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Obama's Health Care Plan will take away services from 75 million Boomers, potent

  1. BudHasherdashery profile image54
    BudHasherdasheryposted 8 years ago

    Obama's Health Care Plan will take away services from 75 million Boomers, potentially shorten our li

    My wife had breast cancer last year, had to have a complete radical hysterectomy as a preventive measure.  Looking at Obama's Health Care Plan, we will lose some important benefits.  Obviously, I am opposed to his plan, opposed to Universal Coverage which amounts to socialized medicine.  I am trying to figure out how people think it is fair for us to have to give up the very medical services my wife is depending on to keep her well and healthy.

  2. Ralph Deeds profile image65
    Ralph Deedsposted 8 years ago

    What "important benefits" do you think you will lose under Obama's plan? Why do you think your wife will have to "give up the very medical services my wife is depending on to keep her well and healthy?"

    My impression is that Obama's plan and those being discussed in Congress will extend coverage to 30 million people who have no health insurance and won't take anything away from anybody.

  3. BudHasherdashery profile image54
    BudHasherdasheryposted 8 years ago


    First, thank you for the reply...curious here...of that 30 million who will get coverage, how many are Illegal Aliens?  Yes, that is an important question, and one that none of my elected officials are willing to answer.

    Secondly, as one of 75-79 million Boomers, I am very leary that so many billions are being moved away from long term care and medicare/medicaid, and into preventive care (which benefits the young).  Some in Congress have already admitted that certain long care costs are no longer going to be covered under the current bills being considered.

    Cancer treatments are expensive, as are the drugs to fight cancer.  Under our current plan, all those things are covered. However, once you use our taxes to create a government run system in competition with the private sector, the government run system has a pricing advantage, and to compete the Blue Crosses and other private systems will have to cut access to certain services and drugs to remain competive in the market place.

    I was 40 before I was fortunate enough to have major medical coverage, it was the price I paid for wanting to start my own company...these crying weenies that want everyone else to pick up the tab for them need to get a life.  I am not willing to give up a damn thing, or risk what is left of my wife's health on Obama's grand social experiment, in his quest to have America become a socialized medicine nation.

  4. Quilligrapher profile image86
    Quilligrapherposted 8 years ago

    A bit off topic, I admit, but as an average middle class American citizen, I would gladly trade my government health insurance coverage for the plan that our congressman voted for themselves!

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    maggiemaeposted 8 years ago

    I'm a Canadian, and while some of us complain about waits for some elective procedures, the system has worked well for us.  My husband had colon cancer and he had excellent immediate care.  In our system the doctors are private contractors who negotiate their fees with the Province.  They may not collect fees from patients and the Provincial Health Plan.  There are a few items not covered, but on the flip side low income families have their health insurance premiums subsidized and also prescriptions.

    I am afraid for my American relatives and two sons that live in the US.  What if they lose their jobs or develop a "pre-existing" condition that disqualifies them for health care.  If the news reports are to be believed, the US is going to have serious problems funding Medicare before long and it doesn't appear that the AMA or insurance industry have put forward any solutions.  So much for capitalism, eh!   

    i suggest you watch  the documentary "Sicko", it focuses on managed health care systems in other countries.  Some of them are working and some not so much.  i don't think that the US can continue for many more years with business as usual.

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