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Censor the Mind ! Gag it ! Brainwashing Survival in Society !!

Updated on August 16, 2015
The Web Of Brain Washing and Censoring
The Web Of Brain Washing and Censoring | Source

Brainwashing and Censoring

Are the people being brainwashed and the facts censored? The answer is YES!

The media, the news, the printed articles and people are constantly being bombarded with ideas not their own. The advertising industry is always trying to convenience the public to buy, sell, taste, smell or to try their merchandise or to spend, borrow or beg anything under the sun.

Are people to the point that they do not see what is happening. The continued censorship of facts, media and truth in the United States has become a factor that has threatened our basic freedoms and rights. These rights include free speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, right to petition, right to assembly and the right to bear arms.

The government or public schools in this country have a list of off limit topics that can not be discussed as a teacher. These include guns or weapons, sexual preference, race topics, religion, prayer, God, disabilities, drugs and other topics unless the government officials deem so. There are numerous books that also that have been banned from these public schools that include "Little Black Sambo" and "Tom Sawyer". Any books, magazines or logos on clothes that have guns or any weapons presented are also banned from the schools. These schools have policies that says zero tolerance for certain topics, How can a country that claims to have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of press and right to bear arms prevent the students from exercising these rights?

Churches also become the culprit of violating these rights by brainwashing the congregation of followers. Some churches have demanded Bible burnings of any translations other than the translation that is deemed appropriate and authentic.

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People are Being Programmed

People are being programmed to react to certain outcomes. As with the banning of any topics, pictures or logos of guns in government schools, the students are being taught at a very young age for the future projections. The students are not allowed to express their own ideas but only the inputs, ideas and instructions of the government elite.


This does not let the child's mind express itself and it is brainwashing to the point that the teacher or government's side is the only side. At this point, the child is taught not to go against open thinking and thinking outside the established norms.

Can Frequency Waves Cause Mind Control and Brain Washing?

The brain works on different frequencies which different results comes from different frequencies produced. Experiments with plants and sound frequency waves create growth with stimulating music but causes death with certain music and sound waves.

There are basically 5 different frequency waves that the brain operates. The one that we use in daily functions is the one called Beta Waves, which is in the 15hz to 40hz range. This is the one that we are alert to what we are doing and being active. The next frequency wave is called the Alpha Waves that operates in the 9Hz to 15Hz range. This is where we are typically relaxed. The next one is the Theta Frequency in the 5Hz to 8Hz range. In the Theta Frequency Wave we experience a very deep relaxed conscience but not yet asleep. The frequency that we experience while we are asleep is called the Delta Frequency Wave in which the frequencies are in the 1Hz to 4Hz range. Then there is Gamma Wave in which it seems that the mind is in a higher mental state and the frequencies range from 30 to 60Hz,

Frequencies that are present in our environment may cause different reactions and conditions that may interfere with the normal function of the brain frequencies. The sound waves, light, microwaves, healing waves, radio waves, x waves and other created frequencies may influence the normal operation of the brain. Certain frequencies can cause cancer, diseases and sicknesses while others can cause the body to heal itself. It is now possible for the deaf to hear and for the blind to see by using the frequencies projected to the brain.

What is limiting someone projecting those thought patterns to all the public and to all of humanity?

Control of Population

The politicians are in office to carry out the agenda. Whose agenda is the question that has come back from the American people. The sole purpose of the politicians now in office, for the most part, is to get back in office and stay there. At one time, the politician's purpose was to serve the public and to achieve what was good and to present the agenda of the people. Greed, corruption, the love of money, power and wealth came between the politician and the American People. The politician and the government now want complete control of the decisions, money, people, businesses and minds.

The media has become one of the biggest liars, brain washers and controlled activities during this century. Once the media was respected to present the truth, honesty and just reporting events but now, the media has become involved with the antics of cover-ups, scandals and corruption. The reporting of activities by the media as truth and fact that physically could not have happened are being reported as everyday occurrences, but are just lies and coverups.

The projection of future occurrences is also part of the agenda of the media. It is like saying that a really big, venomous snake is loose in the house. Everyone is on edge, waiting till it is caught, looking behind each chair and door, knowing that the snake is there to strike at any moment. The media chooses the topics to cover to the extreme and depending on the agenda, leave other very important subjects untouched. Who choses the subjects to be covered and why the hype of certain topics. Just maybe it is a term called conditioning. Conditioning cushions or clouds the issues that should have been a total wake-up call for the citizens. Such conditioning sometimes comes slowly, such as gun control. Fast, very fast results can also be achieved such as the Patriot Act, in which certain media coverage brought a changed thought pattern of the people of security and safety. The media presented how bad and how unsecure the Nation and brain washed the people into believing that taking the rights and freedoms of the people was the best thing to do. In all, the government received more power and authority to cover more and control more.

Censor of People's Thoughts and Media

Any free thoughts of a person have become fears of the elite and those in charge. The students, citizens and the populations of the world have been bombarded with instructions of who, when, what and how to think, say and see. Any person who deviates from the structured norm quickly becomes a terrorist, on listed on a yellow, blue or red list to be watched and monitored.

Any person who home-schools, owns guns, ammunition or becomes a member in a militia have been put on one of these groups that are monitored because they are termed anti-social and may become an enemy of the government. Those on these blue, yellow and red list are put though the more security checks at airports, getting driver's licenses and hunting licenses. The general population are being brainwashed to believe that these people are evil and wanting to harm to the public, the infrastructure and government. These have been deemed unstable people who may, at any time, kill others. The general public have been mass brain washed to believe that public government schools are the only place for a child to be trained for the future and that any other life style is unethical.

Is it proper that one person be able to tell what another might see, feel, touch, read or think? Is it proper for one group to tell another group that a way of life is condemned while another one is only the right way? Can a group demand certain books be burned or condemned? Can our ancestor's knowledge be banned, forbidden and destroyed?

Any black outs of words, censor of articles, burning or banning of books should be an alert that something is wrong or worth more investigation in our society. Some things may be morally wrong or even ethically wrong, but our freedoms and rights are also what we have fought and stood for so long. Right now, in America, our freedom to write and express ourselves on the World Wide Web and Internet is not controlled as much as other countries, but may, at any time, be censored or blacked out. There are still topics, subjects and pictures that are not allowed, but for the most part, unhampered.

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    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thank you,poetvix, for your wonderful comment and confidence. I still am chilled about what is possible and what is being done. For some time, I have seen the media change actual events into lies. Like Hitler said, "IF YOU TELL THE LIE ENOUGH, IT BECOMES TRUTH!!!!" SO IT DOES, but this is so much more !! Thank you again, poetvix, for commenting.

    • poetvix profile image


      7 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country.

      If they had a hubtastic vote this would get it. You pulled a lot of things together here in a way that is horrifying because it's true. The videos were especially chilling.


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