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What is the biggest online scam you came across

  1. Martin-ddp profile image87
    Martin-ddpposted 4 years ago

    What is the biggest online scam you came across

  2. d.william profile image74
    d.williamposted 4 years ago

    there are two that stand out as being equally ugly.
    1.  the one that uses a fake FBI site to con you in to sending money to retrieve an international lottery that you supposedly won
    2.  the one that advertises a job as a person who visits stores and restaurants to evaluate their business practices and/or sample foods.
    The first one requires your personal information and asks for upfront money so they can send you your winnings.  They take your upfront money, then steal your personal id's to get new credit cards that they max out as soon as they get them.
    The second one sends you checks for an advanced payment for your services in evaluating selected business.  You are to  deposit those checks in your checking or savings accounts, and send them back a percentage of the money you deposit for payment of your services in advance.  The checks that they send you are real checks, but as soon as you deposit them and send back your percentage they cancel those checks and leave you holding the cost of the percentage you already sent them back.
    It takes some pretty smart thieves to come up with these scams, and people get duped every day of the week by them.

  3. Amber Vyn profile image59
    Amber Vynposted 4 years ago

    I get a kick out of the Nigerian lottery-type scams. The language is hilarious!

    1. d.william profile image74
      d.williamposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      that's the one on was thinking about, but could not remember the name when i typed my comments. I am glad you added this note.