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Don't Assume - Ask! Ask those questions you always wanted to but were too scared to (of this hubber)

So, IRL, I am pretty open and honest when people have questions about anything to do with me. People often seem a little nervous to ask anything - so I'm thinking - post your questions here, and I'll answer them, and add them to a hub I'm writing at the moment!. Anything (excluding stuff of a overtly sexual nature - my orientation is okay to ask questions about) goes! Maybe even ask questions you'd really like to ask another hubber, and we may be able to get them to answer!


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Austinstar says

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19 months ago
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    Jacqui (jlpark) 19 months ago

    Wow! I can't answer all those in a comment - but I'm writing a hub so I'll try there! Thanks Lela!

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