sale).

    I think I probably spend between about $35/$40 and, maybe, $60/$70 a year for detergent (and that's with using more than the bottles recommend per load).  I'd be better off worrying more about some of the other stuff I spend on over the course of a year because even when two of my kids were here for awhile, and they'd sometimes (not always) use my detergent, I didn't see a whole lot of difference in how often I had to buy detergent.   Sometimes, too, there's coupons or "buy-one/get-one" (that type of thing).

    Either because there's a little left over from previous bottles, or because I don't have as many "special laundry projects" in some months, I pretty much think a $2.50 bottle last me three to four weeks.  The $35 estimate if figuring ten months at $2.50 and a couple of months in which I may buy an additional bottle (and if I do that then there'll be quite a bit left when I take advantage of the next sale).  I'm not above tipping seemingly empty bottles upside down and getting every last drop, though.

    I don't know how much cheaper it would be for me to make it, but a) I have my favorite scents/brands, and b) the effort, alone, wouldn't be worth it.  (I could save a whole lot more a whole lot more effortlessly by doings things like not buying "out" coffee at $2.00 a cup as often I do.    smile  ).

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      To Start Againposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      that's pretty much my feelings on it, too smile I've seen a few powdered recipes that sounded fairly easy but it would cost upwards of 15 bucks to get all the stuff (including stuff to make it smell good, of course) & it didn't seem logical...