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The 1st Amendment - Revealed ( History & Truth )

Updated on November 1, 2010

This article is based on the true history of America and what the US Constitution actually says. The alleged, “Separation of Church and State” has somehow made it so far as to be presumed an actual law. The fact is, that nothing is farther from the Truth. The assumption is that this single sentence fragment is somehow imbedded in the US Constitution, when, in fact, it is never mentioned. The Amendments to the US Constitution, specifically, the Bill of Rights (the 1st 10 amendments to the US Constitution) is the only place in the Constitution where it mentions how the government should handle religion. It is specifically the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights that mentions religion. This is what the 1st Amendment actually states:

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
The document transcript can be found @:

So where then do the secularists found their idea of “Separation of Church and State? From a reply letter of Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists on January 1, 1802. The letter is the only mention of the “Separation of Church and State” found anywhere in any historical documents.

The removal of any hint of religion from local, state and federal establishments and institutions came when the secularists decided to take a fragment of a sentence in Jefferson’s reply letter and use it to justify their end (no-religion). The fact is that the sentence fragment was taken completely out of context. Let me present the sentence in its entirety so you can see what I mean:

Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legislative powers of government reach actions only, and not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature would "make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof," thus building a wall of separation between Church and State.

The document transcript can be found @:

As you can see, when the sentence is presented in its entirety, the sentence fragment takes on a more profound and deliberate meaning. If you read the entire letter, as well as the original letter to Thomas Jefferson from the Danbury Baptists, it is obvious that the “separation of church and state” means that the government is not to interfere with religion. It has nothing to do with removing religion from the local, state and federal establishments and institutions.

If we read what the 1st amendment actually says about religion: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
It become apparent that, not only is government attempting to separate itself from religion, but in so doing, it is actually showing complete disregard and contempt for the 1st Amendment. Ultimately, the government is breaking the law it enacted to protect our right to exercise our religion.

The government has only recently begun to remove the Ten Commandments from the courts. It has just begun to disallow Nativity scenes and Menorahs on Public property. It has only just begun to remove our childrens’ rights to pray in school.

The Irony is that government has already established its own religion and has made laws concerning it. That religion is called Evolution. It is forced on our children in Public schools and colleges. It is promoted as fact when the truth is, it is only just an unproven theory, with more holes than the idea that the moon is made of cheese.

Intelligent design, (a form of science that believes the universe was created) will not be allowed in school. Muslim culture is taught in many public schools and children are taught to memorize the 5 pillars of Islam, but the name Jesus or Moses can not the mentioned on any public school ground. We teach the history the Middle-East, and teach Islam culture, but exclude Israel from the Middle-Eastern history. We teach about Buddhism and the Chinese culture.

The secularists are attempting to revise history to make Western religion a religion of no tolerance. We teach that Christian Europe invaded the poor Muslims during the Crusades when the fact is we were attempting to protect the innocent Jews and Christians (men, women and children) from the slaughter. Then they go on to portray Christianity as cruel and merciless by remarking the Inquisition. . Then they teach that Westerners like Cortez invaded Central America and killed Aztecs to steal their treasures. The actual logs and written accounts, describe the Spanish side differently. Cortez was mistaken as a god by the Aztecs and when he saw the atrocities the Aztecs were committing of human sacrifice, it appalled him and his men, which caused a serious conflict between them, obviously resulting in battles. These same secular teachers the postulate that the same western mindset slaughtered the Native Americans without mercy and stole America from them, when it was the media’s portrayal of the Native Americans as cruel and merciless barbarians that caused the fear and hate of them, which ultimately led to senseless acts of genocide. The fact is that the majority of the Native Americans, (North, South and Central) died of diseases like smallpox, which killed millions of them. Unfortunately, it was the Westerners (Christians) that brought over the disease, but they were obviously unaware of it. The sad fact is, history is being re-written to portray Christianity as murderous, corrupt, outdated, and ignorant. I guess it is easy to re-write history if no-one alive today was there to see it.

The Bible is jam packed with such fabulous and incredible information and remains a book like no others.  From it's Wisdom, Guidance, Mystery, Prophecies, History, its Supernatural background, and it overall Design, the Bible is a book you can read everyday for the rest of your life and can never learn it all, but always learn something new.  The Bible is God's Love letter to you and me.  If you are an atheist or an agnostic, I present you with a challenge.  God promised to reveal Himself to anyone who calls upon his name.   Test Him at His Word.  Find out more about Christianity below.  Just like you would research anything else, research the Bible .  Even if you do not believe, ask God to show you the Truth.  


May the Lord bless you and keep you.  May the Lord Shine His face upon you and give you peace.


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    • Presigo profile image

      Presigo 7 years ago from Spokane, Wa

      excellent article. You are absolutley right on the exploitation of the seperation of church and state.