Cynicism be Banned!

  1. Don Fairchild profile image81
    Don Fairchildposted 5 years ago

    The world and more specifically our beloved United States have become cynical in our everyday functions.  All the news and social discussions are dominated by arguments, finger pointing and maneuvering to make your head spin while reaching for the TV remote in order to kill off the offending and depressing discussions.

    Here is the challenge of this forum.  Are you able to have discourse without casting dispersions? Are you able to invent a totally positive discussion to solve our world problems?  Can you ignore blatantly biased concourse without initiating a finger pointing, grammar school playground like brawl?

    Does anybody have good sound executable ideas to solve some of our problems of today.   Can you respond to these good solid ideas with ways to improve those ideas or are you more prone to try and kill an idea just because you don't like the person involved.  Remember that most all cynics have a hidden agenda that you must realize.  This agenda is hidden because of their motivations, therefore no civil arguments would pacify or change the antagonists position, therefore you need to take a positive position and also ignore the unproven arguments that pollute our society.

    I believe this change in philosophy would eventually bring about a more stable society with a trend towards more stability.  How about it, are you up for a change in attitude?