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Why is President Obama loved by media and activist across the country?

  1. darklingthrush profile image52
    darklingthrushposted 8 years ago

    Why is President Obama loved by media and activist across the country?

    I ask this question because I know the answer.  I want to know what the rest of you think you know.  I want to write my first "hub" on this subject.

  2. Hilly Chism profile image74
    Hilly Chismposted 8 years ago

    I think the number one reason that he is loved is because he is not George Bush, It was such a relief to the rest of the world that they would have loved whoever followed him.

  3. abdullahkhan5 profile image52
    abdullahkhan5posted 8 years ago

    Well one reason could be people's frustration with Bush era policies of unilateralism and interventionism. Obama promised change and he is a changed person than his predecessor.
    He does not hail from an 'aristocratic' background like Bush and made people feel that he is one of them.
    His foreign policy differs as seen in his overtures towards Iran and other issues like Nuclear Disarmament.
    He might be blamed for being a socialist(btw socialism does not sound as bad as it used to be) but he has taken steps to rectify and rein in greedy bankers to some extent or atleast save the common man though it will take time.
    He is an African American and he has a Muslim background which is a plus with a large part of the population.
    He is liked in Europe since he wants to talk rather than just order Europeans to pack their bags and invade a country.
    I think these reasons do not answer your question regarding press but in general why he draws popular support.
    I saw him address the regular White House Press briefing himself which was rare incident for a President when he took over from the current Press Secretary.
    I hope it helps to some extent.

  4. braudboy profile image62
    braudboyposted 8 years ago

    Well, I think people in general are gullible and are believing his bologna.  He makes promises that he will provide them with free health care, a job, a "piece of the pie", and people are buying into it.  As time goes by, they will become less enfatuated with him as his promises ring hollow.  The media loves him because they are of the same agenda.  He is extremely liberal as is our mainstream media.

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