Useful Tips for the New Mandela _ A Land of Opportunity !

  1. wrenchBiscuit profile image84
    wrenchBiscuitposted 3 years ago
    It is interesting how Nelson Mandela,upon his passing, has been presented so well in the American press.This represents yet another useful tactic of oppression.Elevating one member of an oppressed  class to a heroic status helps to create the illusion that the state recognizes and appreciates Mr.Mandela's contributions to society. Consequently, the illusion of democracy and freedom is also reinforced. When we observe the behavior and the actions of the state,we are not able to reconcile the lip service paid to Mr. Mandela by many politicians; considering  the realities of the inner cities,legislation that bleeds the American people, and the erosion of  freedom and the right to privacy.Such as:

    • Inner city violence: an unavoidable effect of capitalism
    • warehousing of the poor in the inner cities : an unavoidable effect of capitalism
    • Patriot Act : an undeniable act of tyranny
    • an unfair tax code
    • unwarranted surveillance of U.S. citizens,such as the use of license plate scanners, and other means of surveillance.

    The New Mandela,should he or she  rise up in the United States, will have no trouble finding a cause celebre.If the issues I have already outlined aren't enough here a few more:

    • environmental pollution
    • rape and sex crimes against American women
    • significant and substantial reparations to African Americans: not welfare
    • reparations to Indigenous nations and an agreeable property settlement concerning stolen lands ( most of the continent)
    •  U.S. pullout in Diego Garcia and the repatriation of all citizens, along with reparations for pain and suffering.

    I hope this short post will be helpful to the New Mandela,whoever he/or she may be; as they  refine political strategy during their  27 year stint  in a U.S. prison.