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Who will be America's next president?

  1. Brett Winn profile image87
    Brett Winnposted 6 years ago

    Who will be America's next president?

  2. zzron profile image56
    zzronposted 6 years ago


    I have always voted for ZZ Top for president. LOL.

  3. MickS profile image69
    MickSposted 6 years ago

    I wasn't aware that the American continents voted for a president.  I know that the USA does, and, with the exception of Canada so does  just about every other country in the mainland conttinents

  4. billybuc profile image87
    billybucposted 6 years ago

    The same one we have now; the Republicans have yet to roll out a candidate who can beat Obama and it's getting a little late now!

  5. profile image0
    Sooner28posted 6 years ago

    The Republican circus has shown the current GOP is intellectually bankrupt.  Obama has been beating the GOP candidates in recent polls, and the fact that the base is forcing the presidential hopefuls to make outrageous statements, like "Obama is at war with religion," means that they will never be able to appeal to independents.

  6. feenix profile image60
    feenixposted 6 years ago

    The short answer is Mitt Romney.

    And the long answer is Governor Mitt Romney.

  7. Brett Winn profile image87
    Brett Winnposted 6 years ago

    feenix, I so hope you are wrong. I shudder to think how a man who treats his dog the way he did would treat human beings!

  8. Michael Belk profile image57
    Michael Belkposted 6 years ago

    It hard to tell, you never know in politics.  i  thought Rick S. never had a chance.

  9. coast2coast79 profile image59
    coast2coast79posted 6 years ago

    Right now I believe Obama will be the next president. America has the lowest unemployment claims in the past 4 years and voters are largely concern with jobs and the economy. However, the president is not immune to the same shifts in popularity that have plagued his Republican counter parts. Can you remember when Donald Trump was basking in the popularity brought on by the birther issue, or when Herman Cain had his 9,9,9 plan. We vote based on issues that concern us on election day. If the Obama administration can continue to lead us down the path to economic recovery while avoiding costly oil trade disruptions and military involvements abroad, I see no reason why he shouldn't see another term in office.

  10. profile image0
    Larry Wallposted 6 years ago

    I think President Obama will be the next president. Regardless of who is the Republican nominee, there is going to be some kind of third party movement, which splits the conservative vote, just as Ross Perot split the conservative vote, allowing Bill Clinton to beat George Bush.

    A one-term president is viewed as a failure. I do not believe the Democrats and the Black community are going to let that happen to President Obama, The President can spend his time help fellow Democrats and developing responses to all the issues the Republican are raising. He can also use the rise in partisan politics to his advantage--since the Democrats are raising it to a new level internally.

  11. mkeith profile image60
    mkeithposted 6 years ago


    I love how people will make a inaccurate comment to purposefully mislead people...

    yes, right now we are at the lowest in 4 years, but look at it over the past 10 years...

    coast2coast79, here is your unemployment rate....

    Source:  Bureau of Labor Statistics    http://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS14000000

  12. thost profile image60
    thostposted 6 years ago

    Looking at the news coverage, the Republicans are a mess.

    Obama will pump the economy with more credit; people will think the recession (correction) is over. But when the election is over, things will start to get ugly again.

    All over the world politicians use this same old formula, because it gets them re-elected.

    Obama is the best man for the job, because he will not have to worry about re-election. He will want to go down in history as a president that did something remarkable, like ending or starting a war or trying to fix the economy.

    I must check what the odds are in the betting shops.

  13. healthwriterbob profile image83
    healthwriterbobposted 6 years ago

    I believe that if unemployment keeps edging downward, and the monthly number of jobs created keeps looking good, Barack Obama will be America's next president.