The Russian People

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    gmwilliamsposted 5 years ago

    Russia is a complex and beautiful country.    Russia, like the United States, has multiple races and ethnic groups.   Russian history began in Kiev in the early medieval times.   Then the Mongol conquered Russia and subjected it to two and a half centures of rule.    Then Russia overthrew Mongol rule and instituted a Tsarist government.

    The Russian people suffered under the autocratic tsars.   Under many of the tsars, the majority of the Russians were enslaved serfs.    Even Peter the Great who was a reformatory tsar was still considered to be an enlightened despot.   However, the Russian people were increasingly oppressed under tsarist rule.    They finally rebelled against tsarist hegemonic rule and the Russian Revolution commenced in 1917.   

    Although the newly communist government was initially better than tsarist rule, as time progressed it was either the same or worse than tsarist rule.   Under the second communists ruler, Stalin,  there were controls insituted that  were quasitsarist in nature.    Stalin insttituted purges and  widened the gulag system.    Communism continued until Gorbachev instituted a somewhat more democratic form of government.    Then communism somewhat subsided when Yeltsin came into power.   Now with Putin in power, it seems that Russia is coming less and less democratic. 

    It seems that the Russian people will not experience a fully democratic government.   Russian government has been autocratic whether under the tsars and/or the communist government.    The Russian people are indeed a strong and stalwart people who endured much from outside and inside forces.  Let's discuss this!