Was the NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) succesful to its host?

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    maxoxam41posted 5 years ago

    For the few of us reading the international pages of their newspapers, the NAM celebrated the alliance of peace and reason. As Iran signed economical contracts with economical power like India, NAM called for Palestian 1969 borders recognition. It also recognized Argentina's sovereignty on the Falklands, it backed up Ecuador for sheltering Assange... Is another economical, political axis born balancing the US-Israel-Europe alliance?

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      Panzer Kumarposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      The funniest part is India by no means wish to dominate or supervise other nations and their issues. Indian policy has always been mutual assistance and coexistence, India had good terms with both USA and USSR even during the cold war. Having said that there is no use for NAM in today's world politics with no major power (or alliance) to challenge the western systems and views there is no need for a neutral power to exist. Infact experts predict that China is strong enough now and will soon more than capable of challenging USA and west, which in experts view will most likely trigger a cold war 2 and India will actually play a major role along with Europe and Americas. For India is a better ally for west than the communist China. As the largest democracy in the world India is always loved and respected in the educated world all around. There will come a day when India will be challenged and forced to change its external policies to a more allied role rather than being a NAM nation or being in isolation.

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        maxoxam41posted 5 years agoin reply to this

        It is too easy to make projections, innuendoes on China triggering another cold war whereas the US is installing its pawns on the international chessboard (fomenting upheavals in Syria, Russia, Libya...).
        So far China is not only building its military force but also economical alliances. It is present everywhere where the US failed or preferred force over diplomacy.
        As for India it was one of the foundator of NAM, and as so it kept its credibility. Which isolation are you talking about? It belongs to the BRIC.