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Is Smoking Hot Sarah Palin A Conservative Republican Presidential Candidate

Updated on November 14, 2015

What is the Ultra Conserative Palin Smoking?


Sarah Palin

You have to love her. She has everything against her and she still comes out fighting. She has made a career out of a very nominal vice presidency campaign. Palin has managed to work the Hollywood end like no lefty ever could. Elisabeth Hasselbeck hasn't worked Holloywood so well. And Palin is the energizer bunny running around the country with her child with Special needs running and selling and making a mockery of an electoral process that already strains credibility.

The only thing to like about Sarah Palin is that she has made a living off of running. But she would make a horrible presidential candidate. Her one campaign promise was to improve the lives of Disabled children and their Families. What has she done besides line her own pocket? Has she even helped her own child with disabilities? No one can say.

It is like she has had this one big menopausal moment in which we all should believe she is credible. It is a bad joke. Rights for child and their families with disabilities is at an all time low. Sarah Palin hasn't advanced this cause at all if anything she stigmatizes this population with her poisonous venom. As if all parents of children with special needs have gone Rogue? Worse is the parents of children with Special Needs are more stable than ordinary parents as a matter of survival.

Palin's Campaign Promise

Do you Believe Sarah Palin has Advanced the Cause for Disability Right in the USA according to her campign promise?

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In Sarah's Words

I think you should read her book and the propaganda she has sold and then ask yourself has Sarah actually kept her campaign promises. Sadly, in many circumstances she does look like this middle aged crazy woman who is having hit flashy and forgetting or just has a memory of convenience in which she is desperate for acceptance.

Palin is exceptionally liberal in her views and her attitudes. Her conduct is exceptionally liberal. That is all good if she wants to run as a Democrat. God knows, Obama and the rest of the Democratic Party should worship the ground she walks on as Palin has done nothing but divide the Republican base.

If she is the Republican Candidate against Hilary it will be a slam dunk for Hilary. Not that Americans have any rights any further since the Democrats signed into law the Nation Defense Authorization Act. So on some level President Obama must supports Palin Dividing the Republican Party. Here is some news for Palin, although I think Katie Couric established she doesn't read, Republicans do not go rogue. They have never gone rogue. The minute they do they are out of the party. Republicans follow leadership.

Sarah Palin queen of the flea party is irritating, ignorant, irrational, and with ill intent for the Republican Party's bid for the White House for 2016. Not to mention she is too liberal.

As an educated woman with a child with special needs who is also white, Palin is an embarrassment and does not represent me. Her entire game is to capture the ignorant, uneducated, poor, church going community and divide them from the Republican Party.

Independents Aren't Republican They Are Independent!!!

(D-Obama) Did Not Provide Marriage Equality Therefore Neither Of These Candidates Will. The Best Chance Is For Marriage Equality Is An a Old Guard Republican I

Palin's Lie

What is more interesting is that Sarah Palin not only hasn't been an advocate for family with children with Disabilities but cut Alask'a state budget by 60% before leaving office for the very people she claimed she would represent. If anything disability advocates and people with disabilities will be Palin's pagan sacrifices because she is Rogue. She is only in it for herself and her pocket and I can't imagine how in the world she would represent anything but greed and cronyism. And while Obama is the seventh sign for the Democratic Party Palin is the seventh sign for all advocates and people with Disabilities. I don't know who wrote her book but it clearly wasn't the same person who cut the Alaskan State Budget for people with disabilities by 60%.

It is like crazy wears red, puts her hair up in a bun, and drives all over America. I would submit that Sarah Palin is not a real candidate at all but a door to door sales woman for herself all while tearing down the Disabled people's rights.

Do you think Sarah Palin would be good for Special Needs populations and their families?

Do you think Sarah Palin is an advocate for Special Needs People and their Families

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Credibility of GOP

I guess Sarah Palin is running around on the Tea Party Express because GOP wouldn't take her. But Tea Party people need to consider whether they really want to be around when Sarah Palin falls. I think everyone gets her gimmick and it is much to the displeasure of most families of people with Disabilities that she is running around claiming the territory. It is really really offensive and one has to wonder how long the Tea Party will last with her has their main source of income.

Cripple jokes aren't so funny and having a child with a disability isn't to own the disability population at all. For goodness sakes, Autism is on the horizon. A parent of a child with Autism will have far strong and tighter reach than Palin. But it should be noted that her appearance has changed American Politics. That can't be disputed although I doubt the Tea Party is anything but disenfranchised GOP much like the Bull Moose Party of Theodore Roosevelts and Palin makes a lot of moose references. Palin has the ability to influence elections and yet she doesn't influence them to advocate for children with special needs and their families.

Given her vast resources, why hasn't Sarah kept her promise?

Do you think Sarah Palin could actually run in 2012?

Palin Running in 2012

Do you think Sarah Palin is actualy Running for the Office of the Presidency in 2012?

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Broken Promises???

Has Sarah Palin broken her promises ot the Special Needs Population and their Families?

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The Truth

The Tea Party gas been divisive and obstructionists in Congress. More over they passed the National Defense Authorization Act which is the antithesis of The American Constitution. Palin has paid for the loss of your rights and has now thrown a national spotlight on the credibility of the results of the 2016 election. She is rogue and independent which again us the anti-thesis of what it means to be Republican. If she rubs around the country again like the ignorant basket case she is then she will hand the next election to Hilary Clinton.

Oh yes, and this is a photo shopped picture from The Huffington Post. The Palin Camp has done nothing to have this picture removed or make a public statement that it is photo shopped.


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    • profile image

      jt walters 

      7 years ago

      Isn't it a bit nipply in Alaska to be wearing that suit? Well maybe she selling herself but she seems to be selling crazy more than anything!!


    • PETER LUMETTA profile image


      7 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      Hi JT, I've got that swimsuit photo in my collection and havn't used it yet. Sarah was Born and raised in Alaska, it is not like the rest of the country and she is not like the rest of us. She has become the proverbial snake oil salesman, she is selling Sarah and doing quite well. The recent Newsweek artiicle is embarassing it is so full of bull but gets her more at the box office. I'm afraid we will have to put up with this display until the Election is over. Thanks for another look at the "Snow Princess", Peter

    • d-richie93 profile image


      7 years ago

      LOL @ sweetiepie that is a great way to out it

    • profile image

      Jt walters 

      7 years ago

      d-richie93 & SweetiePie,

      LOL!!! I agree with you both.

      :) :)


    • SweetiePie profile image


      7 years ago from Southern California, USA

      Palin has a lady named Mansour who writes her material. I actually know Republicans who do not agree with her. As for me, I do not think she is running for president, but simply making a career off saying confrontational things.

    • d-richie93 profile image


      7 years ago

      Great Hub Palin is a freakin idiot. Its almost like she is taking America for her playground and the government as her toy


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