5,000 Americans Suing Trump for FRAUD in MASSIVE Law Suit

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    Alternative Primeposted 7 years ago

    Well, Believe it or Not it’s TRUE according to recent reports ~ Now that’s “HUGE” ~ SURPRISED? Shocked? You’ll discover it’s “Par for the COURSE” if you take the time to investigate this Pathological Liar’s checkered past ~ You’ll also find that this Un-American guy, according to reports, was involved in a PLETHORA of Fraud Law Suits, Bankruptcies, Failed Business Ventures & Very BAD Dealz ~ I think by now we all understand that they will NEVER Allow this Mentally Un-Sound individual anywhere near our Oval Office where the “Nuclear CODE“ resides, but this Massive FRAUD Case Against Trump is just the most RECENT Law Suit Filed AGAINST him for Blatantly Operating an UNLICENSED University in New York & California, once again according to reports, a legal charge for which he has already been found GUILTY of by a Court of LAW and Subsequently Punished for ~ Recent Reports indicate he’ll testify for the DEFUNCT “Trump University” AFTER the Election ~ WHY After? REALLY? -

    SCROLL Down to Story ~

    http://thinkprogress.org/education/2016 … niversity/

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    ahorsebackposted 7 years ago

    What is it with liberal whiney pseudo- intellectuals ?    WHY DOES IT ALWAYS COME DOWN TO EITHER VICTIM OR OPPRESSOR  WITHIN EVERY  LIBERAL DEBATE ?    That is where Every argument begins  and  with phony liberals    AND   That is exactly  every thread of their argument  and it always comes down to their [your } solution to every problem .  Victim and oppressor ! Period .  Kind of shows you the intelligence level of the enrollees if you ask me .   Got a little "buyers remorse" there A.P., did you sign on  to Trump university , is that your problem  ?

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      Credence2posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      What are you babbling about now, ahorseback? Why can't you enunciate and make your point? At least, can you come up with a cogent argument to AP's statement?

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        Alternative Primeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Republicans typically get Flustered, Confused & VERY Irritable when CONFONTED with Actual FACTs which reside OUTSIDE the little FOX Loser Snooze Bubble ~

        Trump University appears to have been a FRAUD according to reports, Operating Trump University was a Blatant Abuse of our Inherent Liberty ~ At least 5,000 Americans attended this UNLICENSED School & 5,000 Americans from coast to coast are now suing 'Drumpf" Trump for 40 Million Dollars ~

        I wonder if ahorseback Still Thinks Trump will be purchasing CURTAINs for the White HOUSE any time soon?? And will they be "Orangey & Purple" to match his strange bizzare unhealthy lookin' face ~ sad

        1. Credence2 profile image79
          Credence2posted 7 years agoin reply to this

          But, Gosh, AP, I want him (Trump) to win the nomination that the GOP will have that close brush with non-existence when they get their A$$es kicked next fall.

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            PrettyPantherposted 7 years agoin reply to this

            Me too, but I'm worried he can beat Hillary.  Bernie, please pull a rabbit out of your hat and get that nomination!

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              Credence2posted 7 years agoin reply to this

              Fear that Trump could beat Hillary, that was a reason to go with Bernie, right there. There is still California and a considerable portion of the West, hope springs eternal....

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              Alternative Primeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

              PP ~ If the Democratic "TURN-Out" is Robust, which it should be, Trump will NEVER Beat Hillary for an infinite number of OBVIOUS Reasons, one being the "Donald's" "Rap Sheet" for FRAUD, another due to his Mental Instability ~ They will never give this Swindler the "Nuclear CODE" ~

              Have you actually followed "Drumpf" Trump's" Blatantly Racist Campaign? ~ Well here's the Direct RESULTs of his Bigotry & Misogyny & every time he SHOWs Up on Television or the NET, these numbers S*I*N*K  even Further into the ABYSS ~

              70% of Women REJECT Trump
              80% of Hispanics REJECT Trump
              90% of African Americans REJECT Trump

              Unless he invents a very efficient CLONING Machine real fast & CHURNs Out about 20 or 30 MILLION More OLD Racist White Guys, then convince them to cast a VOTE for him, he's TOAST in November ~ Even Republicans know that ~

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                MelangeSpace1posted 6 years agoin reply to this

                Great point here on all fronts, but by the looks of things it seems people are beginning to consider trump on an economic level,,,,,sort of a saving grace to the shortfalls in the economy type situation..... it's gonna be quite a hand over face peep through your fingers situation come November...

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          ahorsebackposted 7 years agoin reply to this

          Interesting take on Trumps face there buddy ,But  Isn't that like uh hypocrisy ,   all the deep seated  fear mongering accusations  that liberals have  said  repubs.  have made   against Hillary , or Obama ,  Her being a woman  in pant suits and him being what  , black ? Kind of a double sided coin you flip there A.P. doncha' think ?

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          Sharlee01posted 6 years agoin reply to this

          First the University was licensed. Check your facts, before you rant! Second, there is absolutely no evidence or record of Trump breaking the law. Yes he did take advantage of bankruptcy laws. As do many businesses. I suggest that we wait for the outcome of the lawsuit before we condemn Trump in regards to Trump University,  As we also await for the outcome on Hillary's investigation on her email sandal.   No need to respond, I don't respond to rants.

          1. Alternative Prime profile image59
            Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

            WoW ~ Another "FACT Denyer" ~ lol ~ Many were BAMBOOZLED by Trump at first with his "Self-FUNDING" Charade ~ They were actually "LOANs" by the way, NOT Donations and nobody really knows where the original money came from ~ Domestic? Foreign? Nobody knows ~

            Anyway, I don't even know where to begin with this one so I'll simply DIRECT You to the FACTs ~

            P.S. ~ FOX Loser Snooze is CLUELESS, they DEAL in Radical Right WING Propaganda PERIOD so you'll NEVER find even the Semblance of the WHOLE TRUTH on that Outlet ~

            According to Reports, The EVIDENCE is pretty "Clear & Concise" against Trump U ~ AND by the WAY, when you "Bill" yourself as a "WINNER" you can't be a LOSER Right? The Republican's Boy Trump has presided over so many LOSING Business Ventures it's almost inconceivable, and according to reports, presumably due to his "Racist Rhetoric & Hate", Cadillac PULLED-OUT & PGA to this point, has been UNSUCCESSFUL at Securing a Sponsor for his Doral Golf Tournament ~ SORRY, but those appear to be the FACTs to Date ~

            http://www.factcheck.org/2016/03/trumps … niversity/

            Trump had better HURRY Up & Start Building that "GREAT Wall of CONCRETE" inside his little HEAD, maybe that will STOP the PGA from moving their Golf Tournament from his property ~ But then again, given Trump's Racist Tendancies, Probably NOT ~

            http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/02/sport … .html?_r=0

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    ahorsebackposted 7 years ago


    Join the club A.P.   ,  but one of you people better make a trip to Canada to make sure they will let you all in !

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      Sharlee01posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Canada accepts citizens based on occupation. I think they most likely have their fill of out of work actors.

      1. Credence2 profile image79
        Credence2posted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Most of these people would be certainly well to do and not have to drag anything from the Canadian economy. I think that they would be invited there with open arms.

        1. Sharlee01 profile image79
          Sharlee01posted 6 years agoin reply to this

          I know you are right. Just sick of this particular bunch threatening to leave the country.

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    ahorsebackposted 7 years ago

    You know , I don't even like Trump  and would seriously hold my nose to vote for him , but I'd cut my nose off before I'd vote for the Bernie that I've  met  and known his politics for years , not just this election  season ,    I , unlike most of  his supporters here , have vetted him ,  As for Hillary ?

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    ahorsebackposted 7 years ago

    As to Trump college ?   I bet every attendee of his seminars  signed an agreement  for  a contract !   And that , IS the American way , just ask  all of Hillary's wall street friends ,  her $ 650,000 dollar fees  are the other side of that coin are they not ?  .............anyone?

    1. Quilligrapher profile image75
      Quilligrapherposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      “I bet” probably means “I assume” and, further, implies that your opinions are not supported by any specific  knowledge about the topic. Regardless, anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of the law should know that the existence of a contract does not preclude the possibility of fraud and misrepresentation on the part of any participant.

      The Trump University litigation has been steadily moving forward for about six years and it has survived several motions by Mr. Trump’s bullpen of costly lawyers to have it dismissed.

      As a further indication of just how deep Mr. Trump’s legal morass is becoming,  there are two other serious suits right behind the pending class action trial scheduled in San Diego federal court.  A second class action suit is making its way through San Diego federal court that accuses Mr. Trump of civil racketeering. In addition, Mr. Trump must answer charges of fraud, false advertising, and other violations that have been filed by the Attorney General of the State of New York. In the latter case, New York’s AG is pursuing $4 million in restitution. {1}

      In 1990, Trump’s real estate empire nearly crumbled. A number of banking institutions provided a $65 million “rescue package.” Nine months later, Trump was $4 billion in debt and his overly ostentatious Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, N.J., slid into bankruptcy. {2}

      In 2004, Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts also filed for bankruptcy. In 2009, the same company, renamed Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc., went bankrupt again. In 2010, The Donald took the company into bankruptcy for the third time. roll {3}

      Eastern Air Shuttle enjoyed 27 profitable years operating hourly flights between Washington, D.C., New York, and Boston. Trump bought the company, put his name on the planes, and turned the lucrative operation into a mega-loser within four years. {4}

      Trump Vodka, two failed marriages, Trump Mortgage, Trump: The Game, and Trump’s Middle East Foreign Policy are but a few of Trump’s many career disasters. {5}

      It is hard to believe that some voters in this country are pushing to put Donald J. Trump, Jr. (former Republican, former Democrat, former Independent, former Reform Party, and now a Republican again)   in charge of the United States Treasury! {6}
      {1} http://fortune.com/2016/03/08/trump-uni … e-charges/
      {2} http://content.time.com/time/specials/p … 09,00.html
      {3} ibid.
      {4} http://content.time.com/time/specials/p … 23,00.html
      {5} http://content.time.com/time/specials/p … 27,00.html
      {6} https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Trump

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    ahorsebackposted 7 years ago

    Qilligrapher , Yup , Kind of reminds me of just how the system has worked for Hillary and her  legal issues .    One is exactly the same as the other !   Using the power of the courts ,of the political system and the  agenda  of media controversies as tools for election  or campaigning !   

    You will remember this one , "Where's the beef "?

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    colorfuloneposted 7 years ago

    Elizabeth Warren SLAMS Hillary Clinton With Most Damaging Evidence To Date

    I'm not sure its the most damaging evidence on Hillary Clinton to date, but that will be exposed...and hopefully Hillary will be indicted (re: FBI investigation).  Trump will bring it to light? 

    She sure has exposed Hillary's lies and deceptions many, many times.

    1. Alternative Prime profile image59
      Alternative Primeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      FOX Loser Snooze had better KEEP On Dreamin' Really Really hard in their little "Republican PRETEND-Land" where FACTs & Common Sense are always BANISHED into the Night ~ It would be Gross NEGLIGENCE to hand over OUR "Nuclear CODE" to a Psychologically Disturbed individual like Trump, everyone who is familiar with the "LAW" understands this and it will NEVER Happen ~ This should actually make even the Nut-Case WING of the Republican Party feel a little SAFER & Secure, NOT go even More Insane as about 35% always do ~

      Moreover, unlike "Drumpf" Trump who might actually be in Prison before he has a chance to collect a few "Racists" Votes in the General, you might wanna' inspect Quilligrapher's Fine, Detailed, and very ENLIGHTENING Contribution posted above, Hillary Rodham Clinton is not going anywhere, she's Strong, Determined & Ready to Protect & ENHANCE Social Security for OUR Senior Citizens, Establish a Path toward Citizenship for Hispanics & ALL other Minorities who have Contributed to Society, Raise the Minimum Wage for HARD Working Americans, Champion GAY Rights etc etc.......ALL the things Trump and his Sick Little Mind DREAM about Terminating ~

      1. Quilligrapher profile image75
        Quilligrapherposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        If you want a viewpoint from someone with a little authority, I have as little as anyone.

        Donald Trump is not “Psychologically Disturbed.” In fact, he has proven himself to be very smart, extremely cunning, and remarkably clever at separating people from their money. Right now, within the Republican Party, he is the tail that is wagging the dog! The magnitude of his grassroots success is reminiscent of Jimmy Carter’s triumphant march from Plains, Georgia, to the White House in 1976.

        As for "Drumpf" Trump going to prison, well, you may be revealing that you are as uninformed as the people you lampoon. All three of the lawsuits currently filed against Mr. Trump are civil actions, not criminal proceedings, and none will result in a prison sentence.   

        If you think that having a worldview different than your own is a sign of a “Sick Little Mind,” then I will have to disagree. You are not, my younger friend, the only sane one living in the asylum. Nor do I think you are medically qualified to declare anyone “Mentally Un-Sound” unless, of course, you have a mental health report from a professional practitioner to prove I’m wrong.

        All in all, bombastic rhetoric is distracting and self-defeating. Unsupported exaggerations obscure any valid arguments by drowning them in a sea of blather.  Words in uppercase are talking at us instead of talking to us. Insulting and derogatory names reveal that you do not actually have many meaningful facts to contribute so why should anyone bother to read any further.  Misspelled words and tildes at the end of every sentence are a sign of illiteracy. 

        While I would like to hear what you have to say, much of what you have to offer is buried in excessive swagger. 

        1. Alternative Prime profile image59
          Alternative Primeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

          Quilligrapher ~ Unlike most Republicans around here, I ALWAYs Encourage ALL my Readers to Investigate on their own in an effort to conduct their OWN FACT Finding & Checking Exercises ~ However, to date, nobody seems to have even a slight Contradiction to my comments including yourself, just personal attacks, which seems to indicate an UNDERSTANDING & Acceptance that my words are indeed true, with a little Animation, Drama, Embellishment & Personal FLAIR added of course ~

          I look forward to your "Judgement" of those around here who continuously attempt to "BASH" Hillary without a single FACT at Hand ~ If you think Trump is CLEAN, Sober & Sane, you must think Hillary is a Prime Candidate for "Canonization" when that time comes ~

          You are obviously a Trump supporter I would assume, so here are some of the FACTs about Mr. "Drumpf" which his "Fanz" seem to Conveniently IGNORE ~ Trump is indeed a "Pathological Liar" & Psychologically Un-Sound, attempted defense of these two FACTs without PROOF to the Contrary would be futile ~ We're talking about a "Twisted" individual who is Anxious to Proliferate MORE Nuclear Weapons around the WORLD, NOT Decrease the number ~ He has suggested we need to essentially "Crash" OUR OWN ECONOMY & Perhaps the WORLD's by actually "DEFAULTING on our Debt which would be nothing less than CATASTROPHIC, a Vibrant Economy which took President Obama years to Heal ~ He Proposes a "BAN" on ALL Muslims from entering the U.S. while MORE Crime annually is committed by Christians ~ He ENCOURAGES Violence at his Racist Gatherings, he even offers to PAY Legal Fees of those individuals who engage in VIOLENCE on his Behalf ~ "Nuclear Triad"? Should we even go there? ~ sad

          Shall we CONTINUE? This is just the Proverbial TIP which clearly indicates this man is an Un-educated, Un-Informed & Psychologically Un-Sound Human Being ~ ABSOLUTELY Unfit to serve as OUR President and they will NEVER give this Swindler the "Keys" to OUR Oval Office ~

          As for "Prison" and Trump's potential for "Induction"? ~ There are a Virtual PLETHORA of ways this CON-Man Swindler could end Up where he belongs ~ Including "Racketeering" as you've previously mentioned ~ My Spelling? My apologies for a little "Sloppyness" from time to time but I do try to keep it "CLEAN" ~

          NOW, I look forward to reading all your COMMENTS which Defend Hillary from ALL the Nonsensical Benghazi & E-Mail ATTACKs which constantly appear here and elsewhere ~ smile

          1. Quilligrapher profile image75
            Quilligrapherposted 7 years agoin reply to this

            Thank you, AP, for your reply. I see more bluster but no factual evidence, only denial in lieu of  personal responsibility. You have no facts to prove Donald Trump is mentally ill, this much has now been established.

            Now let’s discuss another false statement, one for which the proof is found right here in this thread.

            In my last post, I challenged three claims by the OP that he still has not supported with facts. They falsely state that Donald Trump is "Psychologically Disturbed, Mentally Un-Sound, and has a Sick Little Mind." Those were his words. Without citations to any authoritative sources, he insisted that Mr. Trump is mentally ill.

            I subsequently and quite clearly contradicted his extraordinary and rather bizarre assertions. “Donald Trump is not ‘Psychologically Disturbed’,” I said. Now, I would call that contradicting his absurd and, so far, unproven remarks. However, to my surprise, in a blatant denial of reality, he replied,  "to date, nobody seems to have even a slight Contradiction to my comments including yourself" Duh! roll The posts in this thread prove this is also a lie.

            Others have contradicted the contents of the OP’s posts before me,{1} but, typically, his reaction is to always shift his obligation to provide supporting data onto those who challenge the obvious lack of verifiable facts. In this particular example, someone pointed out that there was no proof that the OP’s exaggerated claims were true and the OP replied, “educate yourself...I really don't have the discretionary time to give you lessons every 5 minutes.” {2}

            In the past, as is the case now with the absurd claims about Trump being mentally ill, the OP has been unable, or unwilling, to furnish supporting facts. If the stated claims are not important enough to merit citations to a recognized authority, then why should anyone in this forum believe they are true? Why would anyone research the politically motivated accusations made by someone else after the originator refused to provide verifiable facts to back up his own conclusions? Such claims should be rejected as unreliable. For the same reasons, the excuse that the effort to prove a point is too much to bear is itself a good reason to conclude the claims being made are not supported by any facts.

            It is widely accepted that the originator of a positive assertion carries the burden of proving the claim is valid. {3} However, we continue to find colleagues on HubPages who will argue that having to prove the veracity of their claims does not apply to them.

            So, please allow me to try this again. Does the OP have any medical evidence, i.e. something other than “Animation, Drama, Embellishment & Personal FLAIR," to support the outrageous claims that Donald Trump is mentally ill???
            {1} http://hubpages.com/forum/post/2760790
            {2} http://hubpages.com/forum/post/2760814
            {3} http://www.qcc.cuny.edu/socialsciences/ … -Proof.htm

            1. Alternative Prime profile image59
              Alternative Primeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

              Thank U for the Reply Quilligrapher and although we seem to be as FAR Apart on "Swindler Trump" as the Grand Canyon, Because I always prefer a Presidential Candidate with a MORE Acceptable or "Pristine Track Record" such as Hillary or Bernie, I appreciate your response as well ~

              A long DRAWN Out Answer I believe is NOT Warranted at this point considering I've addressed just about ALL of your Questions and or Commentary ~ Despite the MASSIVE Mountain of Evidence which irrefutably Proves that the "Donald" is Clearly "UNFIT" to be annointed as "Leader of the WORLD", not just the United States, the ENTIRE W*O*R*L*D, some individuals who DESIRE "Change" just for the sake of change irregardless of the Detrimental Consequences, would probably VOTE for Bernie Madoff or even Adolf Hitler to SOOTH that Desire ~ Not Good ~  So regardless of what I have to say here, there will ALWAYs be that tiny Population of either DUMB, Ignorant, Racist, and or Demented individuals who will choose and VOTE for a an inept, incompetent Bigot like Trump ~ However, I'm confident this number of Trump VOTERS will remain in the Extreme MINORITY of OUR Population, not nearly enough to get him elected, if of course he's not "Forging License Plates" in a local PRISON by then ~

              I've Discontinued my effort to try to CONVINCE SOME Conservative Republicans around here that the "TRUTH" will set them FREE with regard to Trump because they simply don't care about the FACTs nor do they accept them in "Republican PRETEND-Land" ~ Or, perhaps they are simply Brainwashed by RIGHT Wing Nut Case Propaganda Outlets such as FOX Loser Snooze, so I've moved on to simply post and comment on the HARD-Core FACTs as Usual whether Republicans choose to Believe them or not ~

              In closing, anyone who could possibly DENY the Visual & Audio EVIDENCE that currently Exists which CLEARLY Indicts the "DONALD" for "Psychological Un-SOUNDNESS" is either not following his Racist Caimpaign filled with VIOLENCE, if a "Campaign" is what you'd call it, or simply chooses to "IGNORE" the FACTs ~

              P.S. ~ Here's One FACT for U ~ When an individual instructs a Rally Attendee to committ a "VIOLENT Act" upon another Human Being with the attached CONDITION that said "Inciter" will actually PAY for the Legal FEEs of the Perpetrator, said "Inciter" which is TRUMP, is Psychologically Impaired and certainly "UNFIT" to be the "Leader of the WORLD" ~ This is just ONE Example of at least HUNFREDs which exist on YOU-Tube and elsewhere ~

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    colorfuloneposted 7 years ago

    AP (snooze) News!   roll

    1. Alternative Prime profile image59
      Alternative Primeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Unfortunately for some Republicans around here it's MORE Like "AP True NEWS" ~ smile

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    ahorsebackposted 7 years ago

    I am constantly amazed at the Bi-partisan  hypocrisy of  this election cycle  ,Democrats cry for change , and   will elect a continuing family dynasty to do it ! Same with the right !   Want more change  , lets elect another Bush  to the Whitehouse. ?

    1. colorfulone profile image81
      colorfuloneposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama ... are the worst that could have been elected as presidents so far.  No one should vote for Hillary. 

      And, you are right about Sanders needing to be vetted.  Not a good track record there at all.

      1. Alternative Prime profile image59
        Alternative Primeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Once Again, FACTs are Dis-ALLOWED in "Republican PRETEND-Land" but in the REAL World, where REAL Human Beings reside, the OPPOSITE of your Failed Attempt at "Bashing" the President is TRUE ~ Sorry to "Upset" the Rhetoric, nice try, but here are the irrefutable the FACTs:

        * Unemployment 5%
        * Inflation ZERO
        * Stock Market Stabilized & Trending Up
        * Real Estate Market Stabilized
        * Banks ~ RECORD Profits
        * Gas Prices DOWN ~ Although Republican Controlled Oil Co's CONTINUE to Gouge AMERICANs (What else is NEW?)
        * 20 MILLION More Americans COVERED under ObamaCARE

        The LIST of Positives goes ON so I understand your recurring  "Bashing Frustration" because it's IMPOSSIBLE to "Bash" one of the GREATEST Presidents in our HISTORY, such as Barrack Obama with even the SLIGHTEST Degree of Validity ~

        NOW ~ How about a LIST of Valid REASONs WHY Trump was Disqualified from the Presidency BEFORE he Entered the RACE?

        One REASON ~ 5,000 Americans from coast to coast are SUING "Drumpf" Trump in a MASSIVE Class Action FRAUD Law Suit ~ Many other Valid REASONs were listed right here in this forum and there are even MORE to be Flushed out as the days progress ~

        Sorry for the somewhat PAINFUL Dose of REALITY Republicans ~ smile

        1. profile image0
          ahorsebackposted 7 years agoin reply to this


          -unemployment 5 %, ? , 95 -million Americans  have dropped out of the job market . , the unemployement rate among younger blacks  50 % ,   
          -inflation rate 0%, where do you live , I'm moving there !
          -Stock market is ruining the economy by speculation of energy alone .
          -Real estate market stabilized ? -  Home value's have dropped almost across the board , leaving only higher tax valuation .
          - Banks record profits -  you must be an owner ,  Thirty years ago a bank CD was paying about 8 % , average ,now .5 % ? That's point .5 not 5.
          -Gas prices down , down because of inter fighting at opec,  are you still hooked on foreign oil ? I am .
          -  Obama care - is driving underwriters  to drop coverage  of state programs ,  hardly a state anywhere is covering the needed costs ,  a total and unmitigated failure !

          Under Pres. Obama's term America has however accomplished the following though  ;
          - Food stamp usage is at an all time high
          - Unpaid College loans  have now surpassed total  American credit card debt
          - More Black children are now killed by abortions  while in the womb  than all other causes together !
          -The military spending and enrollment is at an all time low
          - the national debt has doubled -under Hillary or the Bern - it will double again
          I could go on but this debate is useless  .

          You really need to  come back to reality or at least stay the way you are and bone up on real fact .

          1. Alternative Prime profile image59
            Alternative Primeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

            Another RIDICULOUS FACTLESS Right WING "Talking POINT" Post ~ You see Quilligrapher & Everyone else, this is what I mean when I say many republicans are guilty of "Denial of the FACTs" or just plain IGNORANCE ~

            P.S. ~ Some Banks are RAKING in RECORD Profits & REFUSE to Share said WEALTH by NOT Distributing a FAIR Interest Rate and or COUPON to Depositors ~ IN REALITY, primarily due to the CORRUPT Capitalistic Business Structure in which we must endure until changes are made, the President of the United States has ZERO Authority at this point in time to COMPEL or FORCE Banks to do so, therefore the ENTIRE Blame and or RESPONSIBILITY for FAILURE and or Neglect to PAY-Out a FAIR Interest Rate to us as Depositors, lies with the BANK & its GREED Driven Ceo's & Officers, NOT the President ~

            If this is  one of your COMPLAINTs, you might wanna' think about casting a VOTE for Hillary or Bernie this November because this strain of "Capitalist GREED" which is Destroying this Nation will ONLY get Worse with an "UNFIT" Moron like Trump at the helm ~

            So is the Guy named "Drumpf" who is being Sued for FRAUD by 5,000 Americans still your Man? sad ~ I'm sure Bernie Madoff and other Corrupt Capitalistic "Business-Persons" are Darn PROUD of this ongoing Trump University Scandal ~ How about U ?? ~

            1. profile image0
              ahorsebackposted 7 years agoin reply to this

              AP. Oh ya ! I forgot , You are one of those wealth re-distribution pundits !   You know , "Like wow man  Gimme' some of  what you've  earned , you have too much money and I haven't earned enough yet !' ----- here's the thing , There was  a time in America  when even democrats weren't  loaded down with the wish list dreams  of entitlement freaks , like today .     You really need to bone up on your  typing there A.P.  there's definitely something wrong with your Cap Locks key .

              1. Alternative Prime profile image59
                Alternative Primeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

                Your the person who COMPLAINED about Banks WITHOLDING ALL the Cash and NOT Paying a REASONABLE Interest rate to us the Depositors, a LEGITIMATE Complaint Indeed ~ Hence, my EXPLANATION of who is actually RESPONSIBLE for this Illegal Business Practice, and the Entire BLAME Lies with the Greed Driven BANK CEO, not the President of the United States ~

                Don't you think it would Benefit ALL Bank Depositors & ALL Americans if we Adopted a "Socialistic Policy" to COMPEL Banks to Share the Trillions with those who have actually provided the FINANCING which facilitated their MASSIVE Profits ?? ~ I sure think so, otherwise be content with the Status Quo and being "Ripped - Off" by your "FREE Market Capitalism" ~

                So goes your Preciously Corrupt "Free Market Capitalistic Structure",  which "Drumpfy" Trump is DEEPLY Commingled with ~

                1. profile image0
                  ahorsebackposted 7 years agoin reply to this

                  Again....... ," Gimme' more " is what you profess . I'll say one thing A.P. at least you are clear  and honest about it all ,  Your generation wants everything handed to you  and are proud of it !

                  1. Alternative Prime profile image59
                    Alternative Primeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

                    NOPE, just interested in Retrieving OUR Rightful SHARE of the TRILLIONS we as Hard Working Americans have EARNED, a Fortune which is NOW Hoarded by Corporate Swindlers ~ smile ~ And once again "NO Comment" about CON-Man Trumps 5,000 Plaintiff FRAUD Law Suit Against him right? ~ smile

                    Keep listening to FOX Loser Snooze, they'll "BRAINWASH" you into feeling GUILTY about a Nickle Hourly Wage increase while PRAISING that Grotesque 2 Million Dollar Annual Salary some Incompetent BANK CEO Steals from us ~

  10. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 7 years ago

    U*P*D*A*T*E ~ EXCERPT from a CBS Report on Pending Donald Trump "Trump University" FRAUD Case at which Donald will be COMPELLED to Testify ~ TRIAL Date * Nov 28, 2016 ~

    The lawsuit is one of three that accuse Trump University of fleecing students with unfulfilled promises to teach secrets of success in real estate.

    The California suit, initially filed by Orange County resident Tarla Makaeff, accuses Trump of misleading students at the university, which cost $35,000 for an "elite"' membership, CBS affiliate KFMB reported.

    The suit says Trump University, which no longer operates and was not accredited as a school, gave seminars and classes across the country that were like infomercials, constantly pressuring students to buy more and, in the end, failing to deliver.

    1. wilderness profile image95
      wildernessposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      *yawn*  When Trump is convicted of fraud or some such come back and give a link.  Until then, well, claims are a dime a dozen as you well know.

      1. Alternative Prime profile image59
        Alternative Primeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        An expected response and or reaction from the tiny minority of Trump FANz, after all, they were actually DUMB enough to think the "Donald" was 100% "Self-Financing" which once again turned out to be a BIG DONALD Lie ~ And no, "Claims like these are certainly NOT a Dime a Dozen" ~

        Nice try as usual wilderness but in the REAL World, outside the "FOX Loser Snooze Bubble", 97% of Rational Americans understand the FACT that FRAUD is a pretty Serious Offense and the "Trump University" FRAUD Suit is actually an ENORMOUS Legal Detriment for the "Donald", hence his Dwindling Support ~

        If found GUILTY, what will happen if he dosen't have the Cash to Pay the Judgement? For the very first time in Human HISTORY, we'll all have the UNIQUE Opportuniy to watch a Corrupt Presidential Candidate be escorted from a hotel room as he watches Election Returns, STRAIGHT into Prison where he'll have the opportunity to watch Melania SCROUNGE the Loose Change from his polyester pants and board a plane back to Slovenia ~ smile

        1. wilderness profile image95
          wildernessposted 7 years agoin reply to this

          Yep, fraud is a serious offence...but have you ever heard the basis for our judicial system?  That one is innocent until proven guilty?  Ever hear that?

          So I repeat; when he is found guilty of a crime come back with links.  Until then quit insinuating guilt before a court has decided.  We've seen that multiple times on these forums and it is increasingly distasteful.

  11. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 7 years ago

    wilderness my friend, do some research ~ "Drumpf" Trump has already been found "GUILTY" of Operating an Unlicensed School Called "Trump University" ~ WHY did he recklessly operate it without a LICENSE? Given his CHECKERED FRAUD Filled Past, I think we all know the answer to this question, hence the Pending Class Action Suit Against him which could indeed spell DISASTER for him and his extremely Fragile Financial Condition ~

    Sometimes I just can't believe an individual who seems to be relatively Intelligent like yourself, actually got Sucked IN & Caught Up in his Transparent CON-Job ~ sad ~ Sorry, but they will NEVER allow this "Swindler" to get his SMALLER than Average Hands on the KEYs to OUR White House ~

    That said, we Democrats must Concentrate on "TURNING Out OUR VOTE" in November ~

    1. wilderness profile image95
      wildernessposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      And I cannot understand an individual that claims a man is guilty before being found so by a court of law.  Irresponsible at best and slanderous as well.  When you make such claims you are no better than the criminal you convict without a trial.

      1. profile image0
        ahorsebackposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        But remember , that is the underlying theory of the radical left , repeat ,repeat ,repeat , repeat one  LIE until that's the only thing their underlings can remember !    It's called brain-washing .   A.P.'s  posts  are the prime example of extreme - leftist indoctrination .    Remember the sixties and seventies photo's in the media of little  communist parade marching children , lined up in rows of four or six , dressed exactly alike , marching to class in their little uniforms , all giving the little changed NAZI flag salute  and when they got to class they actually spend their days in reciting collective chants , probably for lack of reading  books [much like todays leftist's ].

        1. Alternative Prime profile image59
          Alternative Primeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

          SORRY Fellas, but I would Recommend Research OUTSIDE the "FOX Loser Snooze" Bubble which resides peacefully in 'Republican PRETEND-Land" ~ You'll rarely get the WHOLE Truth if any at all from that RIGHT Wing Nut Case OUTLET ~

          FYI ~ In the REAL Tangible Universe, where ACCURATE & Timely NEWs is quite Abundant & EASILY Retrieved unless of course you reside in a RURAL Domicile where Reliable Electronic Connections are Suspect, you'll find the FACT that Donald Trump has already been found GUILTY of Operating the "School" Called "Trump University" WITHOUT the Required License ~ NOW, approximately 5,000 Americans who attended the unlicensed school are suing Trump for FRAUD, 40 Million Dollars Worth ~

          EXCERPT: ----> New York state Supreme Court Justice Cynthia S. Kern ~ "It is undisputed that Mr. Trump never complied with the licensing requirements,"

          SORRY Fellas, JUST the FACTs as Usual ~

          http://www.reuters.com/article/us-trump … MW20141016

  12. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 7 years ago

    I would have to assume just about ALL of the tiny fraction of Republicans that actually voted for Trump in the primary were EASILY "CONNED & Bamboozled" into believing "Drumpfs" Audacious Fabricated LIE about "Self-FUNDING", so it might be a FUTILE Attempt on my part to EDUCATE them ~ sad

    The Depth of Deceit, LIES, POOR Judgement & Shady Business Practices conducted by the "DONALD" is well "Documented & Archived" and the TRAIL could conceivably reach CHINA when all is said and DONE, including, as reported by several sources, his FORCED Monetary Settlement of LAW Suits for attempting to RUN FAR Away from a "BAD Deal" which went "BELLY Up" in Mexico ~ A Development where OUR AMERICAN SENIOR CITIZENs were LIED to & Deceived as usual by your "HERO" ~ Yup, that's right, the guy who said he NEVER Settles Law Suits I guess NEVER Settles Law Suits until he SETTLES ~ sad

    LOOKING for "Slander" wilderness? Try tunning into Right WING Nut-Job FOX Loser Snooze Channel for a few minutes, believe it or NOT they are still "Babbling & Rambling" AIMLESSLY about ANCIENT History, LIEs upon LIEs which at this point in time is IRRELEVANT ~ sad

    REMINDER as REPORTED by CBS ~ Trial DATE: NOV 28, 2016 ~ Massive "Trump University" Law SUIT Begins ~ 5,000 AMERICANs Confront the "DONALD" for FRAUD ~

  13. profile image0
    ahorsebackposted 7 years ago

    Like , Bamboozled  as in the way you were with Obama ?

    1. Alternative Prime profile image59
      Alternative Primeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Obama? As in a TOP President in United States History? Those who think that there is even the slightest comparison between Trump & Obama should Study REAL History while & CANCELLING FOX Loser Snooze Channel ~

      lol @ ahorseback.........Everyone living on PLANET Earth, MINUS the Flesh Consuming ZOMBIES walking AMONGST Us Understands the Unambiguous FACT that there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO COMPARISON between a Racist Moron like Trump and Barrack Obama ~ RIGHT Now, as we speak, Trump Faces a Massive FRAUD Law Suit Filed by THOUSANDs of Americans which if he LOSES, could FORCE him into another BAD Financial Condition like so many in the past, if of course he's not ALREADY in that HOLE ~

      RIGHT Now according to REPORTs, it looks like the Fabulous City of San Diego would like to see your "Drumpfy" Trump BOUNCED right outta' there on his Poorly Placed Hair PLUGz ~ smile ~ Honestly, WHAT did he EXPECT? There are ZERO GULLIBLE Rural Hillbillies here, we are not quite as "Susceptible" to his MORONIC Con & HATE Filled Rhetoric~

  14. profile image0
    ahorsebackposted 7 years ago

    Right at this very moment  417 million people are suing this one for lying !

    And they are winning .A.P.

    1. Alternative Prime profile image59
      Alternative Primeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      There is a tiny minority of Delusional  "Trump FANz" who actually got BAMBOOZLED into believing the "Donald" would be "Self-Funding" because some individuals try to DECEIVE just like him ~ I told everyone that LONG Ago ~ I wonder how it FEELs to find out he was LYING Straight to their FACEs AGAIN about the very FOUNDATION of his phoney little campaign?......... Betrayal? Anger? ~sad ~ First of all, you're OFF by about 100 Million in U.S. Population and secondly here are the ACCURATE Statistics

      75% to 90% of Latinos / Hispanics REJECT Trump
      75% to 80% of ALL Women REJECT Trump
      90% to 95% of African Americans REJECT Trump
      50% of REPUBLICAN Women REJECT Trump

      Asians, Muslims, Irish, Germans, American WORKERs & THE Gay COMMUNITY ALL Despise Trump as well ~

      Who knows what the ASTRONOMICAL Number of Native AMERICANs that Reject Trump is after his MORONIC "Pocahontas" Comment ~ I'd Assume at least 80% would be a CONSERVATIVE Number ~

      You might be CORRECT in "Republican PRETEND-Land" where FACTs are willfully "Dispersed into the NIGHT" in favor of Fanasy-LAND , but here in the REAL World the ONLY Presidential Candidate, even though he's a JOKE, who is actually being SUED for REAL Money in a Court of LAW (Check the COMPLAINT Filed Against Him) & Who knows, might even end Up with REAL Prison Cuffs SLAPPED on his little under-sized wrists n' hands is Trump ~ smile ~ Sorry to Burst that little "Wishful Bubble" again with the Hardcore FACTs ~ smile

      5,000 AMERICANs Suing Trump for 40 MILLION Dollars **** TRIAL Date Set for NOV 28, 2016 ~ In REALITY, What did he EXPECT?

      Marco did his HOMEWORK ~


  15. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 7 years ago

    smile U*P*D*A*T*E smile

    NEWSWEEK ~ May 29, 2016 ~ Trump in DEEP Deep ~ Flowing MAINSTREAM ~ According to Reports, Despite EFFORTs to CONCEAL Evidence by Counsel, a District Court Orders Trump University to Disclose "Playbooks" used by Trump U Employees ~ READ the Article & in the Background, you'll hear the Usual MINDLESS Trump Ramblings ~

    http://www.newsweek.com/federal-judge-o … nts-464692

    5,000 Americans Suing Trump for FRAUD ~ 40 Million Dollar Judgement at STAKE & if the Court finds Trump was Excessive and or Agregious, Perhaps PUNITIVE Damages Against the "DONALD" and Awarded to 5,000 Americans? ~

    Hey "Birthers", Still Diggin' the "Trumpster"? ~ Not sure if they provide Man Girdles, Hair PLUG Replacements, Geritol, Gold Plated Commodes, Adequate Psychological Help, or hard copies of "The ART of the STEAL" in Prison but we all might find out soon ~ smile ~ I wonder what kind of ARRANGEMENTs Melania is making right NOW? smile

    http://www.newsweek.com/federal-judge-o … nts-464692

    1. profile image0
      ahorsebackposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      A.P. say hello to your next president , Mr Trump ,  Going to Canada too A.P ?
      By the way , ever heard of Buyer Beware contractual laws ?

      1. Alternative Prime profile image59
        Alternative Primeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        lol ~ "Buyer Beware" ? REALLY? ~ They will Never give this mentally unsound individual the KEYs to OUR White House ~

        Moreover, "Buyer BEWARE" is an extremely AMBIGUOUS  phrase "FRAUDSTERS" try to use when attempting to De-Fraud AMERICANs ~ Moreover, "Drumpf" was already found GUILTY of operating the "University" without a LICENSE ~

        What do U think an individual received after charging $35,000 on a Credit Card? It had better be a little MORE than a Diploma, Bottle of Trump Wine, a Trump STEAK, and hard copy of "Art of the STEAL" ~ smile ~

        P.S. ~ If all these individuals received what they had bargained for and what they had been promised which was VAST Riches, WHY would they be suing for their money back? ~ SATISFIED Enriched Customers don't sue right?

        1. profile image0
          ahorsebackposted 7 years agoin reply to this

          $ 35,000 on a credit card to go to a seminar ?  That makes everyone  stupid ,  Why'd you do that A.P. ?

          Like it or not , Buyer beware , IS  a contractual  standard , especially in America . Our economy is almost entirely economically contractual . if you are drawn into civil  court for that debt on your credit card it IS your debt . No one else's . There is no implied promise of riches in attending Harvard ; Why should there be in Trump  university ?

          You need to really bone up on your higher  economic education there  A.P. !  it didn't take !

          1. Alternative Prime profile image59
            Alternative Primeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

            lol ~ I guess we'll find out in November if "Buyer Beware" Absolves an individual from De-Frauding Americans ~ I highly doubt it ~ I just HOPE "Drumpf's Esquire" has a better DEFENSE than that, he's certainly gonna' need one ~ smile ~ Or maybe he should just "Settle" NOW if he's able ~

            He faces a 40 MILLION Dollar Judgement Against him, not sure if that's just ACTUAL Damages or if it includes "Punitive Damages" as well, if NOT, it could exceed 40 Mil ~ The way Trump has been aggitating the Presiding Judge, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he SLAPs the Donald with the MAX ~ sad

  16. profile image0
    ahorsebackposted 7 years ago

    A three day motivational real estate seminar is not an education  ,  It is not a college , it is not anything but a motivational  dream speech for  stupid  money worshipers .......P.T. Barnum , "A fool born every minute "  .....?    Barnum , If I'm not mistaken , that makes most people stupid with their  money !
    I have  no sympathy for idiots and neither do most all of  you !

    Unless ,  ..It's to become political ; and then every thing  is fair ........How shallow.

    1. profile image0
      PrettyPantherposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Interesting.  So you admit the idiots fell for Trump's fraud?  Okay.

      1. profile image0
        ahorsebackposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Pretty , It's called  a voluntarily contractual  transaction in business class , that's in the real world .  In todays political pretend land its  like someone paid to go to graduate school and the damned school closed their doors the day just before  freshman day ,  This is an invented offense by a leftist media  who fully understands the cost of  loud repetition in  public statements . Pretty soon someone believes it ,  Like You !  Trump says he could have settled any  claims before the campaign even began but chose not to out of principle .     

        But keep on with the  chanting of lies ,  it works doesn't it !

  17. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 7 years ago

    "Trump U" Playbook Exposed ~ Excerpt from Reports Reveal the Following "SALES Tactic" & Instruction to Employees ~

    "You Don't Sell Products, Benefits, or Solutions, You Sell FEELINGs"

    For $35,000, You'd better get a Pretty GOOD "OUT of Body or Psychokinetic FEELING" and or an Autographed "Trump TIE" made in CHINA ~

  18. IslandBites profile image89
    IslandBitesposted 7 years ago
  19. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 6 years ago

    Cadillac "PULLs the Plug" on Sponsorship for Trump Golf Tournament ~ Boy, there's a Surprise ~ smile ~ The EVENT will be MOVED to MEXICO ~

    lol ~ Yup, believe it or NOT it's TRUE ~ This is UNREAL ~ Getting WORSE & Worse for the "Plugz-Man" ~ The "DONALD" can't even keep a "GOLF Sponsor" from leaving the country, but he's got a BRILLIANT Plan to "BRING Back Jobs"?? ~ sad

    If I thumb through the "Trump U Playbook" I wonder if I'll find a Chapter Titled "HOW to Destroy Congressional Republicans & YOUR OWN Brand NAME in 1 EASY Step" before you go to P*R*I*S*O*N ~ sad

  20. RJ Schwartz profile image86
    RJ Schwartzposted 6 years ago

    Like your new pic Prime

    1. Alternative Prime profile image59
      Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      WHY Thank U RJ & Likewise ~

  21. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 6 years ago

    Hey AMERICA, Ya THINK the "Donald" got the HINT? sad ~ Probably NOT I'd Assume ~ sad ~ I watched the FOOTAGE Last Night ~ He should just HOP on that jet that he probably doesn't even OWN and FLY Away, Far Away ~

    He needs to crawl outta his HOLE & Understand the FACT that Californians are NOT the least bit interested in the the High Pressure LIE Based IRRATIONAL CON-Job he's Peddling here in America ~ Let him go find his "SUCKER Voters" to bail him outta Prison elsewhere ~ Apparently, we're just a little more Savvy than his average "FAN" ~ We ALWAYs Conduct our "Due Dilligence & Investigation" on Swindlers like him as well which is one reason WHY we immediately DISQUALIFIED him from OUR Presidency before he even announced ~

    Believe it or NOT, "Trump U" is just the proverbial "Tip" of what's in store for him and he knows it ~

    Honestly, WHAT does this Orange Faced Hair Plugger EXPECT when encroaching upon this Great State? A Pillar of his Race Hate "SIDE Show" is to inhumanely BREAK Up Families by Invading their Households, Hand-Cuffing a Family Member, then Physically REMOVING him/her from this COUNTRY ~ And if you're allowed to REMAIN in the United States, he's got a NICE Big CUT in your PAY-Check Commin', and that includes ALL Americans except of course his Wall Street Buddies  ~ Yup, sign us ALL Up for that ASAP ~ sad

    "Drumpf" Trump is getting Smashed like a Rotten Pumpkin here in the Golden STATE but that's really no Big Surprise ~ Depending upon which candidate he POLLs against, the average number he's LOSING by is approx. 30% ~ Yup, just the FACTs ~

  22. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 6 years ago

    sad "Trump U" EXPOSED:

    According to REPORTS ~ An X-Employee of the Defunct Unlicensed Trump University which is now in the Spotlight for a MASSIVE Fraud Law SUIT Against the "Donald" Court Trial DATE set for Nov 28, 2016 in which Trump is compelled to TESTIFY said the following:

    "I believe that Trump University was a fraudulent scheme, and that it preyed upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money"

    http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016 … ent-scheme

    Let that SINK in for a Moment ~ Trump preying on the "Elderly & Uneducated" ~ Sound Familiar?

  23. profile image0
    ahorsebackposted 6 years ago

    Alternative Prime,  Bill Clinton took sixteen million dollars as the  chancellery of the Laureate U.  in the four years after his presidency ,  promoting  the application of foreign students to come to America and attend !

    Look that one up . . It makes Trump U look like a  Convent ! The truth will set U free A.P.

    1. Alternative Prime profile image59
      Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I did, and for some reason I can't seem to find any COURT Documents to Support your Assertion that Former President Clinton Committed an Illegal ACT in this regard, NO Trials, Court Proceedings, Convictions, NOTHING ~ The same for Hillary ~

      However, there's a MOUNTAIN of PLEADING Paper, Filed LAW Suits, and PLAINTIFFs as Prima Facie Evidence against your Racist Buddy Trump ~ It appears as if your FALSE Comparison is a direct EXCERPT from "FOX Loser Snooze Channel" ~ Sounds like Nonsense Sean Hammerhead would recite on his POORLY Researched TV Show  ~ sad 

      Just the FACTs ~ smile

      1. profile image0
        ahorsebackposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        The Clintons owned the courts , lock stock and barrel during their  reign !   The truth is there ,  but for your obvious politically enabled blindness !

        1. Alternative Prime profile image59
          Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          SORRY ahorseback, but I still can't seem to locate any Documented FACTs to support your "Frivolous & False" Claim that the "Clinton's Owned the COURTs" and if you're gonna' OWN something that sure would be the thing to OWN wouldn't you say? smile

          That Nonsense aside,  here's another bit of very BAD News pertaining to the Subject of Trump Being SUED for FRAUD by 5,000 Americans ~

          According to Reports, Cadillac DUMPED Trump and the PGA was Unsuccessful in Securing another SPONSOR for the Golf Tournament at Trump's Doral, so guess what? they moved the Golf Event to Mexico ~ Yup, that's right, they MOVED it to MEXICO according to reports ~

          Let that SINK In for a MOMENT ~ the PGA was UNSUCCESSFUL at Securing a Sponsor for a Golf Tournament Associated with TRUMP ~

          Who knows, before the deadline, maybe they'll "Dig Up" a sponsor that doesn't mind attaching their name to "Radioactive DONALD"  ~ smile

          Still don't get what's going on here?

          1. profile image0
            PrettyPantherposted 6 years agoin reply to this

            Yes, and then Trump responded with a threat, essentially saying that sort of thing won't happen when he becomes President.  His gullible supporters haven't yet figured out that Trump views the presidency as way to increase his personal power and wealth.

            1. Alternative Prime profile image59
              Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

              Just MORE Lies & Another "UNLAWFUL Threat" by the "Donald" because it would be a "Conflict of Interest" to try and "Pursuade or BRIBE" a SPONSOR who is unwilling to be associated with your NAME, to do so while President ~

              Sounds a little like his Irrational Promise to try and FORCE Our Military to carry out UNLAWFUL Directives with regard to Torture ~ The MAJORITY of Respected Military LEADERs & Counsil REJECT Trump and would RESIGN if he got ahold of OUR White House Keys, just one MORE of a MOUNTAIN of Reasons they will NEVER allow this Mentally Compromised Individual near OUR "Nuke Button" ~

              This Trump U FRAUD Case is Enormous According to Reports ~ The shear number of AMERICANs suing him is nothing less than Astounding and believe it of NOT, this appears to be just the Beginning of his Problems ~

            2. wilderness profile image95
              wildernessposted 6 years agoin reply to this

              "...Trump views the presidency as way to increase his personal power and wealth"

              If true, he is no different than Clinton, is he?  But at least I wouldn't expect him to try and steal White House furniture.

              1. profile image0
                PrettyPantherposted 6 years agoin reply to this

                Shrug.  We each have our points of view on that.  I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton, and will not defend her, other than to say she has proven she can at least not embarrass us on the world stage.  I'm afraid Sir Flipsalot has already revealed his is too thin skinned, petty, and uninformed to be president.  More will be revealed on that as he enters the general election, I'm sure.

                I am quite perturbed at Democratic primary voters for choosing Hillary over Bernie, but now I must live with it.  I will be quite perturbed if general election voters choose Little Donnie.  I was right about GWB, and I'm pretty sure I'm right about Donald.

                1. wilderness profile image95
                  wildernessposted 6 years agoin reply to this

                  I'm sorry, but absconding (or trying to) with White House furniture was absolutely embarrassing.  The First Lady of the United States stooping to common theft!

                  I expect you to be perturbed by the election.  I will be - I can actually support neither of these jokes.  Only choose the lesser of two evils, primarily because we don't know what one will do while the record as a politician, in a politicians job is well know and absolutely dismal for the other.

              2. Alternative Prime profile image59
                Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

                You're right about one thing, Trump doesn't STEAL Furniture that I know of, but apparently, he STEALs Money & Life Savings from OUR Elderly & Un-Educated via FRAUD ~ Details HERE ~ EVIDENCE Trump Attorneys tried to CONCEAL from the Public but was ordered to be RELEASED by a Federal Judge Presiding over the Trump University FRAUD Law Suit ~

                http://lawnewz.com/high-profile/former- … neducated/

                1. wilderness profile image95
                  wildernessposted 6 years agoin reply to this

                  Still making judgments and assigning guilt without a trial, are we?  Not unusual, I guess, but something I don't have to accept or follow.

                  1. Alternative Prime profile image59
                    Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

                    YOU can "Accept or FOLLLOW"  anything your little heart desires wilderness smile that's your Prerogative as is everyone elses ~ But the FACTs pertaining to "Swindler Trump"  and his Phoney Unlicensed University as Reported by SEVERAL Sources, still remain in-TACT here in the REAL-World, they don't just simply "Disappear" into the Night Despite Desperate efforts to "SPIN & Conceal" over in "FOX Loser Snooze-Land" ~ They may Change or EVOLVE but that's the Nature of the BEAST ~

                    OUTSIDE the little "FOX Bubble" is a "Tangible Universe" where previously SECRET & Concealed" EVIDENCE including Direct Testimony from former Employees is Clear, Concise & DAMNING for your Irrational, Mentally UNFIT Presidential Candidate ~

                    FYI ~ Trump was already found GUILTY of OPERATING Trump U without a REQUIRED License ~ What does that tell you? I guess "Mr. BIG-League" Real Estate Hustler conveniently "FORGOT" to apply for one, or perhaps was DUMB enough to NOT Understand the Pre-requisites ~ Either way, the guy appears to be getting exactly what he deserves and if you take the time to DISMISS his NONSTOP "Cavalcade of LIES & Deceit" as 98% of Americans & Global Citizens do, including his "Self-FUNDING" Routine sad, and Investigate his past, it will be nothing less than "Enlightening" to put it mildy ~

                    Even his FANz, Newt Gingrich, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and practically ALL other CONservatives are NOW Finally Realizing the Trump Candidacy was an ill-Conceived "Publicity STUNT" Gone HORRIBLY Wrong, a "Stunt" embarked upon by a Delusional, Mentally Un-Stable CON-Man ~

                2. RJ Schwartz profile image86
                  RJ Schwartzposted 6 years agoin reply to this

                  How do you deduce he's "stealing money from elderly and uneducated" 

                  You do realize that Mr. Trump is operating in the private sector, right!  The one where people are free to choose where they spend their money.  Unlike government, private citizens spending money on a private program and then being unsatisfied seems to be no ones fault but the people who signed up without investigating the deal.

                  1. wilderness profile image95
                    wildernessposted 6 years agoin reply to this

                    It is an automatic deduction from dislike of Trump combined with lawsuits filed but not yet judged.  Adding a couple more categories is minor and easy enough.

                  2. IslandBites profile image89
                    IslandBitesposted 6 years agoin reply to this

                    Not his conclusion. Ask Ronald Schnackenberg, a sales manager for Trump U..

                  3. Credence2 profile image79
                    Credence2posted 6 years agoin reply to this

                    RJ, There is more about this than just 'disatisfaction'. You cannot engage in open fraud when you offer the consumer a product, If this was just about bad choices you would not have the Attorney General of New York or a prominent California state judge pursuing this case.

  24. IslandBites profile image89
    IslandBitesposted 6 years ago

    Trump U wasn't an accredited "school."

    In 2010, the New York Department of Education demanded that the name Trump University be changed since it was misleading and in violation of the state's education laws, according to the New York Daily News.
    Trump University was subsequently renamed the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative.
    Schneiderman's suit alleges that the business was warned by the state's education department as early as 2005 that it was violating state law by calling itself a university, but nevertheless continued to do business under that name for five years.

    1. Alternative Prime profile image59
      Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      "Enlightening" Info ~ One of the Primary Questions any Attorney or Citizen should ask themselves is WHY did Trump "REFUSE or Neglect" to Follow " STANDARD Business Practice" by applying for the PROPER License? ~

      It's getting COMICAL: to watch the last REMAINING Trump "FANz" actually try to DEFEND Him ~ sad ~ Ridiculous ~

      Maybe if they Investigated a little further into his Checkered PAST they would DISCOVER the FACT that he was FORCED to SETTLE Past Law SUITs for Deception, LIEs etc ~ According to Reports, he SLAPPED his NOW Tainted Name on a RE Development in Mexico, the project unfortunately went "Belly-Up", Consumers, including ELDERLY Individuals, SUED Trump and of course, being the Sewer Weasel that he is, he REFUSED to OWN Up to his Legal Obligations & Responsibility ~

      In the END, Trump was FORCED to SETTLE the Law Suit for Monetary Damages ~ I seem to recall the "Donald" reciting the following "LIE" in recent months ~

      "I NEVER Settle Law Suits" ~  It's a Paraphrase but I think I'm pretty accurate or pretty close with the language ~

      Moreover, everyone should watch very closely as the "DONALD" comes apart at the very seems while his Staff, according to reports, is apparently embroiled in CONFLICT ~ His Obvious Delusional & Paranoid Behavior while disturbing to observe, is apparently very difficult to CONTROL without proper help and or medication ~ looks like it will inevitably lead to his DECLINE ~

      1. RJ Schwartz profile image86
        RJ Schwartzposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        With a trial date set in late November, your ramblings are as meaningless as Bernie Sanders demanding the super delegates vote for him over Shrillary.  But, then again, your are Animated Prime and that's what you do - lots of CAPITAL LETTERS, lots of rhetoric, lots of anti-Republicanism, and of course a healthy dose of criticism about his mental state - however the one thing you lack usually is a tangible non-partisan fact.

        You've been predicting the demise of Mr. Trump since the beginning of his epic run to the nomination, the one with a record-setting amount of voters coming to the polls, his expansion of the GOP to bring in voters which have never voted, his ability to knock off 16 other candidates, all which were supposedly better, stronger, smarter, and more connected than him.....and yet, here we are, with Trump locked in and Hillary, we'll she's spending piles of money just to beat a Socialist.  Ironic isn't it.

        1. Alternative Prime profile image59
          Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          SORRY RJ, but Personal ATTACKs Ain't Changin' The FACTs & that "Mexican JUDGE" the "Trumpster" keeps Relentlessly "Antagonizing & Threatening" just might find it within himself to "Judiciously SLAP" your Fraudulent HERO with Punitive Damages on TOP of the 40 MILLION Dollar Judgement, an amount which could conceivably BREAK your mindlessly irrational guy ~ An outcome, given the "Donalds" PAST, that wouldn't surprise me nor most AMERICANs at all ~

          1. RJ Schwartz profile image86
            RJ Schwartzposted 6 years agoin reply to this

            Enjoy your fantasy Prime - Trump will walk away from this unscathed

            1. colorfulone profile image81
              colorfuloneposted 6 years agoin reply to this

              Oh yeah, because its a civil case for Trump. Its being used as a distraction for something else.  Its a criminal investigation the FBI is doing on Hillary. She should go to prison.

  25. profile image0
    ahorsebackposted 6 years ago

    Little Alternative Prime needs to take a real  look at reality  ,  The Clintons have more of a history of corruption ,  graft   and  political mafia-ism than ANY  political dynasty ever  .    But the left only ever see's the dialog of the left , they are historically blind to reality .   Kind of like the bats that fly at night  , they can't see anything in the dark , if it wasn't for the socialist sonar  they would run into the walls of truth .    BUT KEEP IT CAPITAL  A.P.   IT SOUNDS MUCH BETTER RIGHT ?  *&$#@*&$)%&#(

    A.P's the  Perfect example of liberal  drivel , the more you repeat it  the more truthful it becomes !

    1. RJ Schwartz profile image86
      RJ Schwartzposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Your intent is good, but your technique just needs work - the keep for Alienated Prime is to alternate the CAPITAL letters with small LETTERS and add plenty of little yellow faces for imaginative color breaks. Make sure to use "" marks even when they aren't tied to a real quote too

      Keep trying - you'll get it !

  26. profile image0
    ahorsebackposted 6 years ago

    A.P. You need to goggle up  ....La Raza , This judge's law firm has a link to  this organization  on it's web sight .........Get back to me when you learn how to Google with your right hand ,not just your left ?

    1. Alternative Prime profile image59
      Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      ahorseback......U need to GOOGLE Up "La Donaldo Drumpfa Trumpa es en La Prisona Pronto"

      Then Cancel your SUBSCRIPTION to FOX Loser Snooze Channel & watch something else for a change and guess what? You might DISCOVER that  REPUBLICAN Senator Kirk from Illinois just "DUMPED Donald" via an UN-Endorsement ~

      Yup, you heard that right and it's really No Surprise ~ it's TRUE and this is just the beginning of Trump's Well-Earned MISERY ~ What did Donald think would happen anyway? Honestly ~ You can CON a few Dummies but NOT the Entire Continent of AMERICA ~

      Republican Congress-persons who stand within 500 Miles of "RADIOACTIVE Donald" run the REAL Risk of Getting Pummeled via an Election in NOVEMBER ~

  27. colorfulone profile image81
    colorfuloneposted 6 years ago

    The attorney group leading the lawsuit against Trump are heavily involved in Democrat politics and have paid Bill and Hillary Clinton $675,000 for “speeches”.

    The Judge in the lawsuit is an open borders immigration activist with direct ties to San Diego La Raza, and has openly engaged with them on their political endeavors.

    The Trump lawsuit relies (in part) on testimony from a former disgruntled employee of the Trump Organization who went to work for notorious #NeverTrump activist Glenn Beck.

    The Judge then “accidentally” releases court records which provides the media with the names, locations, and contact information of the plaintiffs and witnesses in the case, which fuels the media narrative.

    After the “mistaken” release, Judge Curiel reseals the court records.

    The Judge is a member of an ethnic legal group, HNBA, whose specific and publicly expressed intentions are to target Donald Trump’s business interests

    https://theconservativetreehouse.com/20 … sociation/

    Those look like some good reasons to investigate the judge for bias.

    1. Alternative Prime profile image59
      Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      colorfulone, it's this kind of NONSENSE which is leaving REPUBLICANs No Other CHOICE but to "UN-Endorse & RUN" as far away from "RADIOACTIVE Donald" as Humanly Possible, just as SENATOR Kirk did today ~

      The ONLY thing you're Helping him with is DIGGING his HOLE DEEPER & Deeper ~ If you ACTUALLY think you're HELPING Trump U are WRONG ~ CONservatives STILL DON'T Get IT ~ sad

      Moreover ~ Judges don't File Law Suits, Plaintiffs do and there are THOUSANDs from COAST to COAST who are Suing Trump for FRAUD which is No Surprise to most AMERICANs ~

    2. colorfulone profile image81
      colorfuloneposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Actually, those look like very good reasons for a close look into Judge Curiel.  Oh, I'm not forgetting the civil suit against TU, that needs a unbiased judge though to be fair.

  28. colorfulone profile image81
    colorfuloneposted 6 years ago

    Heehee!  smile

  29. Nancy Michaels profile image59
    Nancy Michaelsposted 6 years ago

    If I wanted to know anything about Donald Trump, I would not listen to you. Have you seen what's going on in this country? Excuse me, maybe... you are Muslim.

    1. Alternative Prime profile image59
      Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      colorfulone is usually "FACT-Resistant" as most CONservatives are, which means you should take what she says with a "Grain of SALT" as we all do, and even if she is a Muslim, unlike within the confines of Racist "Trump-Land", that's NOT a CRIME around here ~ We won't "DEPORT or Torture" her here as the GOP Nominee claims he would ~

      WE Welcome Every "Race CREED, Color & Denomination" in this Forum, just like the Great STATE that I live in ~ If you're interested in Tossing around CHEAP Racial Insults or Blatant Bigotry just like "Drumpfy Trump" has based his ENTIRE ill-conceived "Publicity Stunt" on, this is probably NOT the place for U ~ smile

      5,000 AMERICANs are NOW Suing Racist Trump in a MASSIVE FRAUD Case which Surrounds the now Defunct Un-Licensed, Un-Accredited FAKE University ~ According to Reports, Victims of Donald's Actions Stretch from COAST to Coast ~ 40 MILLION in Monetary Damages is the STAKE, a price he might be compelled to PAY for his Poor Judgement, and Shady Business Practices ~

      These are the FACTs whether or NOT Individuals, especially the Tiny Group of Trump "FANz" Decide to ACCEPT them or PRETEND they don't Exist ~ You can Inspect the Complaints FILED at the Court of Jurisdiction if you wish, or GOOGLE any number of websites for reports, as a matter of FACT, I ALWAYs Encourage ALL my Readers to Conduct their OWN Investigations ~

      Here's one for STARTERs if you wish ~ DIRECT Quote from the Article INCLUDED Below ~

      http://www.nationalreview.com/article/4 … aded-court

      "Specifically, Schneiderman states that Trump & Co. “used the name ‘Trump University’ even though they lacked the charter necessary under New York law to call themselves a University.” State officials told them in 2005 that they were breaking the law. Nonetheless, “Trump University did not change its name until May 2010 and never received a license to operate in the state. As a result, many students believed they were attending a University, when they were not.”

  30. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 6 years ago

    Well what did they EXPECT? Honestly, what did Republicans who actually "Walked the PLANK" to ENDORSE Racist Trump EXPECT?

    Do they actually believe a "TACID" Endorsement of the "Donald" from MILEs Away wearing a SUIT of Armor would somehow MAGICALLY Immunize them from the "TITANIC Load of BAGGAGE" Trump is Dragging around with him? sad ~ Baggage which is finally surfacing ~

    Well, Unfortunately, for them, here in the REAL-World, when you ENDORSE a "Pseudo-Candidate" CON-Man like "Drumpfy" Trump who OWNs a Checkered HISTORY of BAD Judgement, Shady Business Practices, POOR Management, Bankruptcies, FRAUD Allegations, HATE, Racism, Bigotry, Misogyny, Hispanic Bashing, Irrational Behavior, Incompetency, WEIRD Un-Hinged Public OutBursts, Mental Break-DOWNS, Anger Tantrums, and just plain DUMBNESS, YOU AS "TACID ENDORSER"  OWN IT ALL TOO and you Automatically Accept the "REAL High RISK" of LOSING your Congressional and or Gubernatorial Position in NOVEMBER ~ That's just the REALITY of the Situation ~

    Looks like Senator Kirk from Illinois understands this FACT which is apparently WHY a short time after his Endorsement of Trump, has NOW "UN-ENDORSED" him ~ According to reports, he cites Trump's Unwarranted ATTACKs on the Federal Judge Presiding over his MASSIVE FRAUD Law Suit as one reason for his "Mind-CHANGE" ~

    SORRY Folks, but the "DONALD is OUT of the BOTTLE" and Coercing him to "CHANGE" his Racist, Woman Hating, and Swindler WAYs will NEVER Erase his PAST Record ~ You got what you got as a result of your REQUEST and now he's yours for KEEPs ~ sad

    Maybe you shoulda' LISTENED to Marco, he Obviously did his HOMEWORK on the "Donald" ~


  31. Sharlee01 profile image79
    Sharlee01posted 6 years ago

    You sound very unstable. From all your posts the word "facts" jump out at me, yet what you are stating as facts, are for the better part not accurate.  It appears that you are a very angry person, with an ax to grind with the world in general. Do you believe people take you serious or respect your rants?

    1. Alternative Prime profile image59
      Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Sharlee01, I'm really NOT Interested in Arguing with you about my Mental State, I'm not angry at all, I'm a very "Happy & Content" man and furthermore, even if I were "Unstable" as your racist guy Trump CLEARLY is, I'm not a Candidate to get my HANDs on OUR "Nuclear CODE", unlike "Un-Hinged Donald" ~

      You Previously REPEATED a Trump "Falsehood" and I'll give you the Benefit of a Doubt that it was "Unintentional" Due to "Lack of FACTs", but you should start by reading the following ARTICLE ~ You claimed Trump University did indeed Operate in the State of NEW York with "Proper Licensing", while the Attorney who is Prosecuting Trump's MASSIVE FRAUD Case Disagrees ~ here's an EXCERPT:

      "Specifically, Schneiderman states that Trump & Co. “used the name ‘Trump University’ even though they lacked the charter necessary under New York law to call themselves a University.” State officials told them in 2005 that they were breaking the law. Nonetheless, “Trump University did not change its name until May 2010 and never received a license to operate in the state. As a result, many students believed they were attending a University, when they were not.”

      http://www.nationalreview.com/article/4 … aded-court

      1. S Leretseh profile image60
        S Leretsehposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        When Trump Univ. was incorporated... it was his legal team's responsibility to make sure he was in compliance with the plethora of laws (city, county state, federal). I seriously doubt Trump himself was ever aware of the "University" issue. Again, his legal team was supposed to handle this. Seems it was they who let him down - that is, if what your claiming here is actually the truth (personally, I don't care about this issue).
        Alternative Prime, you are simply a close-minded liberal. If you are not...why don't you start digging into dirty Hillary's past e.g. Rose law firm;  illegal commodities trading;  a  'gifted'  senate seat; a do-nothing senator; complete incompetent Sec. of State; illegal e-mail server; shakedown donations involving the Clinton Foundation .. and on and on it goes

  32. profile image0
    ahorsebackposted 6 years ago

    A lot of the extreme liberals here need a lesson in Racism !  So - Lesson number one ;   It is not being racist ----- to call out someone who is acting under the terms of truly being a racist !  Trump is right - if a judge appointed BY Obama  is directing an allegation at an Trump - HE is then the racist - NOT Trump who's simply defending himself  !

    1. IslandBites profile image89
      IslandBitesposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      The right too, no?

      Btw, still funny. You already "sound" like color. LOL

      1. profile image0
        ahorsebackposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        The most people in America professing the existence of racism ;  are minorities to begin with ,
        Why ? Because it's a perfect tool to use against  those with apologist P.C.  guilt complexes !
        Yes, I am mostly white , does that mean then that I am biased against the Native American or African American within me and  within my bloodstream  ?

        What a bunch of  fools American voters are becoming .......how P.C.are you  ?

        We all have minority blood in our veins,   what most  lack is  integrity .

        The photo above is all of  us !

        1. S Leretseh profile image60
          S Leretsehposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          "The photo above is all of  us !"

          No it's not...I am of total northern European descent...as far back as by genealogy can be traced. I'm proud of my heritage...

          1. profile image0
            ahorsebackposted 6 years agoin reply to this

            Then don't be shocked when you finally  ask mommy to check your DNA.

    2. Alternative Prime profile image59
      Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      ahorseback ~ I see you're Still Conveniently IGNORING the MOUNTAIN of FACTUAL Evidence Against the "Donald" and his 5,000 Plaintiff Trump U FRAUD Case ~ A typical FOX Loser Snooze Response or "NON-Response" ~

      the "DONALD" is an Irrational, Delusional Racist Scumbag who preys upon the "Elderly & Un-Educated" just like Bernie Madoff did, and he ENDED Up exacly where he Belonged, "Sucking Prison Bars" until his demise ~ As a matter of FACT, right now, Republicans would have a much better shot at actually winning the pressidncy if they "DUG Up his Decrepit BONEs" and Nominated him at the "KKK-GOP Convention" ~ That's how BAD it's gonna' be for "Drumpfy" & his "Pathetic Racist ENDORSERs" in November ~

      FYI ~ Recent POLLS indicate approx. 83% of Latinos / Hispanics Despise & REJECT Trump, a number which appears to be "SINKING Daily", hence the reason WHY he was BOUNCED Outta' California on his Poorly Placed "Hair PLUGz" ~ Also one of the primary reasons WHY Texas is NOW "In Play" for Democrats ~

      If your idea of a Presidential Candidate is the Swindler Investment Creton who CONNED your Parents out of their LIFE Savings, or the Crooked HIGH Pressure Car Salesman / Importer who Delivered a Volkswagen to them when they BARGAINED for a Ferrari, or the "Nutrition Salesman" who Suckered your Parents into a "Vitamin Scam", which in REALITY, According to Reports, is actually just one MORE of Trump's "RIP-Off Schemes", then  "Delusional Donald" is your guy ~ sad

      P.S. ~ Judge Gonzalo Curiel is a "Mexican" & I'm building a Wall between Mexico & the U.S." that's WHY he's BIASED" ~ Yup, believe it or NOT, "Drumpf"  ACTUALLY said this and is using this IRRATIONALLY Paranoid Excuse for WHY the Judge in his opinion, cannot oversee a "Fair Trial" ~

      "President Trump"? Maybe on "PLANET Numbskull" where they still use Animal BONEs to Settle Conflicts & allow Leaders to Administer from PRISON, but NOT here on EARTH where Nuclear BOMBs still exist ~

      P.S.S. ~ They will NEVER let this Angry, Irrational, Psychologically DISTURBED Creepy Old Man who EASILY Cracks under Pressure anywhere NEAR OUR Nuclear ARSENAL ~ That would simply be "Gross NEGLIGENCE" ~


      1. profile image0
        ahorsebackposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        A.P. To respond to this drivel  would ,I suppose , lend it some legitimacy .   So given that alone AND your tendency  to be off the wall anyway ;   I'll just reply - as usual , you know not of that  of which you constantly rant !

        1. Alternative Prime profile image59
          Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          I never expect Republican "FACT-Denyers" to ACCEPT the TRUTH as Spoken by Myself & Other Honest Commentators, nor do I Really CARE ~

          The VAST Majority of AMERICANs understand the TRUTH about CON-Man Trump and they Despise him for Obvious Reasons ~

          * 70% of ALL Women REJECT Trump
          * 50% of REPUBLICAN Women REJECT Trump
          * 83% of Latinos / Hispanics REJECT Trump
          * 90% of African Americans REJECT Trump

          NOT Lookin' Good for the "Donald" ~ Maybe a few MORE "Taco Bowlz" might help ~ smile

  33. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 6 years ago

    Just caught a Brief CLIP of "Drumpf" Trump in Florida ~ SAD & Pathetic, he's in Full "Self-MELTDOWN Mode" ~

    Where's his FAMILY? Why hasn't any of them INTERVENED to Stop this Embarrassment? sad

    1. Sharlee01 profile image79
      Sharlee01posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I can't believe this tread is still getting response ? I wanted you to be aware of the new controversy that has come back into the media  Stunning Emails Reveal How Clinton Foundation Donor  Mr.Rajiv K. Fernando  bought a seat as Hillary's NUCLEAR WEAPONS ADVISOR."  ABC report which reveals how a major foundation donor Rajiv K. Fernando - one who previously had  no experience on intelligence matters - mysteriously ended up as a NUCLEAR  WEAPONS  ADVISOR after donating over one million dollars to the Clinton foundation during her Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State.
      The ABC report reveals how Rajiv K. Fernando a major foundation donor - one who previously had  no experience on intelligence matters.  When the story broke Rajv resigned within 24 hours after it hit the media.  I am sure you can in some round about way come the conclusion Hillary did no wrong in his appointment.  However, I just wanted to add this to her list of despicable , discussing, dishonest, money grubbing things she has perpetrated.  Keep drinking the Kool aid. It will keep you living in  a comfortable little world of denial. or go cold turkey and face up to the FACT this country needs change ...   And Clinton offers nothing but more corruption.

      1. Sharlee01 profile image79
        Sharlee01posted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Oh I just had to add your quote  I prefer a " Presidential Candidate with a MORE Acceptable or "Pristine Track Record" such as Hillary or Bernie,"  Please just tell me your spouting off all this CRAP because your lonely and you are trying to keep this controversy going to have something to do???  Please tell me you do not really believe Hillary is Pristine.

        1. Credence2 profile image79
          Credence2posted 6 years agoin reply to this

          It is just a matter of taste, choose between your brand of limburger. I have problems with Hillary but in my world, Trump is even more detestible.

          1. Sharlee01 profile image79
            Sharlee01posted 6 years agoin reply to this

            This might just help you make up your mind who is more corrupt .
            Krauthammer on the Clinton's Worth the Read:

            Recently, Charles Krauthammer alluded that he had no doubt some of the 30k emails Hillary deleted from her private e-mail server very likely had references to the Clinton Foundation, which would be illegal and a conflict of interest.

            The Clinton Foundation is "organized crime" at its finest

            Here is a good, concise summary of how the Clinton Foundation works as a tax free international money laundering scheme. It may eventually prove to be the largest political criminal enterprise in U.S. history. This is a textbook case on how you hide foreign money sent to you and repackage it to be used for your own purposes. All tax free.

            Here's how it works:

            1. You create a separate foreign "charity." In this case, the
            Clinton's set it up in Canada.

            2. Foreign oligarchs and governments, then donate to this Canadian charity. In this case, over 1,000 did -- contributing mega millions. I'm sure they did this out of the goodness of their hearts, and expected nothing in return. (Imagine Putin's buddies waking up one morning and just deciding to send untold millions to a Canadian charity).

            3. The Canadian charity then bundles these separate donations and makes a massive donation to the Clinton Foundation.

            4. The Clinton Foundation and the cooperating Canadian charity claim Canadian law prohibits the identification of individual donors.

            5. The Clinton Foundation then "spends" some of this money for legitimate good works programs. Unfortunately, experts believe this is on the order of 10%. Much of the balance goes to enrich the Clinton's, pay salaries to untold numbers of hangers on, and fund lavish travel, etc. Again, virtually all tax free, which means you and I are subsidizing it.

            6. The Clinton Foundation, with access to the world's best accountants, somehow fails to report much of this on their tax filings. They discover these "clerical errors" and begin the process of re-filing 5 years of tax returns.

            7. Net result -- foreign money goes into the Clinton's pockets tax
            free and untraceable back to the original donor. This is the textbook definition of money laundering.

            Oh, by the way, the Canadian "charity" includes as a principal one Frank Giustra. Google him. He is the guy who was central to the formation of Uranium One, the Canadian company that somehow acquired massive U.S. uranium interests and then sold them to an organization controlled by Russia. This transaction required U.S. State Department approval, and guess who was Secretary of State when the approval was granted.

            As an aside, imagine how former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell feels. That poor schlep is in jail because he and his wife took $165,000 in gifts and loans for doing minor favors for a guy promoting a vitamin company. Not legal but not exactly putting U.S. security at risk.

            Sarcasm aside, if you're still not persuaded this was a cleverly
            structured way to get unidentified foreign money to the Clinton's, ask yourself this:

            Why did these foreign interests funnel money through a Canadian charity? Why not donate directly to the Clinton Foundation? Better yet, why not donate money directly to the people, organizations and countries in need?

            This is the essence of money laundering and influence peddling.

            Now you know why Hillary's destruction of 30,000 e-mails was a risk she was willing to take.

            Bill and Hillary are devious, unprincipled, dishonest and criminal and they are Slick! Warning: They could be back in the White House in January 2017.

            Don't let it happen. Remember, most people are not well informed. You must inform and educate them.

            1. Credence2 profile image79
              Credence2posted 6 years agoin reply to this

              Thanks for the information, I am a progressive and not impressed with much of the H. Clinton background. Sanders was my preferred choice. One of the reasons for that support is that he did not carry much of HC's baggage.The points you make does make one think and resolve to select carefully.

              I generally don't subscribe to conservatives or rightwing politics. I have a strong distrust of the same. When I add misogyny, racism, xenophobia along with questionable ethics and behavior, I take these things personally and it will tip the scales away from any chance of my supporting Donald Trump. I can't stay home either because I cannot let that man win.

              With Clinton, I have just corruption, with Trump, I have both corruption and intolerance......

        2. S Leretseh profile image60
          S Leretsehposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          Sharlee01, very well stated.  Alternative Prime clearly as a liberal agenda which he is desperately trying to advance here. He has no credibility on political matters with me.
          Other issues involving dirty Hillary....Rose law firm;  illegal commodities trading;  a  'gifted'  senate seat;  a do-nothing senator; complete incompetent Sec. of State; illegal e-mail server; shakedown donations involving the Clinton Foundation .. and on and on it goes

          1. Sharlee01 profile image79
            Sharlee01posted 6 years agoin reply to this

            Do we want 4 more years of this???
            Please check out Obama's latest facebook post. "We've made so much progress together in the last eight years, but there's still work to do to end discrimination against the LGBT community." There are 50 gay men dead in Orlando do to his lack of "work"! Thanks for nothing Obama. You did not protect any of us, gay, lesbian or straight. Obama in fact sought through his liberal do nothing policy's to leave all America open to terrorism. And still he wants to let tens of thousand more Syrian immigrants in. Before we can come up with a good vetting process. Wake up we need to improve our methods of choosing who comes into this country. It's a new world, and it is not a pretty one . Wonder how he will spin this one??? Another great page for his pitiful legacy. Oh, and for his endorsing Slick Hillie. That old game of blackmail still works, even with our president. How many emails did Hillary send Obama from her private server? Oh yes he was surly aware of her private server. Maybe she deleted some of their emails, but slick Hillie is not stupid. Yes I am sure she has a few of the best in a safe place, to use on a rainy day. LOL. Vote Trump let your vote count. His white house will be transparent, and he tells it like it is.

            1. Alternative Prime profile image59
              Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

              ONCE Again, This FORUM is about Donald Trump's MASSIVE Fraud Law Suits where THOUSANDs of Americans from Coast to COAST are SUING him in a "REAL Case" for "REAL Monetary Damages" to the TUNE of 40 Million DOLLARs ~ sad ~ As ALWAYs, I Encourage you to INSPECT Court Records for Verification ~ A GOOD Place to START might be this Article with a "Plethora" of others in Circulation Already so take your pick ~

              http://www.vox.com/2016/6/8/11867876/go … university

              But since you've injected President Obama's RECORD, here' the FACTs and YES, 4 to 8 MORE Years of Pursuing this "Prosperous & HEALING" TRACK would be welcomed ~ Maybe you've forgotten about the the DISASTEROUS Republican Led George W BUSH's Nation ERODING Tenure in VIVID Stark Comparison ~

              * President OBAMA's 8 YEARs ~ JUST the FACTs ~ The Primary REASON WHY he's a TOP 5 American Leader ~

              * Unemployment - BELOW 5% (These Stats are from the Department of Labor & we are NOT interested in "IMAGINARY FAKE FOX Loser Snooze Alleged "Real Unemployment" Nonsense ~
              * RE Market Stabilized & Trending Up
              * Stock Market (401K's etc Stabilized & Trending Up although a "Technical Correction" perhaps to the Downside is NOT Unusual in an Election Year)
              * Bin Laden Eliminated
              * Hundres of AlQueda / Isis Agents including TOP Members Eliminated
              * Inflation at or around ZERO
              * Auto SALEs Up
              * RE Sales Up
              * NO Major Terrorist Incidents to date here in America
              * Minimum WAGE Up to $15.00 per hour in many Progressive States ~ Who knows what Backward CONservative States will do considering their Representatives in CONGRESS Continuously OBSTRUCT Minimum Wage Increases & their Guy Racist Trump would have actually LOWERED it if he were ever allowed access to OUR White House which he'll NEVER get ~
              Approx. 20 Million MORE Americans now have Health-Care & Progressives need to begin a campaign to go after Insurance Providers for "GOUGING Customers", this is the NEXT Vital Step ~
              * Social Security & Medicare for OUR Seniors is a Priority and has been PROTECTED under President Obama ~
              * Banks Relatively Financially SOUND
              * Relative Peace in the WORLD
              * GAY Rights Strengthened via the Courts

              Although we will NEVER Realize "Perfection" and there is absolutely still work to be done, The Number of POSITIVE Accomplishments in Addition to the LIST Above is nothing LESS than Monumental ~

  34. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 6 years ago

    Sharlee01 & Right WING Weirdo Charles Krautheimer, who last I heard, is an AEGNT for FOX Loser SNOOZE Channel have "ZERO Concrete Proof" of these Allegations, if they did, she would have been Indicted by NOW, just one of the MAJOR Differences between her and TRUMP who is NOW ON Trial for Swindling THOUSANDs of Americans from COAST to Coast in a MASSIVE FRAUD Case and who has been involved in an UNPRECEDENTED Number of LAW Suits ~ Sharee01 should inspect the COURT Documents against Trump ~ INCLUDING a Case where Trump ATTEMPTED to Swindle Senior Citizens in a RE DEAL in Mexico which went BANKRUPT & he was FORCED to Settle NUMEROUS Legal COMPLAINTs filed AGAINST him ~ According to Reports, a HISTORY of FRAUD ~

    Benghazi, E-MAIL NONSENSE, Bill's "Liasons" ALL have ZERO Affect on the LIVEs of AMERICANs unlike OPERATING a FAKE, Unlicensed University which Trump used to De-Fraud MILLIONs from the Elderly, Un-Eductated etc etc ~ Moreover, "Drumpf" Trump Continues to ATTACK & Threaten the Federal JUDGE who presides over the CASE because in his Twisted, Mentally Disturbed little MIND, the JUDGE is Mexican and Trump DREAMz of Building a Wall Between Mexico & the U.S., therefore, the Judge cannot be Impartial ~ Yes, believe it or NOT, that's  the "DONALDs" MORONIC Racist IRRATIONAL Rationale ~ sad ~ If the Judge doesn't AWARD the Plaintiffs "PUNITIVE Damages" against Trump I'll be surprised ~

    You know I caught a GLIMPSE of CON-Man Trump today in Florida RAMBLING Senselessly as usual and nobody even listens to the weirdo anymore, seems like eveyone is just staring at him trying to figure OUT What the HELL is Wrong with him ~

    He was BABBLING about "Victories" & "Winning" something he knows absolutely NOTHING about and believe it or NOT, even though LEGAL Aspects will PREVENT Trump's Delusions of becoming President, this is the LOSER he had Lined-Up to DESTROY OUR GLOBAL Trade Negotions ~ "JUNK-Man" Carl Icahn ~ Take a good look at this 80 Year OLD Worn OUT Wall Street Fool ~

    WAIT Til' this HUGE Development Starts FLOWING Mainstream ~

    http://www.marketwatch.com/story/icahns … =bigcharts

    1. S Leretseh profile image60
      S Leretsehposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      And just what kind of writing technique is this of yours Alternative?
      I'm referring to all the capital letters. It's very irritating to not just attempt to read...but to even look at. If you want some pointers on how to write effectively, coherently and objectively...just let me know. I'll TRY to HelP YOu

  35. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 6 years ago

    Then DON'T Read it ~ smile ~ Don't NEED Pointers from a Shill whomever you are ~ smile ~ The Important thing is that According to S & P, Carl Icahn's Company is "Bleeding CASH Profusely" and is Now CLASSIFIED as Extremely HIGH Risk "JUNK", which is EXACTLY what he would have turned this ENTIRE Country into if he was ever given the CHANCE ~ sad

    My Readers have ZERO Problems with my "CREATIVE Writing", as a matter of FACT, they Admire my Contributions, and the NEXT time you "POP In", if there is a NEXT Time, Please, do everyone a Big FAVOR and Stick to the Subject of "Drumpfy" Trump Swindling MILLIONs from Americans, including OUR Elderly Folks then "Attacking & THREATENING" the Federal Judge Presiding over this MASSIVE Law Suit which STRETCHES 3,000 MILEs from Coast to COAST ~

    Or perhaps you'd like to comment on his "Paranoid Behavior" or the FACT that they will NEVER allow him to be OUR President due to his "Anger / Paranoia Issues", problems for which he NEEDs Immediate Professional ATTENTION ~ WHY do you think there are "Secret MEETINGs" right NOW to "Exchange Trump" at the GOP Convention? ~

    You do REALIZE that they will NEVER hand over the the KEYs to OUR White House to this Disturbed Idiot right? Donald Trump, Ugly on the Inside & OUT, Angry, Racist, ORANGE Skin, Bad Hair PLUGz, just a Physical & Psychological MESS ~ sad


    1. GA Anderson profile image91
      GA Andersonposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      "...My Readers have ZERO Problems with my "CREATIVE Writing", as a matter of FACT, they Admire my Contributions, ..."


      1. Alternative Prime profile image59
        Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        lol ~ This is the kind of Weak Unimaginative RESPONSE you'd EXPECT from a Bamboozled Rural Dwelling "Trump FAN" when there is NO Defense for his FRAUD ~ sad ~ So, WHY does it say "Campingwithgus.com"? Couldn't U Create your OWN Insult or do U Camp with GUS or are U Gus? ~

        Anyway, Don't WORRY G.A., Donald is ONLY 70 years OLD now so when he gets Outta' Prison or the Asylum in about 15 years he'll be say 85, then maybe you can "FIRE Up" his Candidacy AGAIN, Candidacy for the KKK that is ~ smile

      2. Credence2 profile image79
        Credence2posted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Cmon, this is a bit nasty. AP's manner of expressing himself is no more out of line than that of horsey or colorfulone... I am getting some of that 'side' that I thought that you put behind you in the old days...

        1. Alternative Prime profile image59
          Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          lol ~ smile ~ CORRECTION ~ I'm NOT "Out of LINE" & Please Don't try to Compare my "FACT Based Comments" with those who try to SPREAD "Right Wing Nonsense" ~

          Some Frustrated Guy who apparently "Slapped Together" 12 Hubs in 6 YEARs comes outta' the shadows and into this forum about Trump's FRAUD Case with some "Off the WALL", "WAY OFF Topic Comment" about how he's gonna' TEACH us ALL how to Write ~ Um ..... As the Tittle Unambiguously Indicates, this is NOT a Discussion about "WRITING Techniques", Creativity, or the Lack Thereof, nor is anyone here remotely interested in the subject, if you are, Please, I'm sure you can find that TOPIC elsewhere on HP and maybe someone could GUIDE this Individual in the Right Direction ~ smile

          Apparently, like most CONservatives, some individuals obviously have NO Defense against "Drumpfy" Trump's MASSIVE Fraud Law Suit where Damages as reported, could be in Excess of 40 Million Dollars against Donald for his apparent intentional De-Fraudiing of Elderly Individuals and or the Un-Educated ~ Honestly, who would actually DEFEND this action anyway? ~ Win or Lose his name is Tarnished ~

          Moreover, Trump is "Coming APART at the SEAMs", Clearly Evident if you just watch a few minutes of his "Incoherent Babblings" at one of his "Hate Gatherings",  and ALL Insiders Know it ....... " We don't WIN anymore, We don't have VICTORIES, We don't WIN anymore, We don't have VICTORIES".......Yeah Yeah OK Donald we got your little FAKE Rant, even though it's just another one of your LIEs, we heard it AD NAUSEUM for OVER an ENTIRE YEAR Already !! ~ sad ~ Here in the REAL World Donald, we as a Collective "United States" Achieve "Great VICTORIES" all the time and that's a FACT ~

          Even Mitch McConnell in Paraphrase said yesterday that Trump is Obviously "Ignorant" of the Issues ~

          Will this be his Ultimate DEMISE? Maybe, Maybe NOT, but his POLL Numbers are SINKING like a Stone & they will NEVER give this Demented Guy the Keys to OUR White House ~

          1. Credence2 profile image79
            Credence2posted 6 years agoin reply to this

            My apologies, we still are on the same side of this controversy.

  36. profile image0
    ahorsebackposted 6 years ago

    Personally , I wish some of the  extreme liberal  morons in Hub Forums would hurry up and grow up  , so that I could then say , :" Hey remember when you were one of those pretend socialists  ,you were really just a spoiled twit  and then you had kids  , a job , a home and responsibilities and had to move out of your parents basement at fifty years old ?"    ....and then we laughed and laughed ...........

    So just how many of you still have mommy deliver your dinner at night ?

    1. Credence2 profile image79
      Credence2posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Funny, horse, we say the same things about Conservatives and rightwingers?

  37. profile image0
    ahorsebackposted 6 years ago


    1. IslandBites profile image89
      IslandBitesposted 6 years agoin reply to this


    2. Alternative Prime profile image59
      Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Nice try ahorseback, but clearly Kevin Tuma must have a "Brain Tuma" smile because everyone on this PLANET understands he has it BACKWARD as usual and the PILARs belong to CONservative Republicans ~

      ONCE Again, Trump is in DEEP Trouble with Legal ISSUEs & Threatening the Federal Judge Presiding over his Law SUIT, and that's a FACT ~

  38. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 6 years ago

    smile U*P*D*A*T*E smile

    VIDEO Testimony by Trump could be RELEASED to the Public soon ~ smile ~ And WHY Not? Just like previous Trump U DOCUMENTs Released Demonstrated "HIGH Pressure & Fraudulent Activity" by the Unlicensed School, a "PLAYBOOK" which Instructed Employees to "TARGET" OUR "Elderly & Un-Educated" in what appeared to be a Conserted Effort to take ADVANTAGE of these individuals by SEPARATING them from their LIFE Savings, what additional Impeaching EVIDENCE will we the public find in the VIDEO Tapes? Given Trump's Shady HISTORY, anything is possible ~

    Judge Curiel, the "Federal Facilitator of ADJUDICATION", the Distinguished LAW Man who CON-Man Donald called a "MEXICAN" in typical RACIST Fashion, is in the Process of Deciding  ~

    TRIAL Date ~ November 28, 2016 ~

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics … story.html

    1. Don W profile image82
      Don Wposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Here's an idea. How about we refuse to participate in the silly political soap opera that harms national discourse and devalues the political process even further. 

      As a start, here is a list of the top 13 issues people are actually worried about, in order of most concern* (note how Trump U, and Clinton's email are not among them).

      - The availability and affordability of healthcare
      - The economy
      - Crime and violence
      - The possibility of future terrorist attacks in the U.S.
      - Hunger and homelessness
      - The Social Security system
      - Drug use
      - The quality of the environment
      - Unemployment
      - Illegal immigration
      - Race relations
      - Climate change
      - The availability and affordability of energy   

      Feel free to explain the candidates' policy positions on any of the issues, which you think is more beneficial, and why. Because this is what's important, right?

      http://www.gallup.com/poll/190253/worry … ncern.aspx

      1. profile image0
        promisemposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        I mostly agree with the list, but I really do think it should include the recent scandal about where Ivanka Trump has her clothing line made.  smile

        Otherwise, well said.

      2. Alternative Prime profile image59
        Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Very SIMPLE Clear & Concise ANSWER  ~ Hillary "TRUMPs" "Delusional Donald" in ALL Categories ~ Now let's MOVE on to the VERY Important Subject at hand ~ This particular THREAD is about the INVESTIGATION & Reporting of CON-Man Trump's MASSIVE FRAUD Law Suit that stretches from "COAST to COAST" which could quite conceivably DRIVE him into BANKRUPTCY Again, if of course he's not already on the BRINK, and perhaps land him a Dreaded PRISON if EVIDENCE Warrants ~ sad

        AMERICANs are VERY Interested in the "TRUMP U SCAM" ~ I think everyone is VERY Interested & CONCERNED about a Narcissistic Un-Hinged SWINDLER who ADVOCATED "High Pressure Sales TACTICs" to SEPARATE Life Savings from OUR Elderly & Un-Educated ~ I think ALL Americans are also VERY Concerned about INVESTIGATING Past Scams he was involved in which are almost INNUMERABLE to mention here, like his RE Fraud in Mexico where he was FORCED to SETTLE when he LIED and said he "NEVER" SETTLES law Suits ~ Oh, and by the way, beleive it or NOT, his SWEET Little Adorable Children Donald Junior & Ivanka were INVOLVED in that one as DEFENDANTs ~ I ALWAYs Encourage my Readers to GOOGLE on their OWN to Discover the TRUTH ~ The Apple NEVER Falls far from the TREE I Guess ~ sad

        These are REAL Tangible LAW Suits that have been FILED in Courts of Law which have IMPEACHED Trump's Credibility, Business Savvy or lack thereof, Judgement, etc etc ~ They are NOT IMAGINARY PRETEND law Suits like Fox Loser SNOOZE tries to present against Hillary ~

        If you're actually interested in VOTING for a Swindler like Drumpf who wouldn't think twice about STEALING your Parents or GRANDPARENTs Life SAVINGs, be my GUEST, you'll be in a very tiny MINORITY, but let's not attempt to DIMINISH the Importance of the MASSIVE Trump U LAW Suit which is scheduled for TRIAL November 28, 2016 ~

        Pretty Extensive Article about the MASSIVE RE Failure in Mexico HERE:

        https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trump_Oce … aja_Mexico

        1. Don W profile image82
          Don Wposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          - Correction: the stats in my last comment were based on people rating a prepared list of issues to show how concerned (or not) they are about each. So that list is not a good indicator of how concerned people are about the Trump U case, as that was not included as one of the issues. -

          I'm not saying the business dealings of a presidential candidate are not relevant to their candidacy. A candidate's perceived honesty (or lack thereof) may well influence people's view, and potentially the way they'll vote. And it's certainly important to the people personally affected by the case.

          I'm just saying that politics now seems to be a soap opera-cum-reality show. Drama replaces political discourse, as the show lurches from one scandal to another. When characters are caught behaving badly, they are penalized in the opinion polls for a few news cycles, then the show moves onto the next drama. Once in a while people are asked to vote on who should stay in the show. That's when all the cheerleaders come out and the popularity contest begins. The criteria for "best" candidate? The liar who has be caught the least.

          All things considered, you're probably right to be expressing concern about Trump's alleged lack of honesty (although as a side note your random use of all-caps is a bit off-putting). I'm probably looking at the overall state of politics more generally, lamenting the loss of political discourse. To be honest, I'm not even sure that's possible anymore.

          1. Alternative Prime profile image59
            Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

            I think I follow your "DRIFT & the POINT" you're making and as for my Writing STYLE, I get Compliments from my READERs all the time 100 to 1 in FAVOR, and all I can say is Reading my COMMENTs is certainly not MANDATORY for anyone and I'm Truly SORRY if it happens to "Throw them OFF", "DISTURB them" or IMPEDEs his/her Ability to Comprehend Simple ENGLISH, or Forces him/her to ALTER his / her Perception of NORMALITY ~ smile ~ If they want B*O*R*I*N*G they should try SUFFERING through a Pathetic Little "DRUMPF" RAMBLING ~ sad

            My Writing STYLE Seems to Upset some People which is an UNUSUAL Observation, such a Petty Little Complaint, yet a MASSIVE Fraud Law Suit PENDING for one of the BIGGEST Swindlers on EARTH Doesn't? My Writing STYLE sends some Republicans around here into a "Little TIZZY", yet "Drumpfy Trump's" Plan to "SLASH Wages" for American WORKERs Doesn't? Frankly, I find it COMICAL ~ smile smile

            1. Don W profile image82
              Don Wposted 6 years agoin reply to this

              It was just a side note, but perhaps I was too blunt. I don't find your style "disturbing", just . . .  randomly unique in a way I can't fathom. I'm sure the fault is all mine.

              The main point is that politics has become a soap-opera, and voters only get to choose between bad and really bad. Not much of a choice. Also, as has been pointed out, this is a civil case. There is no possibility of Trump going to prison as a result of it. Worst case scenario is that the Trump Organization is found liable and has to pay damages. The Clinton campaign would make the most of that, as it would any videos of Trump giving his deposition, if they are released. Would it end Trump's campaign? Probably not, which is worrying in my opinion.

              1. Alternative Prime profile image59
                Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

                Sorry Don W, but you're simply WRONG about everything you've mentioned ~

                The 2016 Presidential ELECTION is NOT a Contest Between "Bad & Really BAD", it appears as if you've been pulled into a "FALSE Comparison" like many FOX Loser Snooze Viewers ~ In REALITY, this Election is about "GOOD vs Evil", "Bad vs GOOD", "Competent vs incompetent" & "SANE vs Insane" and Considering "GOOD Always TRUMPs EVIL", Hillary will indeed be Triumphant ~

                As for TRUMP University? If you spend the time to INVESTIGATE, you'll DISCOVER According to Reports, "RACKETEERING" is an Underlying THEME which is indeed a CRIMINAL Offense ~ As DAMING as the Trump U FRAUD Law Suit is, believe it or NOT, it's not the WORST of Charges FILED Against him which should go MAINSTREAM Soon ~

                P.S. ~ The Trump Law SUIT to my knowledge involves approximately 5,000 Plaintiffs who are asking for "Actual Damages" of 40 MILLION Dollars which in and of itself, who knows, could conceivably DRIVE the "Donald" into Bankruptcy AGAIN ~ But given his History of FRAUD Law Suits in Mexico etc etc, what if Judge Curiel, a man who Trump "MOCKED" as being a "Mexican", SLAPs the Donald with "Punitive Damages" of Multi-MILLIONs? ~ sad

                1. profile image0
                  ahorsebackposted 6 years agoin reply to this

                  Interesting how  ALTERATIVE prime Always  finds THE CROOKEDNESS of "DRUMPH " but lets HILLARY the MAFIA  queen  slide  BY HIS  interpretation  of CROOKS LIKE an  ICE skater  on STEROIDS ,%#@*&^$@O

                2. Don W profile image82
                  Don Wposted 6 years agoin reply to this

                  I'd accept reasonable vs unreasonable in relation to Clinton and Trump, but straight up good vs bad? If only life worked in such convenient binary terms. It all depends on your point of reference. Relative to Trump, Clinton is good (though that's not saying much). Relative to Obama in 2008, less so. And ask a Bernie Sanders supporter if Clinton is good or bad relative to Sanders. I think you'll get the same good vs bad but in Sanders favor. This is part of the problem as I see it. Tribalism is so strong that everything becomes polarized. For example, can you entertain the idea that Clinton can be just as ruthless, underhanded, conniving and self-serving as any other politician? If not, then stop drinking the kool-aid. If so, then since when could those characteristics be described as good? Since Trump became the alternative. And that's my point. Clinton would be a "she said she wouldn't jump into bed with Wall St, but she has" type of bad. And Trump would be more of a "where's the nearest fallout shelter" type of bad. I'd much prefer the first scenario to the second, but that doesn't make the first scenario good. It just makes it a lesser degree of bad.

                  1. Alternative Prime profile image59
                    Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

                    Hillary NEVER Devised a "PLAYBOOK" Designed Specifically to De-FRAUD or essentially "STEAL" Life Savings from our Senior Citizens & Uneducated, CON-Man Trump did according to Documents Filed in his MASSIVE 40 MILLION Dollar Trump U FRAUD Law Suit sad ~ Hillary NEVER Operated a "VITAMIN Scam Network", CON-Man Trump did ~

                    Hillary was NEVER FORCED to Settle FRAUD Law Suits in Mexico, FRAUD which once again, TARGETED Our ELDERLY Citizens, CON-Man Trump did sad ~ Hillary NEVER Called Hispanics "Rapists & Criminals", CON-Man Trump did ~ Hillary NEVER called women "FAT Pigz", CON-Man Trump did sad ~

                    The LIST of DIVERGENCES is Immense ~ SORRY, but there really is NO Comparison between a Hate FILLED "Delusional" individual like Donald and a Sincere, Highly Qualified, Intelligent individual like Hillary ~ And believe the FACTs or NOT, the MAJORITY Republicans AGREE with me and REJECT Donald ~

  39. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 6 years ago

    Senator Elizabeth Warren Plans to STOP Future "Trump Universities" in their TRACKs ~ smile

    Her Fantastic Work & "Due Diligence" should PROTECT you, your Parents & Grand-Parents in the future from FRAUDULENT Operations like Trump University which according to the EVIDENCE, appears to have been "Specifically & Deliberately" Designed to "RIP Off" & STEAL Life Savings from Our ELDERLY Citizens ~

    READ Here:

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/eli … c3ee50a28f

  40. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 6 years ago

    smile U*P*D*A*T*E smile MORE Unearthed Self-Inflicted "Trump Torpedoes"

    When Attorney General of Florida Pam Bondi speaks at the "Drumpfy" Trump "HATE Fest" next week, try to REMEMBER THIS: WED is her TIME Slot ~ sad

    According to REPORTS, A.G. Bondi Considered MERGING with the Massive Trump University CLASS Action FRAUD Law Suit until the Trump FOUNDATION, which is Comprised Primarily of Donations from Third Parties, NOT from Donald, Donated $25,000 to the Bondi Re-Election EFFORT ~ According to REPORTS, Shortly thereafter, A.G. Bondi DROPPED the Investigation of Trump U ~ sad

    Just REPORTING the FACTs as Usual ~ MORE Here ~

    http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show … ontroversy

  41. Castlepaloma profile image76
    Castlepalomaposted 6 years ago

    Not much to say  nice about politicians, lol. We must deeply dislike our individual freedom to allow these Bozos and killer clowns to Boss us around every day.

  42. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 6 years ago

    smile U*P*D*A*T*E smile -----> WoW

    ----> According to REPORTs ~ Judge Gonzalo Curiel, you know, the Distinguished & Well RESPECTED FEDERAL Public Servant that Donald INSULTED, tried to Demean, and made sure EVERYONE in the Universe was AWARE that he had "Mexican BLOOD" running through his Veins as if to IMPLY "Racial Inferiority"? Well, it appears as if that same JUDGE is "Inlcined to DENY" the Trump Request to DISMISS the Parallel "Racketeering CHARGEs" Filed AGAINST Donald ~ sad

    YES, U Heard CORRECTLY, ----> "Racketeering" ~

    Trump University LAW Suit Scheduled to BEGIN:
    November 28, 2016

    JUST Facts ~ READ Here ~

    http://www.politico.com/story/2016/07/t … iel-226048

  43. Castlepaloma profile image76
    Castlepalomaposted 6 years ago

    Trump idea was to drive the country into bankruptcies, then make a deal.
    He is an expert in this area.

    Since America is unstoppable heading that way, any other possible solutions from moooooaaaa moooaah haaa ha  politicians.?

    1. Alternative Prime profile image59
      Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      We are NOT talking about his Dangerously Incompetent & Disasterous PLAN to "Default on the U.S. Debt" which would be a Catastrophe this country could NEVER Recover from ~

      Moreover, CON-Man Donald is Very EFFICIENT at LOSING Money & Driving Companies of ALL Shapes & Sizes into the DIRT, he's NOT Even Close to being an EXPERT in anything ~

  44. Castlepaloma profile image76
    Castlepalomaposted 6 years ago

    No solution then and no politicians is Worth talking about. Because things won't change until the people have a revolutionary movement Then politicians, military and elitist hide underground. I'm sure I will meet plenty of them in Bolivia.

    1. Alternative Prime profile image59
      Alternative Primeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      FYI ~ This is NOT a Discussion about a "Revolution" nor "the Military" nor "Bolivia" ~ There are PLENTY of "RIGHT Wing Nut-Case" Venues for that NONSENSE, just GOOLE "Fox Loser SNOOZE" and I'm confident you'll find a good fit ~ sad

      This is a Venue about Donald Trump's Pending MASSIVE Fraud Law Suit & Derivatives thereof, which is set for TRIAL NOVEMBER 28, 2016 ~

      According to REPORTs, he's Accused of SWINDLING 5,000 Americans for FAILURE to Deliver on his Promises with an EXPLICIT Focus on OUR Senior Citizens & Un-Educated ~ In Addition, Judge Curiel appears to be Inclined to allow a "Racketeering" Suit Against Trump move forward as well ~ So in REALITY, add these charges together with ALL the others and it appears as if Mr. Trump will be Pre-Occupied with Legal Matters into the FUTURE ~

      MORE Here ~

      http://www.politico.com/story/2016/07/t … iel-226048

      1. Castlepaloma profile image76
        Castlepalomaposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Good thing I'm not a political nut job all together.

  45. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 6 years ago


    Cheryl Lankford, a Woman who said she was DE-Frauded by CON-Man Trump's FAKE University gave a "Eloquent & Revealing" Speach last night at the DNC about what appears to be UNBRIDLED Greed, Unscrupulous Business Practices & what she claims to be Unlawful Activity which occured at the NOW Defunct Unlicensed College ~

    I guess we can NOW add MILITARY Veterans and or their SPOUSEs to the GROWING List of Trump U "Targets" ~ According to her Account, Cheryl is a Widow who lost her Husband, she received Monetary BENEFITs as a Result, she gave Trump U a portion or all the Money and like any reasonable AMERICAN, EXPECTED to RECEIVE what she was Promised ~ I guess you already know the END Result of this Story ~ sad ~ Just one of THOUSANDs who are NOW Suing Mr. Trump in a Massive Pending LITIGATION ~

    A "FAKE Inlicensed University", which According to REPORTs, Distributed a "PLAYBOKK" Designed to  TARGET Senior Citizens, OUR Cherished Elderly Folks, The Un-Educated, & NOW we can add Military Veterans to the LIST? sad

  46. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 6 years ago

    ~ U*P*D*A*T*E ~

    According to REPORTs ~ Judge Gonzalo Curiel RULED that SEALED Videos of Trump's Testimony will not be RELEASED before NOVEMBER, However, Donald will be FORCED to STAND Trial for Violations of the R.I.C.O. Act sad

    R.I.C.O.   a.k.a. ~ The "Racketeer Influenced & CORRUPT Organizations ACT" ~

    MORE Here:

    https://www.rt.com/usa/354524-judge-tru … sity-case/

  47. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 6 years ago

    FYI ~ When Pertinent EVIDENCE was recently released in relation to the Pending MASSIVE Fraud Law SUIT, According to REPORTs, a "PLAYBOOK" was Discovered which outlined a STRATEGY Geared toward TARGETING OUR Senior Citizens & Un-Educated Brothers & Sisters ~

    If Donald used "Unscrupulous Methods" at his Unlicensed Fake School called "Trump University" to REMOVE the Life Savings from the Pockets of OUR Senior Citizens, what do U think his RESPONCE and or ACTION would be if he were ever given the Opportunity to "DISMANTLE" the Vital Income STREAM called Social Security?

  48. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 6 years ago

    NOT Good NEWz 4 "Delsuional Donald" sadsad

    According to Judge Gonzalo Curiel ~ There's a "GENUINE Issue of MATERIAL Fact" as to whether Trump KNOWINGLY Participated in a Scheme to DE-FRAUD the Students ~

    MORE Here ~

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/tru … 3164c3342e

  49. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 6 years ago


    Allegations of DESPICABLE Instructions Derived from Trump University's Quote Un-Quote "Curriculum" ~ LISTEN to the VIDEO & if U are a GOOD, Righteous Law Abiding American or GLOBAL Citizen with a conscience, you'll be nothing LESS than "Shocked, Appalled & OUTRAGED" at what U READ & Hear ~

    The most "FRIGHTENING" Aspect ? The "Un-Hinged" FOUNDER Actually APPLIED for the most POWERFUL Job in the UNIVERSE ~ sad

    READ & LISTEN Here ~ Wait for the VIDEO ~

    http://www.cnbc.com/2016/08/17/trump-un … dents.html

  50. Alternative Prime profile image59
    Alternative Primeposted 6 years ago

    Yup, just more Disturbing EVIDENCE to Impeach him ~ But what else is NEW Right ?? ~ If CON-Man Trump would unconscionably "SCAM a Widow" of a USA WAR Veteran as Alleged by the Victim, what do U think he would have done to OUR Might Military & Families if given the Opportunity ?? sad

    ONCE Again, this Despicable GREED Driven ANTI-American "Scam-Man" proves his Communist Comrades in Russia & a FEW Filthy BUX Lining his Pockets come BEFORE Patriotism & the USA ~ STORY Below ~ 

    http://www.universityherald.com/article … llar.htm#!


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