Police or 3rd Party Should Investigate Parking Enforcement Corruption

  1. ocbill profile image61
    ocbillposted 5 years ago

    After a trip to pay some BS parking enforcement fines, no plate displayed on front of car, $20 for a fix-it ticket, I found it that it was $40, 2 other no front plates displayed magically appeared at the cashier's  window. I said, "I never got them". She replies, "well, they are there and a penalty applies if left unpaid."

    This to me was corrupt as it would be unreasonable for them to just fall off.  Additionally, I know that cities are strapped for cash, So, then I did some searching online and found other people getting bogus tickets in the same city and being told to pay the fine even if you win the case with a judge, i-Phone time-stamp proof.  I am talking about L.A. parking enforcement.
    Parking enforcement officers will simply keep your plate # and write you a violation even when you car is not parked on a certain street, but will give you one an adjacent street. It's your word against a corrupt parking agency. Maybe they need a certain quot a of tickets to keep a job.  I know what you may being saying I should have a garage. Well,  I do have a garage. I was just visiting relatives during the holidays. I am so glad I moved out of the city with all the unnecessary stress one has to endure.