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Polictical "Rape" of Ambassador Rice by...

  1. chipsball profile image60
    chipsballposted 5 years ago

    McCain, Graham, FOX and the "good old boys".

    They couldn't trap Eric Holder on "Fast & Furious", couldn't defeat Prez Obama in the elections, so they went after a very easy target...Susan Rice, Ambassador for the United States in the United Nations. Held her down, violated her intregrity, innocence, cast dispersions on her creditials and tossed her aside after the abuse.

    John McCain claims she not "too bright...southern boy Graham says she can't be "trusted"...FOX uses its media apparatus to stripe her of clothing by mis-representations and outright "lies" about her character by projecting her as a violated woman, unworthy of becoming Secretary of State in the Obama Administration.

    Yes it was a "political rape" in the worse way and the "cowards" who participated in this dispicable act have once again demostrated their true nature and perhaps their "heritage" when it comes to "women of color"...for whom they have no respect for and are dismissive of ANY injury they cause.

    They use to come in the slave cabins in the middle of the night and "take" what they wanted...now they do it on the floor of the Senate".

    In the end Susan Rice will prevail in her life while Old John McCain will continue to be a "bitter" old relic...Graham will continue to decline in political influence in Congress and FOX will continue as they always have...aiding and abetting.

  2. Mighty Mom profile image85
    Mighty Momposted 5 years ago

    I agree what the boys (and token woman, Kelly Aillotte of NH) did to Susan Rice is indefensible.
    Just awful. And yes, Susan Rice is an easy target. And one wonders, why in the heck did the Obama adminstration have the ambassador to the United Nations going on talk shows in the first place...

    But I believe the motive was not personal against Susan Rice. I also do not believe it's racially motivated (but I could be wrong)  It's all against Obama. 100%. Oh wait, so in the end, it IS racially motivated!

    You're so right they got pissed when they couldn't make hay out of Fast & Furious.
    They got furious again when their calls for Benghazigate* got downplayed and Americans didn;t jump up and down calling Obama treasonous.
    Like "voter fraud" the Benghazi debacle was a solution (or outrage) in search of a problem."

    Susan Rice was just collateral in this power struggle. It's a shame, but it seems that there is routinely someone in every administration who has to fall on his or her sword.
    But look at the #2 candidate (or, for all we know, Kerry was alway's Obama's pick!).
    He's already been hazed. Not much else they can do to the original Swiftboat-ee.
    And bonus if the senior senator from MA gets a promotion they win back a seat in the Senate for their crony Scott "Blonds can't be Native Aerican" Brown.

    Personally, I'm glad Rice is not going to be the new SOS. And glad she spared Obama that bloodbath fight. There are only so many hills and he's gotta pick the one he's willing to die on. This certainly ain't it. The party's just getting started!

    1. profile image65
      logic,commonsenseposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Lets be honest, she wasn't all that qualified to SOS.  She was far more the political hack than Hillary ever was.  She couldn't hold a candle to Condi or even whatshername that Clinton appointed.
      Interesting, Kelly is a token woman.  Guess that's because she's a Republican, right.  Only Dems can be real women huh?
      Being against obama has nothing to do with race.  It comes down to philosophy and  his extremism is a serious threat to the future of this country. 
      I had to laugh at his lame attempt to shed a tear.  He is so superficial it isn't even funny.

  3. chipsball profile image60
    chipsballposted 5 years ago

    Oh come now MM... them "southern boys" have this thing about them...don't you understand? She wasn't even nominated and got pulled out of bed!

    1. Mighty Mom profile image85
      Mighty Momposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      The race card would hold a lot more weight if W hadn't had Condi Rice as his SOS.

      Do you think if Susan Rice had not been the inadvertent spokesperson for the administration on Benghazi they would have done this crucification routine anyway?
      In other words, was Benghazi the red herring?

      1. chipsball profile image60
        chipsballposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        We may learn a "few" more facts about the raid in Libya after the investigation is complete and depending upon what is allowed to be know we can make more judgment calls as to who was at fault and most importantly what type of U.S. operations was actually taking place at the compound. i would suggest to  you that the CIA may have been conducting operation within the building along with State Department personal that we don't know about. The raid against the compound and whomever was within may have been countermeasures by those forces fighting against the CIA and U.S.military forces.

        Susan Rice was given the task of delivering the administration response to inform the public and the information she was provided to deliver that response ...came from the CIA. Maybe the building was a "safe house"...and "We the People" have no right to know.