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Are the Tea Party Conservatives Racists?

Updated on August 28, 2011



Tea Party Movement Advancing Racism in America?

I have to wonder why Michelle Bachmann would vote to raise the debt ceiling without questions for the lily white George Bush and then vote against raising it for the ever so tanned Barack Obama? For everyone and anyone within the broaders of the United States to believe that racism is dead in America they only needs to look to the example set by the Tea Party Conservatives. Among other things they have given themselves a huge raise when they couldn't raise the debt ceiling. Never mind that they resolutely raised the debt ceiling for George Bush every single time he requested and they have kept it a well hidden secret that the majority of the excess spending by the Bush administration was legitimized by budget supplementals. When considering the debt ceiling question I consider the revelant factors. Where is the fire? Since when does the USA balance budgets during wars? Never, but now that we have a black president there is a new presendce. And what I am left with to consider is that Tea Party Members are racists. No one in either party in their right mind would question a white POTUS. Why are there two sets of standards based on race still in this country?

And it isn't just the debt ceiling. Do you think a white guy would have his citizenship questioned, his academic credituals impugned or even his ability to lead questioned? GWB wasn't fit to lead and still no one openly challenged him. Well almost, I think Nancy Pelosi might have had her teeth in him but I am not certain.

And Barack hasn't lowered himself to playing the race card but he must feel it. He must feel like if only he were a white president then he wouldn't be hounded by those racists Tea Party Movement Fascists. And what kind of presedence does this set for the future. No doubt a woman would be faced with even more discrimination. So women leaders are out especially those who are racist...Michelle Bachmann.

The simple fact is America hasn't moved beyond judging each other in superficial terms and for this simple reason we have been internationally humiliated. When I hear the Tea Party Movement Members claim the media is nice to Barack, my first thought is, "Thank god so we don't look like the most racist nation on the planet." and "Finally, a little blance.".

If I were China I don't think I would want to invest in a country with such racial strife. The world has to be waiting with baited breath wondering why the racist Tea Party Movement is allowed to continue to organize. Does the Tea Party have Urban League Members? Some how I doubt it.

Americans are now at a fork in the road. They can either change and follow the leader for whom they elected or they can continue to be the racist hate filled country which all of the interantional community detests. Personally, I think we should follow POTUS in all circumstances. As a country our opinions only matter in the voting booths and that is the only time they should be expressed. And as a human being, an America with a diverse group of friends I am embarrassed by the ignorance and racism of the Tea Party Movement.

Writer's Opinions

I have many hubs published. Please find within and I have offered criticism for POTUS but with a measure of restraint. POTUS has the benefit of his people's loyalty until he is no longer POTUS. It really is that simple. We are a Democracy but we live under post 9/11 rules ad that means obiedence. And that disobedience comes with a high price. And while I feel for Barack I can only say that Congress has embarrassed us all. The Beltway is way behind the people in racial tolerance and acceptance perhaps because we are surrounded by lily white rich people all day and Americans actually have to work together to get anything accomplished.

It saddens me for the current generation of people who don't have a racist bone in their body who would like to be friends with everyone. Our leader are setting examples of racism for which the world will judge us. They are also cultivating racism within our country which is strictly a political device to divide citizens. And this is a self inflicted public relations nightmare created by the Tea Party Movement and Congress in the name of the United States Constitution.

Barack is too classy to play the race card so I am but sadly it is for real.

Barack Obama

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Feasibility of a Woman President?

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Obama Black Dude Karma?

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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      No one said it was good Buhs spent like a drunken sailor just that COngress didn't oppose him publicly nor walk out of meetings when they were summoned. Actually Bush got those funds from the Democrats and shame on both of them. Really Obama has expanded programs? What programs has he expanded? No one did attack Bush openly like they are Obama. Sure now there are picture so of Bush as Htler but Obama started out with being called the joker from Batman.

      McCain never had to prove he was a US citizen his father was well known among the USA government just as Obama's family is well known.

      No Bush spent more than all the in the nations history combined and that is just being tacked on to Obama's bill.

      You know I don't think you are well researcher or even unbiased or that you even like Obama at all for anything. But I didn't make make a persoanl attack against you. You should have known Buhs ran up the national debt more than any other president combined and Obama has surpased all of the other presidents spending plus Bushes. As a matter of fact sijnce Bush practically ran out of the White House and left the country broke it would seem that Obama is left to clean up Bushes mess but somehow your biased blinds you to this simple fact.

      I can respect people who have different opinions but not ones that makes personal attacks ad that base their arguments on personal bias. I haven't read your hubs but from what you have to say about all government on questions it doesn't seem like you ae well informed yourself.

      I allowed your commnet so everyone that reads this hub can see how you resort to personal attacks instead of arguing on the merit of the hub. When soemone resorts to personal attacks they hve lost the argument and if tere was merit to their argument it is lost.

      You get your facts straight before Obama. Bush ran up more debt than all the other presidents combined in our nations history. No one fought him. No Democrat or Republican stood up to him which makes my point that Barack is only being questioned because he is black.

      Tea Party Movement is advancing a racist agenda in the United States.

      Thank you for reading, commenting and for your OPINION. I shall have the upmost regard for it.


    • Pintoman profile image


      7 years ago

      The only thing I like about Obama is that he is black. Democrats were in power the last two years of Bush. And how come it's terrible that Bush spent like a drunken sailor, but wonderful, just absolutely wonderful that Obama has spent more than the Nations previous history combined? The problem is Obama is expanding programs/spending beyond what we can handle. No one attacked Bush? What rock did you live under? I bet if you googled images of Bush the first thing you would see is a Hitler mustache or a burning in effigy. Some balance that the mainstream media campaigned for Obama? You have a twisted view. Oh yeah, McCain had to prove he was a US citizen before congress because he was born in Panama to US citizens. Do some research next time. I've never read a more mis-informed hub on hubpages.

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      You must be confused. The Democratic Party found its origins in the Klu KluX Klan. GOP has worked towards integration since the 1900(s). I know my family worked for the executive branch. GOP is the party of inclusion but I appreciate the attempt at spin.

      I refer to Barack as Barack, Obama , POTUS and the President of the united States. There is a long standing tradition of The People refering to endearing presidents by their first name or nicknames. ie: Abraham Lincoln as Abe, Theodore Roosevelt as Teddy, Dwight Eisenhower as Ike, and John Kennedy as Jack. If anything when I refer to POTUS as Barack it is with respect, admiration and kindess. If you had read my other hubs you would see that I call POTUS by all these names as a humanizing kindness. You have rushed to judgement and made many invalid assupmntions in your response.

      I imagine you are a die hard liberal democrat and therefore have to have predatorial behavior towards anyone that is not of the same thinking as yourself. Sorry, I will never think like you or the Tea Party Movement. As a matter of fact the people who are the most radical and fanatical are the Tea Party Movement memebers and the extreme left of the Democratic Party. The average person agress with me or atleast respects my right to post my opinion which I cleary state is my opinion.

      We are a caucasian society which means we are an Asian society. I know this offends many but it is a fact and not an opinion. Asian is and will always be among us from the Indians, the Japanese, the Chinese and all other Asian cultures. It isn't our money quite frankly, it is Asia's money and they are apart of our society.

      I love the Asian people they are hard working, respectful and intelligent. I embrace the the peope of Asia and China is our banker and our manufacturer. To criticize China or Asia is not to understand that we are the same society with a few ignorant people through in between who think we are not. And perhaps you should read Quotations from Chairman Mao TseTung before jumping to any conclusions about how China will react to racism in the USA.

      Finally of the things POTUS is called on the Hubpages, to call POTUS by his first name is least offensive but if it is it would only be to POTUS and he can comment anytime if he requires an apology.

      Thanks for reading, commenting and providing feedback.


    • Danette Watt profile image

      Danette Watt 

      7 years ago from Illinois

      While I agree and believe that there is a lot of racism against Barack Obama from the Tea Party movement in particular, not to mention the GOP overall, I have to wonder why you call the president "Barack" and not Barack Obama or Obama. To me, it just seems kind of disrespectful and too"familiar" And I don't think the Chinese care if we are a racist country or not. They are interested in our money and wheedling themselves into our society. The Chinese are not to be trusted.

    • profile image

      Jt walters 

      7 years ago

      Hi Peter,

      Always a joy to have you post on my hub. Yeah, it does seem that the Tea Party Movements main objective is to onstruct the office of the presidency. In any other administration they would have been jailed for such conduct and rendered to another country. The Tea Party are racists obstructionist without a single unique proposal to improve the country.

      I'm Republican Peter and I can see the racism as clear as day from the Tea Party and I guess they don't have a following with the NAACP or local Urban Leagues. They are just anti-patriotic uneducated big spenidng liberals that represent the lowest social class in America. My eyes are opened but I if they come after me I will be a made person. They aren't very sophisticated.

      Ms. Durham,

      I don't think I have ever heard Barack say he was treated unfairly because he was a perosn of color. And I am not a suporter of Barack. I am rather metaphysically indifferent to politics. My hub was one of unbiased observation.

      And you think Sarak Palin in a bikini with hairy lags is classy or Michelle Bachmann hiding in the bushes from the gay advocates classy? Or Michelle Bachman laying a big kiss on Geroge Bushes mouth poper etiquette. Peter is right the Tea Party Movement lack any type of presidential agencda and their only plans is to obstruct the current president.

      And Congress has never denied a WHITE PRESIDENT a debt ceiling raise. NEVER!!! And who is behind defunding Barack but the Tea Party Conservatives who have absolute no policy plans or agendas to run against Barack but to cut his funding off. TPM s alienating everyone including the Republicans. TPM may have moved the Republicans and the Democrats closer with their obstructionism, ignorance and racism.

      Barack is the president whether you life it or not and I believe the president deserves the full support of his people until he is no longer president.

      Well atleast we can all agree the TPM is ignorant, racists and trashy!!!


    • profile image

      Brenda Durham 

      7 years ago

      Wow. Sorry to rain on your accusation parade, but....Barack is the main one who has indeed played the race card time after time, and his followers and he did so from the very beginning! Classy? Indeed, but not in a good way!

    • PETER LUMETTA profile image


      7 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      JT to be honest I am surprised that there has been no attempt on his life. In a country that has slain people like JFK, RFK and MLK what chance would a black man have as president? The TPM is a vile reaction of the body politic to the first Black President. When the objective of a political party is to embarass and obstruct the president and not govern as they were elected to do then it is more than politics. Vendettas are for the Mafia not Congress. Keeping our eyes open.


    • profile image

      Jt Walters 

      7 years ago

      Hi Druid Dude,

      Thanks for reading, commenting and rating. Personally, I didn't dislike Clinton ad I don't dislike Obama but I really fell like the Tea Party are really racist to him. I think Washington, DC is a really prejudice place.

      As of 6 pm tonight the house passed the bill but win a constituional amendment to balance the budget. We have never had a balanced budget during a war. Why would they expect Barack to have one? It is really an unfair requirement of him. GWB wasn't ever required to balance the budget.

      I know this hub will offend some but I call it like I see it and it is a rather unfair requirement of Obama.

      Peace to you as well my friend.


    • Druid Dude profile image

      Druid Dude 

      7 years ago from West Coast

      Good hub, but I think the GOP treated the Clintons pretty shabbily also. Over the past several elections the opposition doesn't let up once the votes are counted. To the right, the liberals, led by Obama are a direct threat to them. They need to field someone who can beat an incumbent, and they don't really have any new solutions, just a continuance of Bush. Peace


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