Why did Obama's break promise to secure our border's?

  1. Jackie Lynnley profile image82
    Jackie Lynnleyposted 14 months ago

    Here you can hear him clearly say we need to secure our borders, and that he would right away, so what happened?
    Now Hillary promises the same thing while promising us 65,000 refugees as soon as she is president. (Also thinking Sharia Law is a good thing.) Will she do any different from Obama? Can we trust her not to take money while in office and be bought as has been going on to be doing what others want to benefit them instead of us? Her trust level is so low and lies so abundant, what would make us think now she is telling the truth?

  2. colorfulone profile image90
    colorfuloneposted 14 months ago

    There is so much proof that Hillary Clinton is a liar, that nothing she could say would cause me to trust or believe her.  Same with Obama.

    I just Googled "hillary clinton lies"
    About 58,600,000 results (0.48 seconds)