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Zeta Talk Got Played and All the Trolls Bought It!

Updated on June 1, 2014

The Bed Wetters of Society

The traditional definition of a troll refers to a member of a community or usenet group who makes posts deliberately designed to attract responses of outrage or indignation.
The traditional definition of a troll refers to a member of a community or usenet group who makes posts deliberately designed to attract responses of outrage or indignation. | Source

Trolls Feed on Fear

Let's face it folks Trolls love fear and actually feed off the emotion they generate by causing dissension, arguments and ridicule. They can be easily recognized by their limited vocabulary, narrow minded reasoning and focused agenda. They will repeat their inane ravings over and over again hoping to elicit a response. They do this because the also live in fear and suffer from an inherently weak ego and insecure intellect.

They are the ones that cannot exist without someone else telling them what to think and how to act. Their behavior betrays their inability to think outside the box and creates the need to lash out at others more intelligent than they are. It is truly sad but is a symptom of our fear based society.

Because their fear becomes a drug that feeds their insecure ego, they have very real need to spread their hatred and so get their fix. Nothing give them more pleasure than trying to insult, disparage and ridicule their fellow humans. Their reasoning becomes secondary to the pleasure they get from spouting their inane drivel to the masses.

Their spiritual immaturity allows them to continue in this manner unaware of how it is affecting their own karma or understanding of the true nature of their own pathetic existence. They are the adult bed wetter's of society and all we can do is pray that one day they may awaken to the waste that their lives have become.

Worlds In Collision

When the internet got going in earnest Zeta Talk was right there in the beginning predicting and prognosticating Doom and Gloom. Now, without a doubt many of their predictions turned out to come true however they were hardly original nor the first time the public had been made aware of them. In this article Zeta Talk Got Played and All the Trolls bought It, I will show just how their agenda is nothing more than fear mongering rhetoric designed to spread disinformation and panic the sheep.

Sure they have spread the Nibiru Planet X subject far and wide and even have sister websites that help their agenda but many of their more fearful predictions are nothing more than fantasy. From my understanding of their agenda they are a group of supposed 'Service To Other's' aliens here to help mankind become aware of the pending Polar Shift due to Nibiru Planet X arriving in our solar system.

They have done an excellent job in that regard, even creating scenarios (7 of 10 Scenario) to help humanity to understand what is happening to the planet they live on. They have explained many phenomenon's happening in space and to our planet that mainstream science and the Main Stream Media refuse to touch. They have introduced us to new ideas, explained concepts that are difficult to grasp and offered advice on how to be prepared for the Polar Shift.

However all that being said their predictions of massive cataclysms, wide scale destruction on a global scale and the timeline all this was said to have occurred have fallen well short of their predictions, including a much talked about Full Disclosure of the UFO subject and Nibiru Planet X itself by The Powers That Be. Now to be sure this may still happen in the future but from their own rhetoric it was all supposed to happen by now to the point that the man on the street would know without a shadow of a doubt that what they claim is real.

Now let me be clear, I have used this website as a valuable resource for the last two years, to support many of the ideas and concepts I have shared in my own stories. However I read Zecharia Zitchin's The 12th Planet at least a decade before I ever discovered Zeta Talk and many other books on the Polar Shift and the planet Nibiru. I have been reading and researching this topic since the fifth grade when I became obsessed with the ancient Sumerians. I was in the fifth grade in 1972 and living in the Nation's Capitol, Washington D.C.

That is forty years of research and reading folks, on a subject that literally fascinates me. World's in Collision written by Immanuel Velikovsky was written in 1950 and goes into great detail about the Polar Shift, a book I have reread many times.

This is a subject that is well written about in a wide variety of resources but to be clear the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona was specifically designed and built in 1894 to look for Planet X Nibiru. So as fascinated as I maybe by the subject their is a whole host of other people on this planet that know far more about it than I do and have for more than ONE HUNDRED YEARS!

So let's not fool ourselves and pretend that Zeta Talk couldn't be some conspiracy designed by far more powerful and knowledgeable people than me to share information on a subject that every government in the World refuses to even acknowledge. After all we only have their word for whom they really are with a bunch of clever and reasonable explanations for why they must remain hidden.

I for one believe that they are exactly whom they say they are but this does not prevent me from seeing that they just like many other powerful nations and people throughout the history of this planet got played. I believe their intentions may very well have been for the good of mankind but let's not for get the wise old saying . . .

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions!


ZetaTalk has been in the Fear Spreading Business since 1995 and have done an outstanding job.
ZetaTalk has been in the Fear Spreading Business since 1995 and have done an outstanding job. | Source

Zeta Talk

Is the website Zeta Talk really as it claims, telepathic messages from a group of Service To Others Aliens here to warn humanity of an apocalyptic cataclysm?

See results

Zeta Talk Accomplishments

What has the website Zeta Talk really accomplished? Sure, they have regurgitated world news in such a fashion to show that indeed an unknown planetary object inside our solar system could well be causing a wide range of geographical upheavals and spacial anomalies but have they provided definitive proof?

The answer is not only NO but Hell No, besides the massive amount of information they have accumulated on their website and their many vague predictions of which some have come true, they really haven't provided mankind with anything we haven't been able to determine ourselves.

Without a doubt their insider information is quite useful but let's get real folks their timelines for events are off the mark, their guides for survival techniques and safe havens amounts to common sense and their explanations of spacial anomalies are nothing more than what most knowledgeable scientist could provide, if they weren't prevented by National Security oaths.

Let's assume that they are whom they say they are and are truly here to awaken the world to the Polar Shift. Without a doubt they have done this well but I knew that a Polar Shift was imminent in our future a full twenty years before they even got on the scene, if I can figure this out anyone can.

Let's take a look at some of the predictions they have made that haven't come true but still might in the future and examine whether humanity could have come to these prognostications on our own.

  • Their prediction that the Earth's tectonic plates will shift in a domino type of affect (7 of 10 Scenario) is really just common sense. As one plate shifts it allows other neighboring plates to move as well, this causes the displacement of surrounding land and water. Over time this causes plates throughout the world to begin to move causing earthquakes, sinkholes, train derailments and building collapses as well as magma to flow to the surface which causes volcanoes to erupt.

  • Their prediction that the Obama administration would eventually have to make a public announcement that indeed a new planet (Nibiru Planet X) had entered our solar system is something that the true believers have been waiting for years to hear and is nothing new. According to NASA this revelation was already made in 1983 from information gathered by the IRAS space telescope and reported in the Washington Post and New York Times.

  • Their predictions that humanity would begin migrating away from coastlines from rising sea levels is only common sense and does not require insider information to predict. Of course people are going to try and move away from disaster areas, this does not take a degree in Rocket Surgery to figure out.

  • Their prediction that more and more people will be forced to learn survival skills is not some great revelation as many people have been returning to a simpler way of life for years as a way to fight ever rising food and energy costs, this is nothing new. Heck, eight months out of the year I eat only food from my garden, it is great way to cut expenses.

My point is that nothing on their website is information that can't be gathered from a dozen other sources and is not anything that can't be reasonable found.

I still claim Nibiru Planet X is here, I just don't buy all the cataclysmic Doom that Zeta Talk is spewing.
I still claim Nibiru Planet X is here, I just don't buy all the cataclysmic Doom that Zeta Talk is spewing. | Source

Zeta Talk Got Played

Now let's take a look at how and why they got played by The Powers That Be (TPTB), whether TPTB be good or evil matters very little.

Nancy Leider claims to be in telepathic communication with grey aliens from Zeta Reticuli that are here on planet Earth ostensibly to make humanity aware of the pending Pole Shift due to Nibiru Planet X. They hope that by sharing their knowledge of this threat with mankind they can ensure that we survive so that after the Pole Shift they can use the human population to create hybrids so that their own species can survive.

Gee, no hidden agenda there, who wouldn't want to be a four foot slimy grey alien hybrid with big beady eyes, . . . where do I sign up.

There are literally dozens if not hundreds of channeled material that has been published in books and videos on the internet and elsewhere that all claim that the Earth will undergo some cataclysmic geological event in the near future as it moves into the next stage of our evolution. Heck even the Bible makes these kinds of prognostications, so this is nothing new and has being going on for a very long time.

The reason that Zeta Talk has endured for so long is that we live in a society based and conditioned by fear. Because so many prefer to be told what to think instead of investigating anything on their own and deciding for themselves, these types of sites flourish. Just as the Fake Stream Media continues to spread fear in spite of any insightful investigation on their own, so too does Zeta Talk as all they have to do to further their agenda is relate the changing planet's extreme weather and tectonic plate movement to the Polar Shift, this plays into TPTBs agenda to keep the sheeple entrenched in their fear based paradigm.

However the Council of Worlds which have quarantined this planet, meaning no one gets in or off the planet without the quarantine being lifted, also have an interest in awakening humanity to their limited narrow minded paradigm and so have allowed the Reticuli to send their message. The Council is the good Powers That Be that hope that humanity will awaken spiritually and intellectually so that many will be able to ascend with the planet to the next evolutionary dimension.

So my contention is that the Reticuli got played by both sides of The Powers That Be and their role has been to awaken the masses to potential disaster by spreading a fear based initiative. They have done this very well, although their predictions may have lost them some followers, the over all message has awakened many to the potential disaster facing humanity.

Two Suns?

To me this looks like a planetary object with our Sun breaking through the clouds behind it. Is this Nibiru Planet X the Zeta's talk about?
To me this looks like a planetary object with our Sun breaking through the clouds behind it. Is this Nibiru Planet X the Zeta's talk about? | Source


Now that their message has been sent and their agenda become transparent, all they can do is spew endless amounts of fear based rhetoric designed to continue the fear based initiative they began with. They have no proof to offer, because to do so would not comply with the strict rules Council of Worlds have given them but of course creating alien hybrids is alright.

However this does leave them in the position to claim . . . 'see we told you so vaguely back in such and such year' that eating insects would become a common food supplement or some such nonsense.

ZetaTalk's sister sites such as Earth Changes Ning offer the same tired rhetoric just with the ability to leave comments and engage in dialogue, provided of course that you do not ask any questions that might be viewed as common sense. I have been kicked off all of the sister sites simply by asking some pertinent questions concerning the information . . . things that make you go Hmmm!

As I have said before I still believe that Nibiru Planet X exist but do not believe that it will cause the widespread destruction and cataclysmic upheavals the Reticuli are announcing. As anyone that reads ZetaTalk knows they have stopped providing much of the initial proof and claims they had made and are now only pointing out recent news stories to show they were right all along.

Of course only time will tell if Zeta Talk Got Played and the Trolls Bought It but I think we can safely say at this point that without some definitive proof one way or the other they're just Whistling Dixie!

© 2013 somethgblue


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    • Insane Mundane profile image

      Insane Mundane 

      7 years ago from Earth

      Yeah, when it comes to online Ad Revenue, those are always the clowns I like to see show up on my websites and blogs, too. LOL!

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      and now you know why engage the sad fool, as his lengthy comments means he must stay on this page for a while.

      Plus he is acknowledging the Polar Shift albeit through his Zeta Talk controllers, as he/she/it doesn't seem to have the intellectual capacity to actually think for itself.

    • Insane Mundane profile image

      Insane Mundane 

      7 years ago from Earth

      @somethgblue - I think his/her views still count in your favor and every penny adds up per the Ad Program we have here ... or so I was told. Ha-ha!

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Yes Pending is Zeta talk's interpretation of events not mine, I contend that it is an ongoing event and started with Nibiru's entry into our solar system.

      Believe what you wish, it makes little difference to me, my contention has always been the Polar Shift is a process just as the North Pole is moving 40 miles a year.

      The Polar Shift will culminate with an Earth stoppage of rotation and three to five days of darkness depending on where you live.

      Your continuous attempts at insults are meaningless and trivial however don't let that stop you, continue to show your true colors and troll away, baby!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Zetatalk has never ever described the pole shift as ongoing. They always use PENDING pole shift, that is has not happened yet but will occur in the future. The future. I can tell you are a baby soul because you refuse to admit when you are clearly wrong, just like a little child. Your hand is in the cookie jar but you cry I am not stealing cookies (or Zetatalk). The pole shift cannot be both ONGOING as you claimed for two years and be PENDING. The earth changes are and have been ONGOING for more than ten years. The pole shift is still PENDING (has not happened) and occurs over one hour, one, one, one HOUR per Zetatalk. Like a child you are still (ongoing) refusing to admit even that. You cannot change all those past articles to PENDING pole shift so, just lile a little kid, you deny your Huge error. It is pointless trying to explain this to a child pretending not to comprehend. The definition of ONGOING proves my point! Look up LOGIC next.

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Obviously you're in love with your own written words and yet you have still not published anything on this site however you do credit yourself for posting elsewhere without any links to prove it, things that make you go hmmm!

      It's nice to know folks like you exist as it allows the real truth seekers to shine much more brightly and of course was the inspiration for this article (you're a star). I do enjoy your ravings and inane drivel as it shows just how much you want to convince folks that you have a smidgen of integrity.

      Perhaps one day you will even convince yourself, as for the Polar Shift it is both, as the definition of the word 'ongoing' is self explanatory, however for those incapable of thinking for themselves or their Google is broken here you go:





      continuing; still in progress.

      "ongoing negotiations"

      synonyms: in progress, under way, going on, continuing, taking place, proceeding, progressing, advancing;

      When Nibiru Planet X entered our solar system (2003) the Polar Shift began and now it is 'picking up steam' as the metaphor goes. The fact that aliens actually live on Nibiru (Annunaki) creates the scenario that includes disclosure.

      Zeta Talk might want to think that they're the only knowledgeable source for information on Planet X but Percival Lowell beat them by 100 years, Velikovsky by 60 years and Zitchin by 20 years, so get real.

      Nancy got played and still continues to get played spouting common sense like it is some great revelation, I laugh every time you post something on one of articles as you're so very entertaining, please don't stop.

      However you might want to come up with some new material, here in the South we have an old saying about the dog that barks the loudest is usually the guilty party.

      Anyway I'm still waiting for your first article of 'insider' information, it should be a real doozy, don't keep us waiting too long, lol!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      BTW: You PROVED my point that YOU are a troll by posting that your absurd picture is of me.

      Also, your OBVIOUS attempts to get me to reveal who I am will never work. I post articles on sites that get actual views -- unlike your Hub Page.

      Your first name is Daniel. I am ethical (unlike you!) and will not post your last name here.

      You are trying to determine who I am so you can do even more personal attacks. You don't even know if I am male or female, Daniel.

      Readers (if there are any): Most of the time Daniel does not post my comments at all. Cluck, cluck, cluck.

      Nancy Lieder will be mentioned during the announcement that Planet X is real. Not you! You are a self-promoter and ZetaTalk plagarizer.

      Also, the planned announcement of Planet X does NOT include the alien presence. You cannot even get that much straight. Nancy will be mentioned direct people to ZetaTalk where they can learn the truth about not only Planet X but the Transformation of the earth to a fourth density planet, where souls like YOU will go after this lifetime (as an Undecided, clearly NOT service to other, that means on a waterworld far from earth as an octopus creature to continue YOUR third density lessons), and the alien presence.

      Here is your problem: You cannot stand anything but praise and get pissed off and troll when you are confronted by someone who is from far above third density and intimidated by child souls like you.

      Hurts to here the truth, but obviously you NEED IT!

      You're welcome.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      "Of course how many of these 'so-called' my stories are actually yours, after all we first met when you tried unsuccessfully to steal one of my stories and post it to Before Its News, which upon discovery of your outright plagiarism BIN promptly sh*# canned your story and gave credit where credit was due."

      Got some proof to back up your accusation? No!

      I don't even know what you are discussing.

      Once again, YOU prove how incredibly immature you are. I am willing to bet you already accused others of stealing your BS "articles."

      You are a ZetaTalk plagarizer and troll.

      Clearly I do NOT appreciate your BS articles and regular stealing from both zetatalk and the pole shift ning.

      So why on earth would I WANT to repost your crap at BIN or anywhere else?


      Your actions have spoken louder than your words, again and again.

      Grow up already. Try to think logically before throwing around wild speculation and unwarranted accusations.

      Anyone else who reads this will realize I would not have reposted a single word you post!

      But instead of thinking like an adult, you are like a child searching for someone (anyone will do) to blame for what another did.

      The last thing I want is to see your plagarism and BS anywhere else. At least with so few viewers (I bet NO ONE reads all your BS) you are not getting the attention you clearly, desperately want, and your misinterpretations of ZetaTalk are not getting out there.

      So which is it? Is the "polar shift" ongoing as your past articles clearly state or is the pole shift in the future?

      It cannot be both ways, but that is exactly what you are doing!

      You obviously do not even understand ZetaTalk. Geez!

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      And the bait has been taken as I knew you couldn't resist, predictable as always but why change now. This article was designed, written and inspired completely by you, for you and about you.

      I even posted a picture of you at the top of the article, so that others could put a face to your inane drivel.

      Zeta Talk needs no debunking as everyone is entitled to their own opinion, speculation and theories. Now as I have shown my theories and speculation are interwoven with much of what Zeta Talk dispenses but obviously we don't agree on some issues.

      Of course how many of these 'so-called' my stories are actually yours, after all we first met when you tried unsuccessfully to steal one of my stories and post it to Before Its News, which upon discovery of your outright plagiarism BIN promptly sh*# canned your story and gave credit where credit was due.

      Oh yes, you are revealed and reviled, make no mistake. That being said how many original 'stories' have you produced on this site, a true testament to your lack of literary abilities.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hypocrite! Mission accomplished. You exposed yourself as a zetatalk debunker with this BS. And you call others trolls for what you also do. Comment will not appear although you claim critiscism is fine with you. My stories at BIN show up on first page of google. Where are your so-called articles? Nowhere! Comment approval always on reveals YOU are an immature and scared soul who cannot take what he dishes out Daniel.

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Yes, the extra mucus dispersion added a nice troll-like vision, or perhaps that is grey matter leaking out.

    • Insane Mundane profile image

      Insane Mundane 

      7 years ago from Earth


      This Hub gets a thumbs up even without the content because of that cool troll graphic!

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      I agree that you take what you need from any such site, I could just do without the rhetoric and the pro Obama stance. They make him out to be some white knight in shining armor.

      As far as fire starter kits, save your dryer lint in sealable zip-loc's to use as fodder for easy to light fires and yes a trench is necessary against strong winds. Weapons are one thing but as we have talked about before you better have reusable ammo (bows and arrows) be good at fishing, trapping or snaring small game or raising chickens and goats.

      I still think the best bet is to redouble your meditation efforts to make contact with or shine your love and light towards 'others' that maybe able to help us and finding like minded people that can think outside the box and share your world view, fortunately I have done that.

      The lack of Sunlight is a very real concern which means that you will have to be resourceful to gather food in a wide variety of efforts that will go way beyond hoarding a stash.

      As I said in the article they have done their job spreading the message but after 20 years I would like to see them put their money where their mouth is and start producing some real, without a doubt proof for the sheeple, besides prognosticating common sense scenarios.

      Thanks for reading!

    • Beth 53 profile image

      Beth J. Benson 

      7 years ago from Richmond, Va.

      I think the Zeta Talk sight like anything else in life is you take away from it what you need,hopefully. As I have watched the proggression of this horrible typhoon with 200 mile an hour winds, my thought went back to the Zetas advising that in this scenario the best thing to do is to dig a trench big enough for your body(away from trees), and cover it up with metal roofing and soil or something with weight. I have always taken these suggestion as food for thought. What if? I was talking to some new friends today and posted the question, what about if there is no gas for generators, what if lots of volcanoes go off and there is constant shade for years? You need lettuce and spinach seed, just for starters. Solar power won't work. And how will you start your fires? That one really started him thinking. He has an arsenal of weapons, but no flint starter. Unlike you , I just started this journey of awakening two years ago.There are some that just started two days ago. The thought of your world being completely devoid of any support of modern conveniences is very hard in this world of immediacy. The Zeta sight does support this type of thinking. It may be to their advantage in the end, or not. I think the goal is to live in love and light as much as possible, which is of course many times hard to do. If we are an experiment, or produced for use as needed(have you seen the movie the island?), or are living many lives because earth is a schoolhouse for our souls, or D all of the above, then when we die we will go to the next stepwhatever that may be. I feel that the thing to do is to focus on the now with attention to the future. Even if this planet that is in our system doesn't come any closer we are still being affected by it. Have you noticed that there are no acorns this year? There are walnuts but no acorns, why? The world is changing everyday but in general, we don't have the time to pay attention. I think that sights like the Zetas have helped me pay attention and think beyond the box I have been told to live in. It doesn't mean that you have to agree or buy in to everything that is on any sight as I said in the beginning you take away from it what you need. Love and Light to you Blue, Beth

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Yippy Skippy . . . why don't you write an article about it and share with the rest of us, because until you do I will just consider it cheap talk. $30h means nothing to me, so either clarify what you mean of I will delete your advertising.


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