Gang rape of women in India

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  1. Sulabha profile image83
    Sulabhaposted 4 years ago

    I am proud to be an Indian. And that's why it hurts me when something terrible happens in the country. The latest being the gang rape of a 20 year old woman by 14 men in Bengal. A punishment awarded to her by village men  for having an affair with some one outside her community. I just don't understand how some people can be so sadistic and cruel. Clearly, it reflects on their family background? Somewhere, I feel that their mothers have failed. May be I am being hard. But I am sure I am not all together wrong.
    Based on this I wrote the hub " Healthy pregnancy & good child rearing can prevent behavioral problems"
    Now advise me where I went wrong. I eagerly await some good tips.

    1. jeserem profile image77
      jeseremposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      That should not happen in a great country like Indian. It is really sad that such things are happening in a country that is poised to become a world power. I may be wrong, but such behavior appears to be prevalent in the poorer regions of any country.
      Can such a thing happen to a rich girl from Delhi, for example? It is time the whole country stood up against such cruelty-- India has a well developed justice system that should mercilessly punish such acts.

      1. Sulabha profile image83
        Sulabhaposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        Dear Jeseram,
        Yes it is terrible. Unfortunately, Nirbhaya case happened in Delhi. I hate to say all this! I love my India. And all my life I was taught not to wash dirty linen in public. Which is why I feel miserable.
        Yes, Law & Order needs to be more strict. But maybe we need to ensure that sadism & rapist mentality is not born.
        Thank you very much for your support.

  2. LongTimeMother profile image95
    LongTimeMotherposted 4 years ago

    Sulabha, that is tragic. Where was her father? Why was he not protecting his daughter? I appreciate that it is difficult for a woman in India to stand up to the village men - but surely her father should have.

    1. Sulabha profile image83
      Sulabhaposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Dear LongTimeMother,
      Yes it is tragic. But as it appears the village has always followed the tribal ways and has never allowed police and journalists to enter. In this case too, the police and press are  finding it difficult to probe further.But whatever that has been reported fills one with revulsion. The headman encouraged teenagers to father- age men to commit the horrendous crime.The family has been left helpless.
      Thank you for understanding my mental plight.


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