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A Revolution of Love

Updated on February 6, 2019

Refuse the Control System

No more excuses! We are not going to have the Control System any longer -- we are not going to have any kind of system of control; we need a "Freedom System" if we are going to have any kind of system at all. The future generations of humanity cannot be allowed to spend their lives in a system of control and enslavement. We have to free the human race -- nothing could be more important.

One of the most important things we can do: refuse to be silenced into not expressing our freedom of speech -- never shut up, no matter what.

If vast numbers of people refuse the Control System what are they going to do? Nothing; there is nothing they would be able to do about it. Maybe we could stop worshiping and deifying politicians, celebrities, movies, sports, video games, social media, cell phones, and all of the things we currently believe to be so important. This is all an externalization of everything and the biggest thing we can do is stand up for things that actually matter for once in our lives!

What are you doing down there worshiping and bowing before all these people and things that are here to enslave you? You are ALL THAT IS -- why are you voluntarily submitting yourself into slavery? If we can find a way to stand up for ourselves the Control System is over.

"A man can't ride your back unless it is bent.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

Why are we serving a Control System that is determined to impose a fascists Global Police State onto us? What are you going to say to the children who live in the world of tomorrow when they demand to know what you were doing while the Police State was coming in and their freedoms were being deleted from all of history? The whole history and future of the entire human race is depending on us, here and now -- do something about what is happening! What are you going to say your role in all this was? "I helped create the Police State"? Yes, that will surely go over very well with future generations; they will be so proud. Congratulations to ya!

Stop Cooperating with the Control System

One thing we can do to stop cooperating with the Control System is to refuse to support all wars. Consciousness does not get a gun and go out and shoot at other aspects of itself; are you insane? Mind does that. Heart does not drop bombs on churches and schoolhouses filled with innocent children. People go out and kill people -- and they think they are fighting for freedom? How is the world better? How are the people you hurt freer?

Friedrich Nietzsche: “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.” You become whatever you fight -- you must, or you cannot fight against it. We don't need to fight our enslavers and therefore become our own enslavers, we just need to stop cooperating with them.

There are Minds all over the place fighting against the Control System, but that only plays out exactly as the Control System demands. Heart and Consciousness don't get played, used, and abused like that -- they refuse to participate in such things. The only way to win, sometimes, is to not play -- stop complying and cooperating with the Control System. "No, I'm not doing it," is an acceptable thing to say. You don't have to even explain why; you can just say "NO!" and happily move on about your life.

Stop Fighting

"The limitation of riots, moral questions aside, is that they cannot win and their participants know it. Hence, rioting is not revolutionary but reactionary because it invites defeat." - Martin Luther King Jr.

The more we physically attack the Control System the more it justifies control; we will lose if we do it this way, besides they have bigger guns than we do ... and more bullets too. They also have enough coffins to put all of our bodies in ... "fighting" for freedom does nothing to bring about freedom; fighting only brings to us more of what we do not want, and everything the Control System does want. We need to stop cooperating with our own enslavement.

People go out into the streets with their banners and do all this stuff, have a nice march, do some protesting, stand up for their cause, let their voices be heard, and whatever else they think they are doing ... and then what? Well ... and then they have another march, another protest, another after that, still another ... how many are marching this time? And what happens as a result? Nothing. Over and over ... nothing! Why do slaves think their masters give a damn about their little protests and marches? They do not! They don't care if groups of us protest, wave banners, have marches, and scream obscenities in all directions! They aren't going to care about any of that until we ALL do it -- all together.

It doesn't matter what your gender is, age, color, sexuality, religion, occupation, nationality, education, IQ, or any of the rest of it; what "they" care about, what bothers the Control System, is us putting aside our differences and coming together -- all of us -- and uniting behind what affects everyone. The Control System is not trying to enslave just Blacks, Jews, Native Americans, Africans, Hispanics, Indians, Gays, Christians, Muslims, Conservatives, Democrats -- it doesn't matter what you are -- they are trying to enslave ALL OF US!

Realize the True Enemy

They divide larger populations against themselves and get them to fight, while they watch, laugh, and make a bunch of money off of our stupidity. Oh look: the Muslims and Jews are at it again; the Christians are angry with the gays; the poor still hate the rich; the heterosexuals are upset about the transgenders ... it goes on and on. And they don't care who you are upset with, as long as it is someone other than them.

Whatever ways they can divide us will be used to exploit, manipulate, and control us. This keeps people fighting with other people who they have been manipulated to believe is their enemy when they have more in common than they do differences, but this keeps us fighting with each other instead of coming together and realizing who the real enemy is -- them -- the freakin' Control System is the enemy! They are terrified of us putting down these fake lines of division and coming together in focused attention on the real problem!

Martin Luther King Jr: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

Other people's injustice is our injustice; if we allow it there, it will eventually come to us anyway, so we might as well do something about it while we still can.

"In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Silence = Consent

Let Go of Fear

It is so easy for us to fight and argue with someone who we think is wrong, but who wants to do the same for what is right? Who wants to do what is right -- no matter what? Let go of fear -- let go of fear and choose freedom! Fear is there to keep you in line, as a slave; you do not need it anymore. FDR: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." What they want us to do is comply with everything they say. Our response? "NO!" They will then frighten us into compliance by using fear to manipulate us back into submission. "NO!"

When we look at the way the world is structured, it is very much like a pyramid; the peak is where all the power is and it dictates The Agenda down through the different pyramids that make up the overall pyramid -- this is the way the world is set up. But look at the bottom, that's us -- holding the whole thing up. If we step from underneath and quit playing around, then their control is finished -- they have no freakin' power to do anything without us submitting to and complying with their demands. All we have to do is stand up, and their ability to control, dominate, oppress, and enslave us is over. They have no power -- we do! If we step out from under the pyramid and refuse to cooperate with our own enslavement -- no violence necessary -- then the whole thing starts to collapse because it is us who holds it all together, not them.

Their power is an illusion; as soon as we stop being afraid, this becomes all too clear. There is nothing they can do if we refuse to participate. It's a flimsy house of cards that has us believing it is a fortress of concrete and steel; it is no such thing.

The Importance of Consciousness

But what are we going to do about it? Nothing?

"The game is on, my show is about to start, gotta get rested for work in the morning," -- we aren't doing anything about it, not enough of us anyway.

As long as you think you are just "one person with no power" you might never do anything; but if we all went down there, if we all showed up ... but not those paid protests that are funded and organized by the same Control System they pretend to be opposing. How about if it's real, and thousands upon thousands of people in every town, every community, every city, everywhere ... if every courthouse lawn was full of people and all of the political offices were surrounded ... all of them; what would they do? What would they be able to do? Tremble in fear? What if every office and organization of the Control System was surrounded in a way that politicians simply could not get out, could not go home? And what if when they finally did make it home, they found their homes surrounded as well? What then?

This is the kind of thing -- not violence -- that might actually get something done that "protests" and "demonstrations", that no-one cares about, will never come close to doing. Protests won't matter until we all do it, and that won't happen until there is a shift in the consciousness of enough people to make it happen; therefore, focusing on what it will take to shift that consciousness becomes the most important part in ending the enslavement of humanity.

If we are ready to actually get off our couches and do something that really matters, if we all go -- all of us -- they will do whatever we tell them to do ... especially if we refuse to return to our homes, jobs, or any of the rest of it until they do. If we stopped purchasing anything at all, all of us, bought nothing, we could force them to comply with whatever demands we put on them -- but we won't do anything like that, now will we? Nope -- we are distracted and divided ... it's a shame too, because we can take back our freedom any time we choose to. One day that choice will be at hand; what will you do? What will you choose? Freedom or slavery?

Voting = Slavery

They tell us to vote and say that is our "voice", but the vote is just to make you think you have a voice -- you have no such thing. How can a vote be a voice when the whole thing is rigged? People who vote have been manipulated and divided into their little respective groups that will vote according to whatever they have accepted as truth, which has been provided to them by the same people they are voting for.

The vote is not your "voice" -- it is your participation in corruption, abuse, lies, violence, force, murder, torture, and slavery ... and that's the short list! What does that say about you, if you choose to vote? Who wants to participate in something like that? What kind of person participates in something like that? Ignorant and evil seem to be the only choices! And that sounds similar to every election! "In this election you will choose between the ignorant candidate and the evil candidate -- now go vote!" This is never going to benefit us; how could it when both candidates, no matter who they are, work for and represent the same Control System? And how is that a "voice"? It is not, because it cannot be. It is not even a "choice"; we think it is, but it is no such thing. How is voting a "choice" when all the people we have to choose from are just masks on the same face, working for the same people, to accomplish the same agenda? That is not a choice, and neither is it a voice!

When we refuse to vote -- refuse to play the rigged game anymore -- is when we begin to have a voice. What would happen if everyone refused to vote? What would they do then? "Alright now, all of us -- no more voting! We have had enough of this, and we are not going to participate in this corrupt and destructive system any longer." Now that's a voice! When we vote for politicians, we are letting them know that we still support their Control System. What do they always say? Every politician who has ever lived: "It doesn't matter who you vote for -- as long as you vote." That's right; they don't care who you vote for, because they are all of the same Control System. As long as you are voting for the Control System that they are part of, they don't care who you vote for; it is when you don't vote for the Control System that they become frightened. The only thing they want from us is our tax money and our vote ... why give them the pleasure? They want our votes? Good, then, we want our freedom; as soon as they start giving us that, we will start voting for them again ... but not until. See what they do then. Look at what lengths they already go to to get people to vote for them; what do you think they would do if no-one voted for them? Whatever we told them to do, and nothing else; that is what they would do.

"Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil." - Jerry Garcia. Here's an idea: stop choosing evil, maybe the world will be a better place!

We know that the vote is rigged; why are we still voting? Are you going to play a game of Monopoly when you know the banker is cheating? No, of course not! So, why are you still voting? You are actively participating in and supporting a rigged system, and attempting to forcefully impose your will onto other people in the process -- which is exactly the opposite of anything that could ever be considered "right". Very simply: voting is an immoral act of force and violence. It is not "right" to impose your will onto others; voting is an attempt, through the mechanism of The State (Control System), to impose one's own will onto everyone else by force; therefore, voting is morally wrong -- why are you still doing it? "Well, if I don't vote for Trump, Hillary is going to get into office." It doesn't matter! They are masks on the same face, working to implement the same agenda and manipulative game of deception that facilitates the outright and massively horrendous slaughter of innocent people by the millions! It doesn't matter who gets in -- they represent the same system of control and enslavement. We need to say -- "NO!" -- to the whole Control System, that means not voting!

We should not be participating and going along with anything that threatens our own freedom, or the freedom of anyone on this planet. What are you doing supporting a system that is destroying the lives of millions of people? Why are you voting for a system that is actively destroying the very planet that our lives depend upon, while they blame the whole thing on us? Why are you supporting a system that is attacking us on every level and intends to enslave the entire human race forever?

Start Saying No

If politicians make or change laws that remove our freedom we need to refuse, and as free people say in one voice: "NO! We will not comply with laws that eliminate our freedom!" What if the President comes on TV and says they have made a new law ... and then what if all of us responded with: "No! We aren't doing that!" What are they going to do? If we all refuse their laws, they have no power whatsoever. We don't have to do what they say; they have to do what we say, but only when we tell 'em. If we let them tell us, they will rule over us forever. They have no power over us except for what we give them; we have given them a lot of power, but we can take it back ... and we are.

We have no say in laws that are passed, then we are expected to obey those laws. Well that's the end of freedom then, now isn't it? Other people making rules we have to follow, without our consent ... is that freedom? By what stretch of imagined definition makes that work? it doesn't; it never did. The only reason people think this makes sense is because they have been conditioned and brainwashed to accept it.

Will they have to remove all of our freedom before we will do anything about it? Is there no limit? Will you just sit there and let them do anything they please, because it is "The Law"? It is like cigarettes: if people could "see" what cigarettes were actually doing, they would never ever take even one puff. If we could see what our government (Control System) is doing to us, we would react the same way -- run like hell. We would not willingly participate in the Control System for even one more second, but we have been brainwashed into being incapable of seeing the truth of it ... so we just keep smoking, but cancer is coming -- we have to quit now! The limit has to be now; we cannot allow them to go any further than they already have. We should not be obeying laws that are abusive; we should be refusing them.

Stop Complying

We need to individually become our true selves and stop complying with their agenda -- that leads to our eventual permanent imprisonment into the prison with bars that cannot be seen; it is the worst kind of prison, the prison made for our minds.

No-one can give you "permission" to be free, and they can't take away your freedom either -- you ARE freedom!

We've got to move our point of observation and perception to a new place and start living in a consciously aware way. Consciousness does what is right, no matter if it is hard. Consciousness says what is true, always. Consciousness does not tell lies, and do what it knows is wrong; these are the actions of the sleeping unconscious comatose people that are trapped, enslaved, and imprisoned within Mind.

"If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it." - Marcus Aurelius.

Do what is Right -- Always

We have to start doing what we know is going to be right -- always -- rather than what is right for our selfish-little-selves in this moment. It might not always be easy to do what you know is right in every single second that you are alive, but it will transform your life if you do.

If you always do what you know is right in every single second, as time passes you will be at peace; not only will you have transformed your life into something beautiful, you will have also lived a life that you know has been "right". What a wave of relief would sweep the world if people all over the planet knew that they had truly lived a life that was right. What an amazing Earth we could have, if we could all just do those two simple little things; always tell the truth, and always do what you know is right. What a transformation from where we are now, but that is the higher level of consciousness and the spiritual/intellectual enlightenment that has already started manifesting into the world. That world is coming, hopefully sooner than later ... and it is so simple to make it happen: if we want a peaceful world, we have to be peaceful. That's not just simple -- it's also profound.

If you want peace, then be peaceful -- when we all do it, the world must therefore become peaceful. It is so simple, but so profound -- which is exactly why most people cannot grasp it. "It can't be that simple," they say, but it is; it is that simple. Martin Luther King Jr: "There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.” When enough of us live that way, it changes everything.

Time's A-wastin'

The revolution that sets us free is not about hate, violence, war, conflict, and fighting; it is a revolution of peace, love, and harmony ... and a revolution of us finally becoming the full true nature of what we really are.

Miracles only become possible when we open ourselves to the possibility of them being possible. When we open ourselves to the greater understandings of how everything works, the Control System must fall; when that happens, our hearts and minds that have for so long been closed, will be open anew to a freedom we will not be able to comprehend until the absolute end of our enslavement.

That means we have a lot of work to do ... better get started -- time's a-wastin'.

© 2019 Jason Horne


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