Shades of Light

  1. Mandhla Moyo profile image60
    Mandhla Moyoposted 4 years ago

    I once read this somewhere; 'I think therefore I am', and to think that I think all the time but yet still question -really, am I? Before I even say 'I Am' who is this I that 'I am' denoting, is it the conscious that enables me to ascertain that particular statement or is it the flesh inanimate in being that I am addressing? Who am I when I say I am? I maybe should have titled these ideals 'god thought' as I believe that's the I am I address when I formerly introduce myself. What makes us different you and I? Is it the  self that does? I could be black or white -you see it's not color that distinguishes the persona...
    Like a gun, if I may, we know how it looks and we have an idea of the frightening sound it brings when it speaks at the same time the one wielding the gun has the authority on it's operation but the power remains with the gun and specifically the bullet in the gun- color could give one an idea on what to expect before even one speaks. I don't create the stereotypes nor will I dress them, I will let them run free naked, it is in our own very nature to admire the package before the purchase, I also read somewhere that 'presentation is everything' and what I will present here might be nothing to most but is everything to me.

    First and foremost, I did not choose to be born black and if I did have the choice I wouldn't change it either, what I choose is to accept or decline the stereotypes ascribed to me, I cannot choose freedom because it is not mine to choose but for all and confined by none, there are no rights, freedom is the right as truth is through love. From pasts I cannot even begin to mention we have wrestled with ideas of containment, human being to human being, the power struggles that have always been there even before Eden... I hear chants everywhere about the New World Order, forgetting that there's nothing new about this Order, it's ancient ideals can be realised now in people's full view yes but it is far from being new, each of us including our great grandparents have breathed it and helped grow it in our illusions of freedom.

    I have never been an occultist but there are some sacred things that should be set apart from daily life, however, anything else that hinders or stops my progress to becoming a fully realised human being should be addressed, I get angry at times and anger, like any other emotion, is a powerful weapon enough to be feared, the force of the people especially those speaking in one accord properly directed is more powerful than metal cans and constructs.
    It is stupidity to wrestle ideas instead of freeing them and watching them materialise, to convince another to look beyond your stereotype does not necessarily require you to change your packaging- if you are black and all I see when You appear from a dark corner is violence and the face of anarchy; you should love and show me compassion instead, I have met enough brothers who find their identity in their stereotypes, young boys who think being black and wearing a hood on makes them gangsta while the real gangstahs are in parliament trying to find a solution for you like you're a maths problem waiting to be solved.

    What saddens me most is not the fact that whether you white or black you play your stereotype or some kind of stereotype in search of or simply trying to fit in a certain construct, no, we were created differently for that same purpose to fit in beautifully together in all manner of constructs- puzzle pieces of the same creation. There are a lot if young African boys and girls living in Africa, educated beyond civilisation and more awake to the reality that is more than most adults, the question they keep asking is why is Africa still labeled as a poor continent, why is there a stamp of poverty and famine and civil war, of tribalism of religious warfare, of racial profiling in a predominantly Black continent?  Why is it that if Kenya finds oil the first companies on scene to build a refinery and 'provide jobs for the people' is European? Why is it that if a leader or our elder disgraces our cultures they are airlifted and tried in foreign courts? How can we have so much yet live with so little? Why is it easier to get a trade partner in the United States of America or the Peoples Republic of China than Libya, Egypt, Congo South Africa or Madagascar?  "How can we have so much yet live on so little"...?

    What makes a human being civil if I may ask? Is it education, class, color, creed... Behaviour or personality? Because if civil is relational then we by far not as civilised as most baboons and other wilder beasts. Language is meant to communicate because people need understanding not exploitation, education is meant to liberate not condemn or confine, when you teach a child to think why should you then be surprised when that child starts to challenge your ideals. I am not against much but only one thing - our illusion of freedom- and especially when it comes to rich, beautiful and vibrant Africa, I doubt Africa knows that it is free- as a people, as lands, as countries, kingdoms and beliefs... All free as it was in the beginning. We are bound by ideals and constructs and contracts and systems that are not our own, adopted like most of the faith we have innately made our own, and we wonder why there is so much confusion and conflicts. To realise we are first and foremost one as a people beyond color and belief, that we are one as a people beyond tribe and tradition, we are one as a people beyond settlement and culture, we are one in all our differences, we should rejoice in that and learn to fit each other in as we should be... All we need we have why do we look over mountains and Great Lakes when our lands hold more than what we think they do. It's time to invest in us, know thyself, understand thyself that's my dream and only prayer for Africa.

    I started off writing this to try and address an experience but in the end what I thought was a ripple turned out to be a wave.


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