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85% of the American landmass voted for Trump. 36 states voted for Trump. How can this not be fair?

So, the left is saying this is all "rigged". hillary killary said before ether election is would be un-American to object to the results after the election. In fact she attacked Trump in the debate over his his answer of "I'll decide after the election" Now, hillary killary is going along with Stein to go against what the voters and states wanted in the election. 36 states want Trump, 14 want hillary killary. 85% of the land mass voted for Trump, just 15% voted for hillary killary. Do you think the election has played out fairly for the American people? Do the 36 states have no rights?


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Kathleen Cochran says

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11 months ago
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    John Wilson (The Old Guard) 11 months ago

    Well, can't say they didn't count - it showed 44% didn't want Trump.

    Are you saying your Electoral College should be split?

    And if so, what have you done about it - since it's been like this forever.

    Why object to it now?