Signs of 9/11 Cover-up, including proof of NIST fraud

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    lone77starposted 4 years ago

    Never mind that 3 buildings in New York City collapsed on 9/11 by controlled demolition (the proof is overwhelming -- see for details, backed up by thousands of scientists, architects and engineers).

    NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology) came out with their report a few years ago that "explained" why WTC7 collapsed late in the afternoon on 9/11. Dr. Shyam Sunder, NIST, stated that WTC7 collapsed because of office fires.

    Architects & Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 (see segment starting at 3:45)

    This means that any steel frame building in the world may be in danger of catastrophic collapse from simple office fires. But what are the conditions which would lead to such catastrophic collapse? What can architects and engineers do to prevent such collapse in any buildings built in the future? Answer: they don't know, because NIST will not release the numbers they used in their analysis! Is this criminal negligence to block the release of information critical to public safety? Or is it a cover-up, because the numbers they used were fraudulent fudging to make their results compatible with the official 9/11 story? Either way, NIST has sullied their reputation with this -- either incompetence or fraud.

    This isn't the only item of fraud on the part of NIST scientists. WTC7 also fell at perfect free fall for about 8 floors, a fact that NIST, at first, would not acknowledge. When they finally did acknowledge "free fall" in their final report, they glossed over the implications, ignoring the fact that office fires cannot account for such an extended period of free fall.

    First of all, office fires cannot melt steel. Unmelted steel offers far more than zero resistance to a collapsing structure. That resistance would slow down the collapse of a structure, making the acceleration far less than that of free fall. The evidence betrays the NIST conclusions as fraudulent.

    The following video shows analysis of WTC7 free fall and the implications of this fact.

    Physics - WTC7 Freefall by David Chandler

    WTC7: NIST Finally Admits Freefall (Part I-III)

    The weakened structure will always "push back!" Free fall means that the structure was more than merely weakened -- something simple office fires cannot do. We have to ask, why would NIST scientists commit such obvious fraud? I sincerely doubt that they are all incompetent. The only thing I have left to conclude is that they are purposefully attempting to obfuscate or to hide something.

    More Evidence of Possible Cover-up

    Why would a former federal prosecutor commit felony destruction of crime scene evidence? When Mayor Giuliani participated in the cleaning of the 9/11 crime scene before an official investigation could begin, he was committing a felony. Was this incompetence on his part? Did his legal prowess suddenly disappear because the crime was too big? Or was he helping to cover up a larger crime by ensuring that the critical evidence could not be examined by the experts?

    Why would the top military officers responsible for the massive security failures on 9/11 all get promotions instead of courts martial? Was it incompetence on the part of their superiors? Or was it part of an attempt to cover-up their complicity in 9/11?


    Our world changed because of 9/11. Tyranny has grown in the United States all because of the events of that day. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights have been shredded in the name of 9/11. Wars are being declared or waged undeclared because of 9/11. This is an ongoing "raging inferno," so the effects of 9/11 continue to be "ongoing." That's why 9/11 remains so important to us all.

    Obama now has his "kill list" which includes Americans on it. No trial, no warning -- Bang! You're dead by presidential decree. And former CIA and NSA members have been arrested without trial, without due process and held indefinitely, because they knew of the crimes of the American government and tried to do something about those crimes. This is the classic definition of "whistleblower," but somehow whistleblower protections no longer apply. Reveal a crime, go to jail. Commit a crime, get a promotion. And President Obama has made it clear that he wants Gitmo prisoners to remain incarcerated even if they are found innocent of all charges. Judge Andrew Napolitano finds this attitude to be treasonous.

    America has become the new Evil Empire, attacking other nations without provocation. We would denounce anyone else doing it. If you watch only the Corporate Party news, you would never know this.

    So, what are NIST, Mayor Giuliani and military security trying to hide?

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      I would love to see that "kill list", along with the (trumped up) reasons the individuals are on it.  Where can it be found?