How to go about the change for Trump

  1. rhamson profile image76
    rhamsonposted 15 months ago

    Here is a little experiment. Try and list the changes necessary to move the country along with all of its problems. I wonder how long it can remain a positive thread without all the rancor and finger pointing.

    Here are some topics:

    1. Jobs
    2. Immigration
    3. Education
    4. Wars

    1. threekeys profile image80
      threekeysposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      From  an  Onlooker' s Perspective.

      Work with the divine law of love (even act as if). St Thomas Aquinas said when one acts with charity (a doing action) one touches their soul and love becomes a standard spreading warmth n trust.
      -need to allow the middle and poor working class to swell to even things out.
      -stay open to being adaptable
      -for those doing it tough, for now you are going to hold back the jealousy until things shift to your favour.
      -unfortunately, the bottom line is, each and everyone of you have to build partnerships and alliances in your neck of the woods. Its a MUST.
      -your health system? You need to fight for it.
      -who represents the Lion? and the Eagle? As they will be influential in any economic challenge/s in next 6-12 months, my guess.
      -the Trade Agreement between USA, UK, Australia...etc needs to be sorted out.

      To Resolve Any Economic Challenge/s?
      And you will improve your odds and regain what is lost.
      -work at trust/forming partnerships

      Bottom Line? Rally to find the courage to help yourself and help others not to be afraid to do the same.
      Pride keeps us fighting even when there is no cause.
      Call off the war. It takes courage to find peace

  2. wilderness profile image98
    wildernessposted 15 months ago

    I'll add infrastructure - ours is getting really dated and badly in need of repair.

    and foreign citizens in the country illegally.
    And health care.  Not insurance - health care that people can afford without requiring someone else to pick up the tab.
    And the debt/deficit