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Why America Should Meet Its Greatest Challenges First

Updated on March 2, 2014

Meeting Our Greatest Challenges First

America sits on the precipice this Independence Day. We will both decide to confront our greatest challeneges and begin to rebuild our nation or we will continue to band aid our economic woes while hemorrhagIng to death. It really is that simple. It really is time for a change but one in which DC resists. The people have been more than ready for change but which candidate will give it to them?

Our greatest immediate challenge in this country is a national epidemic of Autism. The CDC which is a governmental agency has admitted to this epidemic and there is so little known about the condition except the price tag which the government has habitually dodged. It was believed at one time that injections caused this metabolic disorder and Health and Human Services has settled some of these claims especially if the child had an underlying condition of mitochondrial cytopathy. And there has been a decline in Autism since families have stopped having children injected with the vaccines. And yet, the government still can’t own up to this. There has been exactly (1) study which claimed that the shots didn’t cause autism but (1) study doesn’t prove anything.

We also have incredibly high unemployment in this country. It is not rocket science to put together funding to help children with Autism and their families so they can employ people to assist them. It is called consumer direct care and the government is anti- consumer directed care. These children are suppose to be funded but instead the money ends up in one unsavory project after another. I can think of one child I know who has been waiting for services for over a decade. It is so incredibly sad and yet there is not a presidential candidate out there who can speak articulately on how they are going to help children with Autism and their families. And it is that inability to handle the big issues we face that makes me believe that our government is completely incompetent. The neglect the government provides establishes precedence for society to be neglectful and ignorant about Autism as well.

Case and point Obamacare struck Autism funding in the last minute to get the bill through.

Senator Obama on Autism Nothing Like President Obama Who Can't Mention Autism


Who amongst the presidential candidates has one clue about Autism or how we will meet the challenges of providing qualities lives for this population? Not anyone I have received mailings from. They can’t figure out that having the US economy tied to the world economy means economic instability which drives up every single commodity price on the planet. I don’t know what they are smoking up there in DC but they need to come back down to planet earth and realize this country has major issues that need to be dealt with.

I Do Not Care That Obama is a Muslim Except For The Fact He has Done Nothing To End Our Dependence On Middle Eastern Oil

Ending Our Dependence On Middle Eastern Oil.

We can do this with no problem. Our cars can run on compressed propane with a regulator. We did this where I live when there were gas lines in the 1970(s). This would cost pennies per mile. The Middle East would lose all of its influence with us with the exception of jet fuel and I have an answer for that as well.

This Man Works for Corporations and Not the People

Innovation and Employment

And if I can think of all these things just sitting in front of my little laptop then why can’t DC? Why doesn’t the president enact all or any of these interventions because with innovation comes jobs and subsequently employment. Does the current president enjoy having lavish White House Correspondence Dinner’s while his people are in soup lines? And do I believe the other guy will be any different? No, I don’t. For the first time in my entire life I am seriously disappointed in my government. They band aid the little stuff and claim victory and let the country hemorrhage. It is sad and despicable. I just offered three answers to really big issues and the government will not bother to enact one of them.

In Conclusion

We can’t have another president that can only handle the little things. We need someone who can head out and meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Not someone who only claims to care in what can only be described as an absolutism tyrannical government run by soulless heartless people with mediocre minds. I have about a thousand other suggestion which I believe could put people back to work, stand up our economy but both candidates wish to make this country so financially unstable by staying in the world trade organization which hurts the majority of people and only benefits a very few. It is sad and pathetic.

And when I am gone not to remind you to demand more from your government and not to be afraid of them will you remember or will you keep letting them oppress you with fear mongering? It is not you who should be afraid. They have taken everything from you but it is they who should fear you. Your government has not been in the business of serving the people in over 30 years. It is time for a change. The question is will you ever get one? Because the government doing the least they have to for the people and the most they can to the people has to end. Our economic re I very is tied to the Fed owning that WTO has caused tremendous inflation and that our economic recovery is tied to getting rid of the falt progressive tax on the poor to compensate for the wealthy not paying their share. Forcing people to buy their own health insurance (Obamacare) when there are no jobs is yet another flat progressive tax. The inflation is killing this economy because the wealthy will not pay their share and instead inflict a flat progressive tax on all the poor. It is shameful.


I almost feel bad titling this an update because this article was initially written on 7/1/2014 and nothing has changed except we are now involved in more conflicts abroad, DC has been furloughed, and our people are worse off economically now than ever before in the history of this nation.


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