Military out of touch with their own soldiers...most anyway?

  1. SparklingJewel profile image74
    SparklingJewelposted 5 years ago

    | April 26, 2013 | Permalink
    Military Loses Site of Faith

    While the rest of the world is hunting down real terrorists, the Obama military is still targeting Christians! That's why yesterday's reports of religious censorship were so believable. Emails had been streaming into Fox News from service members across the country who all shared the same complaint: the Southern Baptist Convention website had been blocked on their bases for "hostile content."

    When Defense officials tried to pass off the problem as a computer glitch, most people--including myself--thought, "Here we go again." After five years of faith-based harassment, who was going to give the Defense Department the benefit of the doubt? Lt. Col. Damien Pickart had insisted that the Pentagon wasn't "intentionally blocking access to this site," but with last month's attacks on faith still fresh in everyone's minds, most people had no reason to believe them. As a friend from the SBC told me Thursday, if you've had 13 fires lit by arsonists, and they say the 14th is faulty wiring, what are you going to think?

    Turns out, it was faulty wiring--a hiccup in the website security that's since been corrected. And while the flap can't be pinned on the Obama administration's hostility toward faith, it did reveal plenty about the current military environment. Given all that's happened in the last several weeks, it's understandable that troops would jump to conclusions. Just last month, Lt. Col. Jack Rich sent an email to his squadron calling FRC and AFA "domestic hate groups," warning them to report organizations like us who don't "share Army values." And that was on the heels of an Army briefing that lumped Evangelicals and Catholics alongside Al Qaeda as "religious extremists." While Pentagon spokesman George Wright insisted it was an isolated incident, the pattern is undeniable. No wonder our servicemen had trouble believing that the error message was just one big misunderstanding.

    As far as they're concerned, there have been far too many "misunderstandings" to brush off as oversights. When Walter Reed Army Medical Center banned visitors from bringing Bibles or other religious material to wounded soldiers, they told us it was just a mistake. Well, it was a "mistake" when they got caught--but it was a policy before then. Under President Obama, the military bans prayer at funerals, but builds Wiccan firepits at the Air Force Academy. It tells soldiers to stay away from religious websites, while its missile defense staff spends hours surfing pornography at work. It tears down crosses in Afghanistan, but lets soldiers march in uniform in gay pride parades.

    After five years, the administration's intent is clear: to disarm the military of its biggest weapon and its greatest source of strength--Faith. Now, in the wake of the Boston jihadists and the Benghazi cover-up, it's clear where this focus on "Christians as the enemy" has led--to internal suspicion, mistrust, distractions, and the loss of the very right our troops are fighting to protect! Meanwhile, the Obama administration is so focused on political correctness that it's leaving the real enemies of freedom alone to carry out their acts of war unhindered.

    It's time for every liberty-loving American to demand the end of this administration's war on religious liberty. Call your Congressman and both Senators today and demand that they hold the military leadership and the civilian political leadership accountable for this pattern of persecution. We cannot and must not tolerate these attacks on our First Freedom. … e-of-faith

  2. Zelkiiro profile image94
    Zelkiiroposted 5 years ago

    Separation of Church and State.

    You don't see any Jewish soldiers complaining that they can't practice their religion in the military, because they're not idiots and they know better.

    1. profile image50
      Lie Detectorposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Separation of church and state does not mean what you think it does.


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