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Why Did Kaepernick Sit Down ?

Kaepernick did not insult our military. He sat down during the National Anthem. Exercising the very freedom men and women of service protect. But the military should feel disrespected. By a country who silently condones errors of impunity and the violation of American rights and freedoms by those in power who continue to suffer no consequence for their acts that result in the loss of the freedom--The very freedoms for which our service men and women fought. Why are so many more people offended by him sitting down than by those in positions of power violating our freedoms?


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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

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14 months ago
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    Tara Mapes 14 months ago

    I continue to hear that because he lives a fortunate life his compassion and advocacy is negated. Why is that? Does his status make the reality of our broken system less real?

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