In your opinion, why are there so many POOR/DISADVANTAGED children in

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    the United States today?  Do you believe that it is the parents' fault in that they oftentimes have unthinkingly have children when they can least afford to give them the tools that they need to succeed and achieve in this postmodern society? Do you also argue that this is multigenerational in that parents refuse and use excuses to better themselves socioeconomically and educationally, being content with their station in life and inculcating their children with their negatvistic and passive pathology?

    Do you further contend that it is not the government's problem to help poor children succeed but the parents need to be reeducated regarding the concepts of achievement and success, taking responsibility for THEIR  OWN lives instead of continuing a culture of poverty and dependence? 

    For example:
    Many poor children grow up in environments where education and achievement are not stressed.  They also tend to have parents who had them young without the benefit of higher education. If a person has a child young and does not complete his/her education, he/she will be impoverished and if he/she has a child, THAT child will also be impoverished.   

    Many poor parents have more children than they can reasonably afford and take care off. There is a strict correlation in many cases between large families and poverty. In such families, finances are stretched to the limit.  There is no little monies for the rudiments, let alone for other things. Many children from large families oftentimes receive outside assistance in terms even in the rudiments such as food and clothing. 

    Many poor children are indoctrinated that there is no way out of their condition by their parents, relatives, and peers.  If they see more affluent role models, those role models are oftentimes negative.  If a poor child is smart and show promise, he/she is oftentimes discouraged by his/her parents and peers.  In many poor communities, smart children are derided and viewed as being inauthentic.   In essence, it is cool to ignorant.   Also, the delinquent and thug culture is emphasized in many poor communities.  Poor children have to adopt a type of bravado in order to navigate their respective neighborhoods.  In poor neighborhoods, pathologies reign over constructive activities.   

    Many poor children are brainwashed to not to respect education and school. They are told that education is not for them and that cool people are not interested in education.  Professor John McWhorter indicated that in many lower socioeconomic neighborhoods, high achieving children are bullied by their less achieving peers.  Sometimes their parents deride them, saying that education is futile for "people like them" and that "they have to hustle in order to live."   Many poor children are pushed into crime and other deleterious activities by their parents who want that quick dollar.  History has proved that many criminals come from lower socioeconomic or impoverished backgrounds.

    Many poor children are inculcated in the premise of instant gratification. They live from day to day without thinking and/or considering the consequences of their actions.  They just DO and REACT. The concept of a future and planning for that future is a total anathema to them.  They are told to get jobs instead of careers.  They are also brainwashed in the slave mentality.  They are told that they are at the bottom and they had better not dream big by parents and other adult role models. 

    Poor children in the United States are inculcated in such pathologies.  Really, it is not the fault of the government but the parents who have to step up to their parental responsibilities. Let's discuss this.

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    The same reason the only people getting richer are those who are already rich.

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