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I think this is wrong

  1. ptosis profile image86
    ptosisposted 5 months ago

    News headline .. First Amendment Group Threatens Legal Action Against Trump for Blocking People on Twitter

    I disagree. Should be able to block. They can still read the offical tweets. Just unable to troll.

    What do you think? I'm on the fence here. One way I Want a Public official to get constructive criticism but nut have time wasted ploughing through 'junk mail'.

    1. Live to Learn profile image81
      Live to Learnposted 5 months agoin reply to this

      I'm not on the fence. If it were determined that he can't block then it would follow no one could. Every one would have to give in to trolls.

  2. ahorseback profile image78
    ahorsebackposted 5 months ago

    Seriously ?
    So I guess Twitter  is where America's media  has come to ,  America and it's new  first amendment , an  entire constitution of rights to be abused  , exploited  ignored , Liberties to be imploded  , outsourced , bought and then  sold  by the courts ,  Where has the American from the sixteenth -seventeenth  century evolved  ? 

    To Twitter ?
    Walking around dumbly with his face , his mind and his soul  attached permanently by a  used umbilical  chord  to a "smart phone "?  Something that replaced the  pacifier , you remember what that was mom ,  something you used to give the child to shut them up ? it's called   Social Media but more than likely it SHOULD have been called  Self Involved Media .

    News Flash________  He's the president , He should be able to ban , block or even  blow up half of the immaturity of obstructionists with one push of a button on his phone .

    The new 40 year old tweeter =  The old 16 year old revolutionary.

    1. ptosis profile image86
      ptosisposted 5 months agoin reply to this

      Immature obstructionists are not even real people with inalienable rights? Your statement shows blatant disregard for basic human dignity. Sort of psychopathic objectifying isn't it? When you have majorities in both the House and the Senate, who exactly are the obstructionists?

      Dehumanization is the psychological process of demonizing the enemy, making them seem less than human and hence not worthy of humane treatment. This can lead to increased violence, human rights violations, war crimes, and genocide.

      “Dehumanisation is viewed as a central component to intergroup violence because it is frequently the most important precursor to moral exclusion, the process by which stigmatized groups are placed outside the boundary in which moral values, rules, and considerations of fairness apply"

      Eric Trump says critics of his father are “not even people.” That is unAmerican because in America,  our founding documents uphold free speech, American's cherish free speech.

  3. colorfulone profile image87
    colorfuloneposted 5 months ago

    Social media worked so well for Trump to get elected as the populous.  He is using it even more strategically once again. He reaches over 110 million followers now and bypasses the tv networks.  That's why so many have such a hardon to get him off of Twitter. The trolls get nasty horrible, they should get blocked for being low quality beings.   

    Its funny at times seeing them SJWs hashtag this and hashtag that. Its like their weapon of destruction on Twitter.  I got involved in one organized hashtag war during the campaign. We rocked it on social media and hacked electronic billboards at a rally with our message instead of the opposition's.  I didn't know that could be done by mass hashtagging on Twitter. It was fun to watch it happen on live video.

    I guess I'm a little talkative, must be the covfefe.

  4. ahorseback profile image78
    ahorsebackposted 5 months ago

    " If only we could control ALL the media "

    The Nazi Left .