"Wealth protects the rich; poverty destroys the poor." Proverbs 10:15

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  1. Phanti profile image61
    Phantiposted 13 years ago

    "Wealth protects the rich; poverty destroys the poor."  Proverbs 10:15

    What does this verse say to you, do you agree or disagree? Is this relevant in today's society?  If so, what can be done about it?

  2. izoooom profile image60
    izoooomposted 13 years ago

    If I were to take it literarily in terms of material possessions, then it was probably more applicable in the days where your heritage was protected based on your family pedigree. The heritage was then passed on to next in line, etc, hence giving it protection.
    In today's society, anyone is able to acquire wealth so I am not sure how valid the verse is in literary terms in our world today.

    To me, as this is from proverbs, I take the verse to mean:

    wealth = knowledge
    poverty = lack of knowledge

  3. arb profile image77
    arbposted 13 years ago

    Wealth, once secured, enjoys both the privilege and luxury of class. That may be legal representation, government favor or better health care. On the other hand, poverty enjoys the fruit of poverty and seldom finds the favor of anyone.
    Jesus said "the poor will always be among you" so it appears that we will not overcome it. We can, however, assign a portion of our blessing upon those less advantaged. I think what they lack most and what we can give most, is voice to the injustices, that come to bare upon their lives. Unfortunately, we like to think that all men are created equal. Evidently, it ceases at birth for too many.

  4. Rob Hanlon profile image60
    Rob Hanlonposted 13 years ago

    Living in poverty can be extremely difficult, there are plenty of statistics to show that the life expectancy of those living in poverty to be considerably less than those living a 'rich' life.

  5. Jason Payne profile image60
    Jason Payneposted 13 years ago

    Personally, I feel that it means exactly what it says.

  6. Goodpal profile image77
    Goodpalposted 12 years ago

    Wealth can not protect the rich against everything; for example, sickness, misfortunes and losses. Someone rich only by virtue of ancestral gift is not actually rich if he does not have the capabilities to stand on his own.

    A person is rich only if he is capable, has good qualities, and fully stands on his own. Wealth can not give inner peace, sound sleep, and virtuous moral character or wisdom.

    Just because someone is living in deprivations does not mean that he is heading towards destruction. If he has qualities he will be up sooner or later. Your question reminds me of one of my recent hub:


  7. gmwilliams profile image83
    gmwilliamsposted 9 years ago


    When one is wealthy, he/she has the utmost in financial security in addition to having the ultimate in financial independence. In essence,wealthy people are freemen in every conceivable way. When one has socioeconomic wealth,he/she has more myriad choices in life options & lifestyles.He/she can afford to live in the best/safest neighborhoods,afford the best health, medical, & dental care. He/she can give his/her children the best education that money can buy.He/she also have access to better foods & products that can prolong his/her life,even extending his/her youth into advanced age. Also, being wealthy affords one with the power of influence whether politically, socially, or economically. Wealthy people have the means to empower & enrich others, especially through job creation.

    Poor people are oftentimes destroyed by their socioeconomic conditions.  They are at the behest & mercy of those more socioeconomically powerful.  They are the MOST likely to sink through the socioeconomic cracks to the bottomless pit of socioeconomic penury, even homelessness. They are at the MOST MERCY of an ever precarious socioeconomic environment.  They are slaves regarding life options & life choices.They have to live in the worst abominable neighborhoods, have the worst health & medical are, consume the least nutritious/poor quality food, & in generally, always being on the outside, looking in society wise.Their children are oftentimes doomed from birth, being academically disadvantaged when starting school.They also have little or no chance of even leaving their lower socioeconomic class, being condemned to lifelong poverty. 

    Poor people oftentimes live in unsafe, dangerous neighborhoods where their life expectancy are oftentimes at high risk.They are also more likely to be criminalized for acts that wealthier classes are not.They have a lower life expectancy due to the pathologies associated with being lower class & poverty.They also feel that they are insignificant & powerless. They feel that LIFE happens to them.They feel as if they are in earthly hell which they INDEED ARE.

    Socioeconomic class, particularly in the United States,is a mindset & psychology.Those from wealthier class are more proactive & engaged regarding their lives & inculcate their children that they can be highly successful & that the world is THEIR oyster.The poor inculcate their children that they CAN'T succeed as EVERYTHING is against them & to JUST ACCEPT & ENDURE the situation as ....is.

  8. profile image0
    ahorsebackposted 9 years ago

    It fits right in with todays  very  liberal   mantra  of " taking from rich to give to  the poor " mantra's  , One line taken out of  biblical context  is P.C. at it's best ,   It's interesting that line ; ---- poverty destroys the poor ,    As a child of the fifties and sixties I will say I grew up  very poor .  Poverty is in itself  an important  life lesson  everyone should learn !

    By that I mean  ;   poverty isn't a destroyer of poor people , it's an incentive !  If someone told me that , I as a poor child and that  I was being destroyed  , I'd tell them to go shit in their hat ,   Their are a thousand life lessons  that I learned coming from poverty .  One of the most important :

    If you give a child Everything  that he wants , then you teach that child that he will never be happy with Anything that he gets !

    I learned from  actually being hungry  at times that , a simple meal  with people who love you is , that  the very  table of life is what you make of it .  We need poverty to teach humility , we need poverty to teach one of the most  basic value's of life , How to earn !     Values in character can never be "redistributed ".

  9. Kiss andTales profile image60
    Kiss andTalesposted 9 years ago

    Obvious this is true, as we live these results as humans. But we all share humanity , we all have human spirit. Money is only a tool of survival created by man. But it is God who created the gold and silver before we were thought of. So with that thought we should never forget life is more precious then tools


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