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Hillary Clinton For President in 2020

Updated on April 8, 2019

Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton For President in 2016 in Review for 2020

Since Hillary Clinton has announced she will not seek the DNC nomination in 2012 that rules her out for a possible presidential run in 2016. By 2016 she will be 70 years old and unable to be president of the United States.

I don’t think that Secretary Clinton would necessarily want the job. She has been the first lady, a senator from New York and now Secretary of State. I would imagine she would like to retire gracefully instead of being shut out based on her age. Her retirement upon inauguration would be close to a million dollars annually. With a staggering economy she has priced herself out of the Office of the President.

This of course is not a reflection of Ms. Clinton’s skills or talents. I think she would have been an excellent President but the time would have been in 2008 and being a party member means she had to succumb to the party preference of Barack Obama. I have no doubt that if Ms. Clinton had been President Clinton our country would be in an entirely different position now.

Secretary Clinton we appreciate your public service, sacrifice and everything you have done for this country. I bet the DNC wished they had picked you as the 2008 nominee as well but the glass ceiling in Washington DC hasn’t been broken yet as they still can’t accept women in leadership roles.

As a Republican I appreciated your dedication and services and while I haven’t always agreed with everything you have said or done, I certainly appreciated where your heart was at when you did it even though I was not certain were your head was at. So thank you Secretary Clinton and we will miss your public service but let it be a beacon to all those who follow you that public service is never forgotten or not appreciated.

Hillary Clinton the 1 Million Dollar President

Do you realize that between Hillary Clinton's salary for being a New York State Senator and Secretary of State that if she is elected she will receive one million dollars as President with those combined public service incomes. A one million dollar tax will be levied on the North American People by the Hillary Clinton when Slick Willie Clinton pardoned and commuted all those criminals including cocaine dealers and racketeers and really awful criminals because he was bitterly leaving the White House. He thrusts those criminals onto the United States of America.

Here is a shortened list...


James Barker

Ronald Henderson Blackley

Bert Wayne Bolan

Jon Michael Burton – charged with heavy drug trafficking

Gloria Libia Camargo

Charles F. Campbell

David Ronald Chandler – federal death row inmate

Lau Ching Chin

Donald R. Clark

Loreta De-Ann Coffman

Derrick Curry

Velinda Desalus

Jacob Elbaum

Linda Sue Evans

Loretta Sharon Fish

Antoinette M. Frink

David Goldstein

Gerard A. Greenfield

Bob F. Griffin – former Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives, who was serving two years on bribery charges.

Jodie E. Israel

Kimberly Johnson

Billy Thornton Langston Jr.

Vicki Lopez Lukis – former Lee County, FL Commissioner who was serving a 27-month sentence for honest services mail fraud; her conviction was vacated on February 14, 2011

Belinda Lynn Lumpkin

Peter MacDonaldNavajo Chairman, serving a 14-year sentence for fraud and racketeering convictions

Kellie Ann Mann

Peter Ninemire

Hugh Ricardo Padmore

Amy Ralston Pofahl - released on July 7, 2000 due to "disparity of sentence" because her husband, the ringleader, received 3 years probation and she was held accountable for all the drugs he manufactured even though her role was limited.

Arnold Paul Prosperi – Florida attorney, tax fraud, managed Clinton's 1967 campaign for student-council president.

Melvin J. Reynolds – Democratic Congressman from Illinois – bank fraud and obstruction of justice

Pedro Miguel Riveiro

Dorothy Rivers – lead official in Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, plead guilty to theft of $1.2 million in federal grant money

Susan Rosenberg

Kalmen Stern

Cory Stringfellow

Carlos Anibal Vignaliconvicted of cocaine trafficking

Thomas Wilson Waddell III

Harvey Weining

Kim Allen Willis

Kemba Smith


Verla Jean Allen (1990 false statements to an agency of the United States)U.S. Department of Justice.

Nicholas M. Altiere (1983 importation of cocaine)

Bernice Ruth Altschul (1992 money laundering conspiracy)

Joe Anderson Jr. (1988 income tax evasion)

William Sterling Anderson (1987 defraudment of a financial institution, false statements to a financial institution, wire fraud)

Mansour Azizkhani (1984 false statements in bank loan applications)

Cleveland Victor Babin Jr. (1987 using the U.S. mail service to defraud)

Chris Harmon Bagley (1989 conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine)

Scott Lynn Bane (unlawful distribution of marijuana)

Thomas Cleveland Barber (issuing worthless checks)

Peggy Ann Bargon (violation of the Lacey Act, violation of the Bald Eagle Protection Act)

David Roscoe Blampied (possess with intent to distribute cocaine)

William Arthur Borders Jr. (conspiracy to corruptly solicit and accept money in return for influencing the official acts of a federal district court judge (Alcee L. Hastings), and to defraud the United States in connection with the performance of lawful government functions, corruptly influencing, obstructing, impeding and endeavoring to influence, obstruct and impede the due administration of justice, and aiding and abetting therein, and traveling interstate with intent to commit bribery)

Arthur David Borel (odometer rollback)

Douglas Charles Borel (odometer rollback)

George Thomas Brabham (making a false statement or report to a federally insured bank)

Almon Glenn Braswell (1983 mail fraud and perjury)

Leonard Browder (illegal dispensing of controlled substance and Medicaid fraud)

David Steven Brown (securities fraud and mail fraud)

Delores Caroylene Burleson, aka Delores Cox Burleson (possession of marijuana)

John H. Bustamante (wire fraud)

Mary Louise Campbell (unauthorized use and transfer of food stamps)

Eloida Candelaria (false information in registering to vote)

Dennis Sobrevinas Capili (filing false statements in alien registration)

Donna Denise Chambers (intent to distribute cocaine)

Douglas Eugene Chapman (bank fraud)

Ronald Keith Chapman (bank fraud)

Francisco Larois Chavez (aiding and abetting illegal entry of aliens) [Wikileaks]

Henry Cisneros (former HUD Secretary)

Roger Clinton, Jr. (cocaine charges, half-brother of President Bill Clinton)[3]

Stuart Harris Cohn (illegal sale of commodity options)

David Marc Cooper (conspiracy to defraud the government)

Ernest Harley Cox Jr. (defraud of federally insured savings and loan)

John F. Cross Jr. (embezzlement)

Rickey Lee Cunningham (intent to distribute marijuana)

Richard Anthony De Labio (mail fraud)

John Deutch (former Director of Central Intelligence Agency)

Richard Douglas (false statements to a government agent)

Edward Downe, Jr. (wire fraud, false income tax returns and securities fraud)

Marvin Dean Dudley (false statements)

Larry Lee Duncan

Galen R. Elmore (convicted of cattle theft)

Robert Clinton Fain

Marcos Arcenio Fernandez

Alvarez Ferrouillet

Henry O. Flipper – guilty of "conduct unbecoming an officer" (1882)

William Dennis Fugazy

Lloyd Reid George

Louis Goldstein

Rubye Lee Gordon

Pincus Green

Robert Ivey Hamner

Samuel Price Handley

Woodie Randolph Handley

Jay Houston Harmon

Rick Hendrick

John Hemmingson

David S. Herdlinger

Debi Rae Huckleberry

Warren C. Hultgren Jr.

Donald Ray James

Stanley Pruet Jobe

Ruben H. Johnson

Linda Jones

Preston King (Civil rights activism)

James Howard Lake

June Louise Lewis

Salim Bonnor Lewis

John Leighton Lodwick

Hildebrando Lopez

Jose Julio Luaces

James Timothy Maness

James Lowell Manning, (1982, aiding and assisting in the preparation of a false corporate income tax return)

John Robert Martin

Frank Ayala Martinez

Silvia Leticia Beltran Martinez

John Francis McCormick

Susan H. McDougal

Howard Mechanic

Brook K. Mitchell Sr.

Samuel Loring Morison

Charles Wilfred Morgan III

Richard Anthony Nazzaro

Charlene Ann Nosenko

Vernon Raymond Obermeier

Miguelina Ogalde

David C. Owen

Robert W. Palmer

Kelli Anne Perhosky

Richard H. Pezzopane

Orville Rex Phillips

Vinson Stewart Poling Jr.

James G. Powell

Norman Lyle Prouse – former Captain for Northwest Airlines, imprisoned for flying while intoxicated

Willie H. H. Pruitt Jr.

Danny Martin Pursley Sr.

Charles D. Ravenel

William Clyde Ray

Alfredo Luna Regalado

Ildefonso Reynes Ricafort

Marc Rich

Howard Winfield Riddle

Richard Wilson Riley Jr. (cocaine and marijuana charges, father was Clinton's Education Secretary)[3]

Samuel Lee Robbins

Joel Gonzales Rodriguez

Michael James Rogers

Anna Louise Ross

Dan Rostenkowski – former Democratic Congressman convicted in the Congressional Post Office scandal

Gerald Glen Rust

Jerri Ann Rust

Bettye June Rutherford

Gregory Lee Sands

Al Schwimmer

Albert A. Seretti Jr.

Patricia Campbell Hearst Shaw

Dennis Joseph Smith

Gerald Owen Smith

Stephen A. Smith

Jimmie Lee Speake

Charles Bernard Stewart

Marlena Francisca Stewart-Rollins

Fife Symington III – former Republican Arizona governor

Richard Lee Tannehill

Nicholas C. Tenaglia

Gary Allen Thomas

Larry Weldon Todd

Olga C. Trevino

Ignatious Vamvouklis

Patricia A. Van De Weerd

Christopher V. Wade (Real Estate Broker)

Bill Wayne Warmath

Jack Kenneth Watson

Donna Lynn Webb

Donald William Wells

Robert H. Wendt

Jack L. Williams

Kavin Arthur Williams

Robert Michael Williams

Jimmie Lee Wilson

Thelma Louise Wingate

Mitchell Couey Wood

Warren Stannard Wood

Dewey Worthey

Rick Allen Yale

Joseph A. Yasak

William Stanley Yingling

Phillip David Young

Keith Sanders

Darren Muci

John Scott (not a full pardon

Amy Ralston Pofahl (drug money laundering, distribution and manufacturing Ecstasy)

Source: WikiLeaks

Hillary's Advocacy For Women

Thank You For Your Time In the Senate

Hillary succumb to the credit card lobbyist when it comes for advocacy for women but what about other minorities? There was the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars she continually and habitually continued to fund. She voted for the invasion of Iraq and Afganistan as a member sitting on the Armed Services Committee. As a member of Congress she was tasked with overseeing that war including operations at GITMO. POWs are entitled to the Genevia Convention. So we all know how that war had gone because are still in it.

Hillary's distinguished service to Americans especially Muslim Americans is unprecedented. Muslim's appreciate Mrs. Clinton's lack of advocacy and basic fundamental respect of their human rights.

She was tasked to make certain she provided oversight on the Armed Services Committee; Americans nor the Muslim world will soon forget this picture.

Hillary's Senate Voting Record

Senator Clinton Sat on the Armed Services Committed with Bill Nelson and Sanctioned These Tortures

Hillary Clinton on The Iraq War: She Was All For It Until It Became Politically Inconvenient To Be Against It!!

No Say on Latin Vote Hillary

Hillary Has Not Learned from Her Mistakes

We can not expect perfection of our public officials but a higher regard for their accountability and people then they have for themselves. Hillary has exemplified that she has learned from her mistakes and failures and was always unwilling to be held accountable. Did throwing a Latin constitutionally elected President in a foreign sovereign nation(Honduras) teach Hillary Clinton to mind her own business her own shops?. After all, the United States is hated because of interventionist foreign policies. I'd ask Ambassador Chris Stevens but he is not available to comment as he is dead due to Hillary's incompetence.

Besides how can Hillary ask anyone of Latin decent to vote for her because of her actions during the Coup in Honduras?

A Reflective former Service Officer Would Have Reconsidered Intervening in Foreign Coups but Not Hillary.

I don't think Hillary Clinton can count on the Latin vote.

Why Did Mrs. Clinton Send Chris Stevens to a Diplomatic Post with Insufficient Hard Defenses in the Mist of a Civil War?

Hillary sent Americans to overthrow yet another government after Honduras? She did not learn your lesson that she is an awful steward? Why send Ambassador Stevens to a diplomatic out post without proper security in a country that was at best on the verge of a civil war? Was it Hillary's desperation, pride, ego or political ambition driven by a desperate need to assert the elusive success in public office.?

Worse is that Hillary lied about all of it and is continuing to lie.

Impact on Family Members of Deceased Benghazi Victims

In Hillary Clinton's Own Words

Listening to Hillary Clinton's Lies

Given no one knows if she has lost her security clearance for sending over 33,000 top secret documents to her private server, trying to vet her impossible. When this article was first written back in 2012, it was this authors hope that Hillary Clinton would just retire gracefully but graceful is not her style. She has no sense of understandings her limitations in her ability to manipulate people. It is sad too because I really tried very hard to find positive things to say about Hillary Clinton given I felt the entire country dodged a huge bullet when she was not elected in 2008.

I do not think anyone ever thought of Hillary as an honest person but pathetic over the Clinton's scandalous marriage. Let us not forget Bill was impeached. Odd the spouse of an impeached president would think she was qualified to serve as president???? The United States has paid way way too much for Hillary's pathetic life. I mean the welfare truck has run out for the Clinton Family.

When Hillary's lips are moving she is doing something under handed behind the scenes.

She has tremendous support amongst the LGBT communities in the USA because she has always supported them and obtained universal healthcare coverage for everyone. Actually, everyone is covered but few have access to medical treatment.

Hillary Lying to the United States Citizens

Peter Paul Is Important

Hillary Clinton turned on a Hollywood felon who she openly embraced and took funds for her Senate campaign that she never reported. This is a terrible breach of campaign finance law that if convicted would have never allowed her to serve as Senator of New York or Secretary of State. Can you imagine how many people would still be a live if she were prosecuted?

For Peter Paul's contributions to her campaign he was put in jail. This is another unanswered dodged question by Hillary Clinton.

Senator Hillary Clinton on Gay Marriage...Opps No LGBT Votes

Hillary's Leaks

It is now well known that Hillary has deleted over 33,000 emails over 1200 were classified "Top Secret or higher". The citizens of the United States have not been told whether Hillary's security clearance has been revoked. If it hasn't, I would ask why not given what happened to David Petraeus.

How can we as a nation possible trust Leaky Hillary on any national security issue?

Leaky Hillary

In Obama's Own Words

Hillary's Health

Given the timing of the announcement of the stroke I do not put it past Hillary Clinton to use it as an excuse for the FBI finding her server. Remember when this report was out so was Hillary's private server containing classified material.

A blood clot in the brain does call into question her ability to lead the country. With Hillary things are under control until they are not. Then the rest of us get to clean up after her. No, thank you!!

Hillary's Stroke

Another Elitist Clinton Traitor

Hillary Clinton's Prospects for President

After review the facts I am wondering what demographic Hillary represents beside her own ego and ambition. She was against gay marriage in 2004 and against Latins in 2007 when she aided in the coup over in Honduras. She was for single women in the 1990(s) but sold out to the credit card companies in 2000 for campaign contributions. Hillary declared war on Muslims in 2000. 2012 she declared victory having Kaddafi's assassination (Muslim African) but then left Ambassador Stevens to be slaughtered along with other white American males in Benghazi. Who is left to vote for her? She burned Peter Paul who was in Hollywood and Hollywood is not likely to forget that anytime too soon. Honestly, I believe Bill would vote for a different woman if one was running in the race.

Have you ever seen Hillary do anything for veterans on the Armed Services Committee because I have not.

The only people I think she may have a following with is the massive amount of criminals her husband Bill Clinton pardoned while being impeached. That is Hillary's demographic.

In writing this I must disclose I am Republican but have/had many Democratic friends. I do not watch the news so I am searching the internet for both good and bad on all the candidates. Hillary is unique in her lack of goodwill towards any demographic except herself. She makes wild assertions of public service but when I fact check her, her ads are lies too.

It is time to bid Mrs. Clinton farewell. Her history of discrimination, historical job failures and her lies make her unfit for the Office of the President. Time to change guard and I submit from the very old guard and not the new stove piped ones. I am not voting for incumbents especially ones who have a history in public service. I have said Throw the Bums out since 2011 and my opinion has not changed on that. I would also like to add Mrs. Clinton is unique in her absurd lies and atrocities.

It is not even about being Republican for me because Hillary voted completely with the Republicans in the Senate. It is about her failures, lies and leaks. Given Hillary's past job performances and compromising National Security I think it is time she retired with dignified grace.

UPDATE: Criminal Investigation into Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Well FBI Director Comey, who was also involved in Whitewater, has decided not to recommend persecution of Hillary Clinton despite the fact she intentional circumvented Congressional oversight, the FOIA, and mishandled classified documents. He said he could not prove intention.

She had a private server in her home. If that is not intention I do not know what is especially since she helped to write the standards for classified documents?? Comey and Clinton are both criminals. Now it has come out he did not bother to question her?? Of course he can't prove intent or therefore lack of if he did not speak to Hillary Clinton. Dysfunctional Washington, DC at its' worst. He agreed she was grossly negligent though and her system had been hacked thus Hillary Clinton compromised the National Security of the United States of America and she is the most detested human being in America currently but is still running for president with the promise to make more war with Libya. Hillary Clinton has not lost her security clearance even though she is a national security risk. Personally I think she should be locked up down in Gitmo in an orange jumpsuit as she authorized torture down there at the start of the war she voted for in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Congress is not even close to being done investigating her.

The Victims of Hillary Clinton's Intelligence Failure We Will Never Forget.

Bodies Just Keep Piling Up

Besides the pedophile scandal which has not been reported in the news medithere is quite a body count piling up during Ms. Clinton's campaign. Sadly a youngman from DC who was sent to testify was brutally murdered in his home about Hillary Clinton's breached of national security sending classified information to her personal server. The death of a key witness against Hillary Clinton has left the Department of Justice without a prosecutable case.

Should anyone be allowed to run for president while being investigated by the Department of Justice and who is personally responsible for young mens' deaths? How many men and women must die inorder to satisfy her thirst for power? Too many have died already in my opinion. This woman needs to be in jail, heavily medicated, and not in the White House. This is it for me. Too much blood is on her hands for her own personal ambitions.

Hillary Rigged Her Presidential Nomination

Then there is the proof Hillary Clinton is not only willing to murder to avoid prosecution of rigging her own presidential nomination but the fact that she did rig her nomination. This is voter fraud and the denial of the Democracy so Hillary can serve her own personal a,bit ions. My suggestion to anyone who is associated with her or works for her is have an extraordinary defense attorney and a huge life insurance policy because if you know too much you might end up dead.

Is this really who real resent you because she does not have the same, morals, values, or ethics I do. She does not represent me. I have limits and boundaries. I believe if you deny Americans their choice for president then you are asking for a civil war.


Hillary Rigged a Her Own Presidential Nomination

More Dead Bodies Associated With Hillary Clinton

in the latest saga of Hillary Clinton's campaign Death Pool, more bodies have turned up of individuals who stood up to the Clintons. Hillary's ambition to be president knows absolutely no limits or boundaries. She has flaggarently disregarded the law on several occasions and has not been held accountable at all. She is a rogue self absorbed political agent who can not be trusted in any political office and quite frankly is guilty of treason Against the American people.

For those of us who try to bring light on the darkest criminal to ever run for president, Hillary Clinton, it is becoming very scary to report on her. However, I am not depressed nor do I lead a risky life style that would attribute to my death. Unlike Hillary, I am not violent.

What is scarier than reporting on Hillary Clinton's presidential death pool, is having her for president where she is immune from prosecution for the rest of her life. If good people do not speak out about Hillary than all those soldiers, Abassador Chris Stevens, Seal Team Six, and the three men who passed in Benghazi fighting for OUR RIGHT TO SPEAK AGAINST HILLARY CLINTON WILL BE IN VAIN!!

New Revealations About Hillary's Health

it has just been reported by several news outlets that Hillary Clinton's medical records have been leaked and reveals she suffers from seizures and dementia. Initially, the sites were not well known but now the news is being carried throughout New York. Unless the Clinton camp comes out and deny her health condition in short order I would declare that her campaign is over. Dementia is a degenerative brain condition diagnosed by a constellation of symptoms which can be seen throughout this hub. She clearly has an alerted level of consciousness, anger issue which may or may not be associated with organic brain disease. And guess what's? The person who allegedly leaked her records is suddenly dead. . All of DC, including our president, our congress, our national security council, and the entire DNC and half the Republican Party including Paul Ryan betrayed us. They are unelectable and even if Hillary denies it, I am not likely to believe her based on the claim, her behavior, the videos contained within and yet another death associated with her run for presidency.

I feel bad for the Democrats who wanted a viable candidate and were denied a legitimate primary. If I were them, I'd be furiously!!

Impeach President Obama For Betraying The Office of the United States Presidency

Clinton's Medical Issues

Hillary's Health Response

It took a week for Hillary to respond about her fitness and ability to serve as commander and chief to which she responded, "She is so tired that she does not know where she will get the strength to get out of bed." Is this who we want to run our country?

And if she is, "fine" like she claims then release her health records....all of them. Otherwise she is not fit to serve. We have seen too many incidents where she just blanks out, needs assistance walk up stairs or almost falls over. If she can't handle the campaign trail she can't handle the office of the Presidency. Quite frankly, every time she mentions children I get the willies. It is not like she has ever helped them or anyone else but herself to a glutton's paradise.

Why Would Women Vote For Hillary Clinton???

Hillary has spent her life proving she could be one of the boys so I seriously suggest that since that is the peer group she should seek their votes. Why would women vote for her as the first female president? She has failed at every public job she has had. She has lied to the American people, the families of those who have worked for her and died on her watch. She has leaked classified information. She is the queen of flip flopping all over the place on issues.

Unless women never want another woman to be elected to the Office of the Executive then Hillary Clinton can not be the first female president. Women of this country have far more character and class than this woman does.

Leaky Hillary is Still Under Investigation for Leaking Classified Information

What Hillary Has to Offer This Country?

  1. More of the same old same old.
  2. Terrorism
  3. More dead young people.
  4. More lies.
  5. More corruption
  6. More Government Intrusion on Your Computer, On Your Smart TV, and On Your Phone.
  7. More Welfare for Wall Street While Main Street Starves
  8. More War
  9. Your Religious Freedoms Sacrificed for the Religious Freedom of the New Immigration Population
  10. More Intelligence Officers Marching in Gay Pride Parades Instead of Actually Collecting Intelligence to Keep our Troops Safe.
  11. More Deployments
  12. More Funerals at Arlington National Cemetery.
  13. And The United States Under Such Weak Leadership That It Will Descend Into Civil War
  14. More Crime violating The Sherman Act and The Clayton Act.
  15. More Dead Bodies
  16. Dementia

Is this what you want for the next 4 years? Cast your vote accordingly!! I realize Hillary tried to fix the Republican ticket too but supporting the very weakest candidate against her however she may have underestimate how much she is loathed and over estimated her ability to manipulate the public.

Clinton's Treason

Amazing, it is not tht anyone argues whether or not Hilary Clinton is guilty. Everyone knows she is but the FBI is refusing to charge her with her or Bill Clinton with Treason. Surely, jail or an electric charge would silence the Clinton and their criminal ties forever. Executive privileged ends when the executive leaves the white House having pilfered every last cent out of his term in office to seed to his filthy rich foundation.

But somehow the Clinton's are allowed to commit such crimes as treason where the average person would be shot and skip Fort levinworth all together??

Tell me again how DC and especially the Democratic Party is not full of criminal cronys?

FBI Charges Being Pushed by NYPD

FBI Charges


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