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They Cometh Chapter 7 part C ; Earth's Survival

Updated on July 26, 2012

Chapter 7 Part C Now comes the time

Master Llambe and the assistants, along with the president and his family converge at the central location, but the kidnapped individuals are still knocked out, not knowing what happened or the events leading up to this point. Master Llambe and his group made so many rabbit trails and false trails, there would be no way to track any of them, even with the tracking of the RIFD chips, that were embedded in the bodies of the President and his family. These chips were disarmed, with a very high powered electronic sonic device that shorted out the chips by vibrating the chips until the insides melted, as if inside a microwave oven. Where the chips are embedded, there will be some swelling and lots of pain, but the chips will not be able to be functional or operational after the disarming.

The President and his family are brought into the main room of the compound and everyone waits for the awakening of the Presidential family. The first one to come around is the president’s wife and she is frightened beyond words. She thinks that death is upon them all and she is like a frightened animal that is backed into a corner and being stuck with a electric shocker. The next to come to is the president and he is stunned, but stable. Dr. Jim is by his side and comforts him by gently talking to him, telling him that everything is all right. The president then confides to his wife and calms her fears. The president knows that Dr. Jim is on the side of good and that there must be good explanation for all the events and for the purpose of being there.


Now, the media has broadcast to the world that the president is in the mental ward at the insane hospital and that Doctor Jim is dead. L’une-wan knows that he must kill both of them before they can communicate any more to the population of the world. At least Master Llambe thinks that the compound is the safest place that they can be because it is undetectable by the radar, by heat sensors, by satellite or by any frequency waves. Master Llambe is confident that everyone on his staff and everyone that ever worked on his staff are true to the core, never revealing any information on the activities or locations. All the employees have the oath of death, knowing that any information about Master Llambe or organization must die first before revealing or telling.

After the president’s daughters are awake, Master Llambe tells all of what is happening to the world, the chaos, the coming of Nibriru, the harvesting of the human flesh, and how L’une-wan has taken over the presidential office for the confiscation of all the gold reserves, creating wealth for him, and for the herding of the people together. L’une-wan seems like he just stepped into the presidency without any problems. It seems that he has been planning this for some time, but what has happened, according to Master Llambe, is that the watchers have been planning this for some time and this guy, L’une-wan, was the one that was ordained and created before infancy, to take the position at the appointed time, because of his genetic breeding that created greed and thirst of conquest for wealth and power.

The president and Master Llambe have a major problem. What can they do to save the world? The president has already been declared insane and incapable of maintaining the office of president. In the public’s view, the President is off his rocker and not fit to rule the chicken house, let alone the public affairs. The preparations for the survival of the world would now depend on this small group of individuals who must find a way to convince everyone to hide, fight and to stand up for the deep rooted thought, called survival. The preparation for the future depends on what and how the people of the world know, believes and prepares.


If only Master Llambe’s colleagues, Mistress Bamzel and Mistress Kelop could get back the airwaves for a while, then the world population could have a chance. Mistress Bamzel and Kelop went to work on trying to get back the control, but all their efforts came back blocked. L’une-wan had gone to extreme efforts to make sure that the breach of security in the airwave communication field didn’t happen again. The Mistresses started another way of thinking. The Blue Beam Project and H.A.A.R.P. along with GWEN could broadcast straight into a person’s mind, transmitting the thought, picture, sound and image directly into the brain, so that they didn’t have to hear the sound or see the image. The mistresses focused on the main computer board, studying each and every facet and minute detail. When this was done, the mistresses examined every circuit board, blueprint and circuitry relating to the operation of the highly secret systems. At last, they determined how it works, how it generates the frequencies and the frequencies that are required to transmit sounds and images directly to the human mind. These systems are so technical, but at the core and basis of every living organism, everything on Earth vibrates on a certain frequency. Now, as President Morosco and Master Llambe prepare for the final communication to the world, L’une-wan prepares the world’s gold reserves to be confiscated and centralized and the wealth of the world to be transferred to that of the elite beings of the planet. L’une-wan has already started rounding up all the weapons, guns, knives and ammunition relating to destructive and willful endangerment to others. L’une-wan sees that any weapon that can be used against mankind or humans can be used against the Nubriruians, who have promised him so many great and glorious things, if he so follows their orders. Greed and more greed guides his future and destiny. L’une-wan communicates to all the world populations that food has to be shared among neighbors and countries, that all people must have plentiful amounts of food, for it is the human kindness and neighborly love that must extend to the poorest parts of the world and to your local neighborhood. L’une-wan has been promised a sizeable harem if the weight and number of the populations on earth can be increased by 15 % in the next 6 months. L’une-wan’s list of Nubriruian’s demands grows each and every time that the contact is made, but L’une-wan’s quests for wealth, power and women grows astronomically because of the promises given by the Nibriruians.

The mistresses continued inspections and collections of information on the Blue Beam Project, H.A.A.R.P. and the GWEN Project begin to hit pay dirt. The massive systems are so complicated, but are so simple in the basics of understanding. The Mistresses are able to hack into the operation systems and duplicated the frequency producing sequence, then feeding the required information given by the president and Master Llambe into the loading program. These will be sent out all over the world, at one time, to everyone, even to those who cannot hear and cannot see. The mistresses also put into the chamber a vital impulse statement, that makes the people believe that they must obey the objective or must die trying. The vital impulse statement demands survival for the humans and no less can be accepted.

Master Llambe and President Morosco prepare the statements that must go into the vital impulse mode, which must be exact and concise, without error. The statement must have direction and guidance for the preparation for the future and have narrow guidelines to follow. The Master and the President prepare the following:


And for those who can understand, with the brain power, to comprehend the fast super injection of information, the mistresses will also load multi-blue print fabrication and assembly of weapons, so that the civilians can get started on building and engineering highly technical weapons to combat the foe. The fast down-load at different frequencies will upload to different people’s brains at different levels, so that every person won’t have the same weaponry skills or advancement, but be able to act with different levels for different weapons technicians to build different advanced weapons.

These are the vital impulse words that must be layered in the communication and the visual and oral broadcast that would be communicated. These would be the same as the presidential broadcast that was broadcast earlier, with the digital president. The preparation for the future is one worth fighting for the people and population of the world and for the continued inheritance of the generations that we have known for so long. We will not be overthrown by a planet of cutthroats without a fight and a fight to the end. The Nibriruians are said to have the greater strength and advanced weaponry, but this is our land, for which we will fight till the death. We will prepare our people with the knowledge, the skill and the know-how to defeat the harvesters and these so called Nibriruians.

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