The Trump presidency

  1. Ivan Tod profile image60
    Ivan Todposted 9 months ago

    I find it difficult to understand why so many people are still wrapped up in the Trump/Russia/DNC hack story when the new president is, in opposition to any president before him since John F. Kennedy, doing exactly what he promised to do. With the exception of having Hillary Clinton arrested; Comey is out, national healthcare is being made better through the presidents' creation of a more competetive health insurance industry, foreign trade is being re-negotiated for terms more favorable to America, the "Paris Accord" has been exposed for what it really is(the re-distribution of America's wealth to other countries), a re-working of the tax structure for one favorable to those who actually pay their taxes, he is holding our supposed allies to their agreeded upon part of the global "help" program to aid developing countries etc. etc.. The list goes on and all these "sovereignty preserving" acts are just what the doctor ordered for a healthy and productive America. So, instead of continuing to attack the presidential choice of the Electors(the people who ACTUALLY elect the president), perhaps it's time for everyone to look at what he is doing for America. If anyone watched his address on the Paris Accord they would know he means business in his quest to rebuild America and put Americans first. Anyone who has a problem with that is in fact anti-America. That being said, the socialist agenda of former president Obama, which would have been continued had Hillary been elected, is no longer on the table. I have no doubts whatsoever that had Hillary been elected the global standing of America would have continued to slide until it became just another piece of the globalist agenda of world-wide socialism.
    Sovereignty is something America has been slowly and systematically relieved of but its revival is priority one with Trump, as it should be for ALL Americans. We have the means to support our own energy needs if necessary, our own agriculture as we've done for centuries and our military is more than capable, as it has shown, of taking care of the business of protecting our own interest abroad. We need nothing from any foreign government in any way regardless of what some naysayers may believe. All that we need we have including a president who is not only willing, but is determined to see it through.
    So, my question would be; Are some Americans, be they republican or democrat, so distraught at Hillary Clintons failure to convince the electoral body of her ability and worthiness to lead the country that they refuse to see what President Trump is doing in favor of America?

  2. ahorseback profile image61
    ahorsebackposted 9 months ago

    You have to understand that half of America's voters  the disillusioned half  anyways ,  the entire Obama administration ,  the entire mainstream  news media bought and paid for by Hilary -Obama ,   THOUGHT that they owned this American election cycle . ALL OF IT , the polls and their results , the campaign , the election and the it's media propaganda and bias born results !

    And then KABOOM !       Trump won the electoral majority , the election !

    Now  , the same leftist propaganda machine ,the  labor unions ,the intellectual  academic  elitists,  the ignorance of a bias driven media , and the Hilary denial  machine is watching the entire Obama  LEGACY being chipped away one  moronic  PC   accomplishment at a time , diving into the flat  horizon terrain  like a smoking dirigible burning away in the drifting air currents !

    Guess what - No more Obama Legacy , no more Hilary for  President , no  feeling the Bern !

    Nothing left but the Crying ,  problem is , they will cry for two or three more years , get used to it !