When John Kerry Won the Election - A Brit's Lament

  1. GA Anderson profile image84
    GA Andersonposted 21 months ago

    I stumbled across this author and an interesting 'Diary' entry concerning American politics.

    It's dated, (2006), and you can spot some failed predictions/perceptions, but the article does make some interesting observations.

    London Review of Books - Diary - John Lanchester

    The John Kerry anecdote at the beginning leads to party politics, the net's political blogosphere, and Main Stream Media musings.

    A couple observations brought out the 'Hmm..." in me;

    The Net's political blogosphere is the Left's counter to Right-wing talk radio... Hmm...


    Folks of other nations, (politically-minded ones), view American elections with a sense of impotence; they know the results may impact them, but there is nothing they can do to affect the outcome.

    Then he really hooked me with a bit from the TV series 'The West Wing'.

    Instantly, Donald Trump came to mind... A pre-2006 TV series statement... Hmm...


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      Credence2posted 21 months agoin reply to this


      So, from the Brit's perspective America is the nation most feared and hated and the outcome of its elections gives those on the outside a sense of impotence as not able to affect the outcome.

      That is how we are seen by the outside. My opinion of Bush was the same as the author.

      BTW, I missed you in the debate about lobbying and campaign finance. I will try to dredge up the thread and give an opinion.

      Have a great weekend.....

      1. GA Anderson profile image84
        GA Andersonposted 21 months agoin reply to this

        Greetings Credence2,

        I recall something about a lobby thread... I think you read a little more than was there in that "most feared and hated" summary.