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Getting paid for blogging

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    Goin the Distanceposted 15 months ago

    Getting paid for blogging

    Everyone keeps telling me to post about my life.
    The on going joke is how I need to have a reality TV show.   The show would be to document the ridiculous events that occur.  Because of how unreal and entertaining they are.
    After giving this some thought in my college apartment where I can hardly afford food, I thought why not give it a try. 
    I thought it would be fun to start off blogging.
    I always hear about people paying to write and entertain others with their stories.
    So I'm looking to give it a try.


  2. Luke Holm profile image94
    Luke Holmposted 15 months ago

    I've been trying to do the same and it is a very difficult market to break into.  When it comes to making money strictly from writing, try Google Adsense or Hubpages Adsense.  This puts advertisements on your blog, thus creating a monetary gain for each click or view.  Typically, you need about 10,000 views a day to make any real money using these programs.  Usually it's like $0.03 per 1,000 views.  What most people do is gain a following, through their blog, and then market some sort of product.  The selling of the product is what brings in the big bucks.  I suggest reading the vast resources on Google, reading books on business and marketing, and learning SEO to start.  Good luck!  So far, after two years of trying, I've made zero dollars hmm.

  3. MuhammadAmeen89 profile image81
    MuhammadAmeen89posted 15 months ago

    I have heard a lot of stories that you do not make a lot of money by blogging and this is not a make way to get rich. But there are some who are earning a nice amount every month.

    You need to be a constant blogger and write about unique things and topics. I also agree with Luke Holm that you need a lot of views to make some cash and seo is important. With blogging patience is the key, don't think of this as money making business but as a side business to get some extra cash

  4. Chindy Pepito profile image67
    Chindy Pepitoposted 14 months ago

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