Seen any movies lately? We saw Woody's "Blue Jasmine" & "Blackteeth."

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    Ralph Deedsposted 4 years ago

    "Cate Blanchett was brilliant as the down-on-her luck rich New York society woman, but the movie was a train wreck. Woody Allen was not kind to any character in the movie. Winslet's husband, played by Alec Baldwin was a philandering Ponzi schemer; Winslett's sister, played very well by Sally Hawkins, was a bagger in a San Francisco grocery store divorced by Andrew Dice Clay and about to marry truck driver, Bobby Carnavale. At first opportunity she instantly attempted to move up a notch socially by jumping into bed with Louis C.K. who neglected to tell her he was already married.

    "Blackteeth" is a very well done documentary expose' of SeaWorld's exploitation of Orcas and their trainers many of whom have been maimed or killed by the Orcas who, more often than SeaWorld admits, attack the trainers. I've never been to SeaWorld, and I would never go after seeing this movie. … sea-world/