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Prosperity Roosevelt Style

Updated on May 20, 2012

American Prosperity Roosevelt Style

As many of you may recall my family has worked for several presidents and as such I was required to know certain things about each administration at least from a historical perspective. The most important thing to know in globalization is the country that is the least interdependent is the wealthiest. This lesson has been forsaken or sold if you will for forcing The United States to stay in globalized trade. On certain levels we will always have trade agreements. But the less dependent we are as a nation on trade agreements and the more self sufficient we are the better off we are as a nation. This is true now and it was true in 1900. And the formulas are basically the same. Seed money to create prosperity on the backs of the average American. Let’s face it the wealthy aren’t spending and are not hiring, The only people who will employ is people who have struggled and understand that the heart of our country is every family having financial security and not just the few extraordinarily wealthy. And it is true for not just the Republicans but for the Democrats as well. After all they extended the Bush tax cuts but keep the flat tax on every single low income family in America, making it difficult if not impossible to survive. Theodore Roosevelt believed in that flat tax as well but the amorality in Washington was either too busy with the prostitutes and booze to understand they also had to have a hearty economy to back up a flat tax which did not exist.

Roosevelt’s Formula For Prosperity

12 Key Components

1) Agriculture which is still needed in North America desperately.

2) Forestry which is about oil deals.

3) Mining which I will exchange for Oil Drilling on Mt. McKinley.

4) Arbitration which is going on all the time.

5) Commerce which is desperately needed in this country.

6) Navigation which I will exchange with Aerospace Industry.

7) Justice which is no existent since the Patriot Act.

8) Law which is also non-existent since the Patriot Act.

9) Literature which I will exchange with Internet although I don’t agree they are the same by any sense of the word.

10) Science which I would replace with R & D and Innovation.

11) Art which I feel is slipping away.

12) Finally Industry which is also desperately needed.

Without these 12 key components our society collapses under a flat tax. We also can’t have our economic sovereignty under attack every time something happens overseas. Most important in this 12 key component list is the Innovation and Industrialization although I would add education in as well. This was Teddy Roosevelt’s formula over a 100 years ago and somehow 100 years later we entered world trade with a war financed by a flat tax on the average people and forgot lessons learned.

How Do We Fix Our Country?

Sadly, the answer is slowly. We need key investments in the key components and the folks in DC can’t actually do anything to help. They will have to depend on all of us to pull them out of the mess they made by forgetting or selling all of us into poverty with World Trade. Inevitably, world trade occurs on some level always but not openly and our markets aren’t usually subject to the whims of every other countries financial hardship. So how do we fix it? We do so by entering into these fields and accepting the seed money. We work hard and grow the seed money into industries which can employ citizens of this country. I can assure you we have pulled talent from all around the world into this country. The answers don’t lie outside our boarders but within us. DC just doesn’t make a whole lot of money if they don’t sell visas and work permits. It will not be Barack Obama or Mitt Romney who will ultimately save this country neither of them have worked a hard day in their lives. They are both over privileged people. It will be the back breaking hard workers like you and I who will be expected to clean up DC mess. I am for smaller government as I truly believe in smaller messes. If I have to clean up after DC then I want as little mess as possible. And right now that is exactly what is going to have to happen in this country. We will have to clean the mess DC made. We can vote them all out as we should but the nature of DC is to be forgetful, selfish and messy. Personally, I think they should be responsible to clean everything up but that will never happen. So it is up to you and I. We can’t wait for a new president or follow leadership who has failed us any longer. And this is not a partisan hub. It is both parties who have failed. China is winning because they are so self sufficient and it is time America become self sufficient as well. Then if anyone wants to do trade with us they can pay for the privilege. Usually when we pull out of trade agreements the result is World War but we are headed that way anyways and war is another way to make money so you have to wonder why the last decade hasn’t been so lucrative for all of America but for only a few?


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