Donna Brazille , Elizabeth Warren say DNC Rigged

  1. ahorseback profile image81
    ahorsebackposted 5 weeks ago

    Here are two well loved democrats both admitting that the DNC  rigged the elections , News Flash ;       I wonder how many times this was pointed out in forums  during the primaries , election cycles ?

    Come on Bernie  , going to step up and support your girls?

    Everyone say "thank you ahorseback" .

    1. jackclee lm profile image81
      jackclee lmposted 5 weeks agoin reply to this

      It is well known by all after the primary that the jig was in for Hillary. That is why Bernie has no credibility. He got screwed and he still went out to support Hillary...

      1. colorfulone profile image85
        colorfuloneposted 5 weeks agoin reply to this

        And, Bernie was bought off?  I do believe so. He got right behind Hillary after softly slamming her.
        The red sports car he is driving, the lake  home he bought... ?  Running from media coverage...I've seen it. 

        It is questionable? Money doesn't suddenly grow on trees. 
        It stinks!  Bernie is crazy like a fox in the hen house, in my opinion.