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I am a retired RN with an avid interest in promoting equality for everyone. I am a news junkie (not an expert) and try to combat discrimination in all of its forms. I try to promote an alternative point of view from the mundane and welcome criticism and comments both pro and con.

I try to provoke thoughtful insight into modern problems. I try to get people to look at all things in life with an open mind, a forgiving heart, honesty in their convictions, and to promote good old common horse sense in their logic. I try to look at ideas, and situations through eyes that can see both ideals and reality and reconcile them with logic. I hope you enjoy my thoughts. I pride myself on not being anti - anything. I have no hate in my heart for any other living being. I have a deep personal spiritual connection with the universal Oneness and try to never do anything that will harm another person. I am deeply opposed to the indoctrination and brainwashing techniques that history has so distastefully imposed on all of the children of this world in the name of religion that only adds to the mental disturbances, anguish, and confusion in most adults subjected to this negativity.


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