Should a person who is suffering from a terminal illness be able to

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  1. MonkeyShine75 profile image71
    MonkeyShine75posted 4 years ago

    end their life by using a doctor? Yes or no, and why?

    1. paradigmsearch profile image88
      paradigmsearchposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, pointless and neverending pain is just that. Oregon will help people in that situation.

      1. MonkeyShine75 profile image71
        MonkeyShine75posted 4 years agoin reply to this

        Thank you, that's good to know about Oregon
        People shouldn't have to be required to live a worthless, painful, and tortured life

  2. therighttowrite profile image69
    therighttowriteposted 4 years ago

    I believe the word you are looking for is euthanasia, and I believe that euthanasia should be legal. Voluntary euthanasia is essentially assisted suicide where the person suffers no pain. If someone is terminally ill, doesn't want to live anymore, sad, hopeless and so on; who are we or the law to stop them from suiciding? Thus, why would we force someone to have a painful and miserable death when they can have "Dignity in Dying".
    Dignity in Dying is one of the biggest groups supporting Euthanasia and might be one of the biggest reference sources over the issue and furthers the discussion on the topic. Down below is their approach to the issue:

    Quoting Dignity in Dying's wikipedia page:
    Dignity in Dying is a United Kingdom nationwide campaigning organisation. Dignity in Dying's stated view is that everyone has the right to a dignified death. They interpret this to mean:

    -Everybody should be able to choose where they die, who else would be present at that time and the treatment options they would welcome or not.

    -A person should have access to information on their end-of-life options from qualified experts and their carers, family and friends should also be able to access high quality care and support.

    -Ultimately an individual should have the right to plan for and then take personal control over their own death, including the medication and pain relief they wish to receive or not.

    For further read, you can check out: … _Societies

    1. MonkeyShine75 profile image71
      MonkeyShine75posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I aqree with you. They have a program called "The Right To Die With Dignity", or something like that. I saw it on TV
      They give them a pill or pills to take when they are ready, and then they slowly slip into a coma, and die. They showed one sick old man after he took it, and it looked like he had fallen asleep.

      To obtain these benefits you have to be a resident of the state that allows mercy killings. Residency takes six months

  3. wilderness profile image95
    wildernessposted 4 years ago

    The simple answer is "Yes", but the question is fraught with danger.  Grown children wanting Mom or Dad out of the way for inheritance.  Mental illness.  Simple loneliness.  Murder disguised as euthanasia. 

    We badly need to figure out how to permit a choice to move on from this life, but do it in such a way that it is an actual, informed choice.

    1. MonkeyShine75 profile image71
      MonkeyShine75posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      The doctors and nurses film the patient stating they want to die, and they also have to sign papers if they are able. If they are not able to make choices, their children must to go to court to prove they should be killed (for lack of another word, as my thoughts glitch)

      1. wilderness profile image95
        wildernessposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        Meaning months of effort in many cases.  And the person dies a natural, pain filled, death in the meantime.  We can do better it just takes someone smarter than me to figure out how.

        1. MonkeyShine75 profile image71
          MonkeyShine75posted 4 years agoin reply to this

          Make it legal in every state first, and foremost so the person doesn't have to wait six months for residency. Also the person should plan in advance after he gets a diagnosis, and a prognoses, then move to the state who allows it

          1. wilderness profile image95
            wildernessposted 4 years agoin reply to this

            What should be done and what usually IS done are two different things.

            Either accidents or sudden illness can make life untenable without leaving reasonable time to move, make declarations, etc.  While such a decision should not be made overnight, fighting through the courts for months isn't the answer either.

            1. MonkeyShine75 profile image71
              MonkeyShine75posted 4 years agoin reply to this

              I know Wilderness, my suggestions are for the only things that can be done at this time in our lives


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