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Everything That Rises Must Come Down. Has Obama Started Falling?

  1. ngureco profile image84
    ngurecoposted 8 years ago

    Everything That Rises Must Come Down. Has Obama Started Falling?

  2. Common_Sense profile image52
    Common_Senseposted 8 years ago

    I think the statistics speak for themselves here. Obama is not only down, but falling at a rate only matched by Jimmy Carter, and deservedly so. Additionally, those who support Obama are seeing the suffering starting to come their direction as well. Time will tell, but in my opinion, his decline in popularity has come quicker than I anticipated. Way to go AMERICA.

  3. DK5 profile image57
    DK5posted 8 years ago

    Obama is sinking like Ted Kennedy's Crown Victoria at Chappaquiddick.  This outrageous quadrupling of our national debt is retarding,hindering any recovery. Growing government does not add value to our economy. Obama must give businesses an incentive to invest in America yet "Cap and trade" will only do the opposite. Tax,tax, tax, is coming. It will be concealed in fancy names like "Cap and Trade" but make no mistake,it will cost us all dearly for generations to come.

  4. Hiperion profile image60
    Hiperionposted 8 years ago

    I hope not. He started very well, i hope he can continue the good job.

  5. Lady_E profile image74
    Lady_Eposted 8 years ago

    No he isn't.  I know a lot of people are waiting for his downfall, but sadly they will be disappointed.

    My question to such people is "can you do a better job"?  At least give him a year in office.

  6. EdG. profile image60
    EdG.posted 8 years ago

    The President has always been the "face" of the nation, so when the nation is doing poorly, so is the President(from a popularity standpoint). In some cases, it is not entirely the president's fault. Obama entered office with a huge stack of problems to handle. However, it seems that he has only been exacerbating the problems we had already. If Bush's military spending wasn't bad enough, Obama has that and his economic "stimulus" plan on the table to add to the national debt. He's been going downhill since his election.

  7. The Shark profile image60
    The Sharkposted 8 years ago

    We could only hope that the drones that voted for him actually start to come out of their hypnotic trance. I laugh at the people saying he's doing a good job, are you kidding? Where? You must mean the Three Trillion that is going to cost YOU about $125,000 in new taxes in your life. Or maybe you mean the success with winning over N Korea as a friend, after Bush got them to agree to shut down their wmd program and accept UN inspections. Or maybe you mean bringing home the troops, let's see we're up to 38,000 in Afghanastan now. I thought that was suppossed to be a NATO operation? Funny how the press ridiculed Bush when he said we had a coalition in Iraq, at least the Brits did send a substantial number of troops.
    Or maybe you mean the going on 10% unemployment, but ohh, they misread the economy---yhea and a lot more.
    Or maybe you mean nationalizing GM, and in the process violating just about every bankruptcy law on the books, leading to a major law suit against the gov't by Indianna Funds.
    Or maybe you are referring to the excitement about us giving up our health care freedom. I'm throwing in with the abortionists on this one, keep your hand off my body---it's my choice.
    Ohh I know, you mean tax and spend, sure elec co's fined for putting up carbon and that expense being passed onto you, me and businesses. I hear India and China are all excited about this one as they wait for more outsourcing to take advantage of their cheap energy.
    With Success like this who needs failure?

    The Shark---2010 can't get here quick enough

  8. Place Kick profile image55
    Place Kickposted 8 years ago

    With Obama's strong disapproval rating going from a low of 15% up to 40%  and his strong approval rating going from a high of 60% down to 30% I would say in less than a year the facts are he's falling fast and hard.  The diehard Obama supporters would like to make people think that he is still as strong as he was in the beginning, but facts don't lie, Obama does!