How to Improve the Republican Party

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    NewRepublicanposted 8 years ago

    According to this article … op-future/  the future for the GOP doesn't look too good.  Out of curiosity, does anyone have suggestions as to what the Republican Party can do to gain back its former status in the United States?  I don't care what political affiliation you are apart of.  I am trying to come up with new ways to help improve my party so any suggestions would be gladly accepted.  Thanks!

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    Nickny79posted 8 years ago

    The Republican party needs to be conservative, and clearly articulate and implement conservative principles.  This country is fundamentally conservative and it wants to hear than message clearly articulated.  A good example of the sort of Republicans we need is Steve Lonegan of New Jersey who's running for governor.

    Here is a sample of his platform which should be THE template for any conservative serious about winning:

    1. ONLY LONEGAN KNOWS BUDGETS AND HOW TO CUT THEM. Mayor Lonegan is the only candidate with a specific plan to straighten out our fiscal mess, reduce spending and debt, decrease regulations and cut taxes.

    2. ONLY LONEGAN HAS THE EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE. As a three-term Mayor and successful businessman, Steve understands the problems business owners and local elected officials face, and as Governor he will focus on solutions.

    3. ONLY LONEGAN HAS A PROVEN RECORD. As Mayor, Steve froze spending and debt and kept taxes far below inflation. He reduced payrolls, increased efficiency, improved the business climate and stood up to local power brokers.

    4. ONLY LONEGAN HAS A HISTORY OF WINNING FOR TAXPAYERS. Whether fighting wasteful spending, unconstitutional debt, public employee unions, or state bureaucrats, Steve Lonegan always stands up for the forgotten taxpayer.
    Whether fighting wasteful spending, unconstitutional debt, public employee unions, or state bureaucrats, Steve Lonegan always stands up for the forgotten taxpayer.
    5. ONLY LONEGAN WILL UNITE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. Steve Lonegan is the only candidate with a broad appeal, a consistent conservative record and a strong message all Republicans can support.

    6. ONLY LONEGAN CAN WIN DEMOCRATS AND INDEPENDENTS. Steve’s conservative record kept Republican Council control for ELEVEN STRAIGHT ELECTIONS in a 2-1 Democrat town that voted 64% for Barack Obama and 66% for Frank Lautenberg.

    7. ONLY LONEGAN HAS THE GRASSROOTS NETWORK. Steve can count on thousands of energized and enthusiastic supporters across the state, giving Republican campaigns energy and excitement that hasn’t been seen in years.

    8. ONLY LONEGAN WILL RAISE THE MONEY. With nearly 1,000 donors already, Steve Lonegan is an aggressive fundraiser and the only Republican who is raising the money necessary to counter Corzine’s bankroll.

    9. ONLY LONEGAN HAS THE “FIRE” TO WIN. Steve is ready to win. He needs no time to decide his future and is already working night and day to build the campaign organization needed to win in November.

    10. ONLY LONEGAN WILL FIGHT THE “ABBOTT” DECISION. Steve believes if a school district cannot educate a student at the state average cost, then that student should have a right to a voucher to go to the school of his choice.

    11. ONLY LONEGAN WILL STOP COAH. No one has been more outspoken against Corzine’s attempt to force more than 100,000 Low Income Housing units into every New Jersey town than Steve Lonegan, and he will stop it as Governor.

    12. ONLY LONEGAN WILL DEFEND HOME RULE. Steve opposes Corzine’s plan to eliminate small towns and school boards and put Trenton in charge of local zoning. Steve supports each town’s right to govern itself as it sees fit.

    13. ONLY LONEGAN WILL SWEEP REPUBLICANS TO VICTORY. Steve’s conservative message will bring victories up and down the ballot, just as it did in Steve’s three Mayoral elections, when every GOP candidate running won in Bogota.

    14. ONLY LONEGAN HAS ALREADY DEFEATED CORZINE. Steve led the effort to stop Corzine’s 800% Toll Hike scheme and led the fight that stopped Corzine’s $450 Million Embryonic Stem Cell Bonding proposal.

    15. ONLY LONEGAN WILL BEAT CORZINE IN NOVEMBER. People said Ronald Reagan couldn’t win. However, Steve Lonegan - like Reagan - is a strong campaigner with a compelling message who will pull no punches. He’s ready, and will beat Jon Corzine. The time is now!