Political Correctness in Politics and Religion - How they intertwine.

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    jonnycomelatelyposted 4 years ago

    In a recent post, I said some forthright things about hypocracy, fundamentalism and honesty.   What I said was taken as being very judgmental and rude by one correspondent.   I accept that the way I said it was harsh.

    One of the great values of HubPages is that we can have time to think about what we say, both before and after it is said.  In the ordinary face-to-face conversation, if I say something outrageous or rude or in any way offensive, the recipient is likely to walk away and not come back for any sort of explanation or retraction.  The deed is done and often very difficult to remedy.   In HubPages there is the welcomed opportunity to correct, enlarge, explain, ask for further feedback.

    Well, I have thought about what I said, long and hard.  I did it while doing some menial tasks around the garden.  You know, like when you are doing the ironing, or weeding, or vacuuming the carpet.... auto-pilot type jobs which allow your mind to think and ponder.   I have been known to apologize when wrong, but in this case will not do so.... because I feel the discussion needs to expand and help us to reach wider conclusions.

    Political correctness - Never Saying What You Really Mean - and Never Being Fully Understood

    Taking the bit about honesty first:  That came from me, honestly what I was feeling at the time, and it  was as a result of anger.   Anger that people's personal beliefs, as valid and authentic as they might be for the individual, then get taken up by masses of other individuals, only to form an impregnable fortress of opinion.  Those beliefs get hammered into acceptable forms, to be held by all who belong to that â��club,â�� and defended against all others who might not be in agreement.   It's as though life itself depended on being defended.

    I meant what I said about the USA.  As a country and a nation it has much to be proud of.  One of those attributes it the tendency to remain young at heart and in mind.   The need to explore new things, experiment, innovate.   Not get stuck in a narrow attitude.   So, in terms of your beliefs and faith, in whichever area those are focussed, I would ask for the same open-mindedness. 

    Science can never be 100% sure of anything.  Nor can any religion or faith.  So let's not pretend any one of us is right or wrong.   We have different ways of looking at things.  Different view-points, different back grounds, different emphases on life.   It is this diversity that keeps us alive and living! 

    My anger needs to dissipate, and this is my responsibility.  No one else can take on my anger.   I cannot take on yours.   If my atheistic frame of mind needs to settle a bit and allow difference of opinion, then the christian frame of mind also needs to allow for other understandings.  What is there to lose?   The truth will remain regardless of whether we agree or not.   

    Finally, for now, I suggest our way forward in trying to increase human integration with the beautiful world we share, is to open up to infinite possibilities instead of constricting belief to a once-and-for-all revelation.

    I hope this gives rise to some well-thought-through replies.  We are all here to learn, surely, and dropping the Political Correctness to some degree will help us warm to each other.  Honestly.