Is the US election affecting your online sales?

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    Solarasposted 10 months ago

    Fear and Loathing in the USA

    I personally believe fear and angst has shoppers and some web surfers hunkered down, afraid to spend disposable income.  Each time I see some recovery, a new hideous revelation is made about one of the candidates, and the faucet is turned off.

    CEOs of big box retailers blame their slump on the election, and in the past, elections have shown a slowing sales trend up to election day, followed by a pop in sales the week after the election.  Bloomberg scoffs, saying Amazon is unaffected.

    The only sales I am seeing right now are on Amazon.  My Sears, Ebay and personal website are moribund.

    What is everyone else's experience? Why would Amazon be immune to this phenomenon?