Politics and Sci Fi II

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    CORBETTLEEposted 8 years ago

    I posted this subject earlier then had mechanical difficulties that I only today was able to overcome thank you everyone for your responses but I must object to somethings.
    Ledefensstech was critical of my Starship Troopers, because he believes that a military government is automatically bad, 1st I would like to disagree with that assumption, and, 2nd I never said military government. There are many government jobs that fall outside the military and also fall outside the actual governing of this nation, it is these positions as well as the military that I refer when I say previous service should be performed before being allowed to run in an election.
    For Michael Brannigan to brand myself who has served in the armed forces and those others who have died or lost limbs or suffered the effects of war a coward well what can I say. yes there are those who claim patriotism and are not them selves patriots.
    By being the peon it is much better to judge what it is a leader should do, and the patriotism to do what is required to benefit THE MOST, is demonstrated in these aforementioned positions.
    Upon completion of this service you qualify to run for office just like in the original elections over 200 years ago you had to be a landowner to qualify.
    I agree a civilian government is best but it should be made from those who have proved there willingness to sacrifice with prior service really is it necessary to spell this out.
    Ledefensetech States that special election are a bad thing because they lead to what we have lying special interest, pork, his argument lacks credibility because WE DON'T HAVE SPECIAL ELECTIONS. How can you justify to we the people that our leader had a less than 30 percent approval and there was and is nothing we can do about it. If an elected official knew he could loose his job by making unpopular after unpopular after unpopular decision don't you think he would change his tune?
    Your remarks on health care are totally wrong, consumer reports on doctors hospitals and all other aspects of the medical field already exist, that nor the skyrocketing malpractice insurance rates has eased the increasing expense of medical care and personal responsibility you tout is a Scrooge way of saying that the $8.00 per hour gas station clerk take care of his or her own pancreatic cancer. How?
    And how in the world does licensing and regulating Doctors reduce the quantity of qualified Physicians,is there truly a Government employee out there somewhere saying no that's it the quotas all filled up?
    Finally Papascot and Ledefensetech bandy about the law vs custom, while touting accountability and responsibility come on chose a side. No I wouldn't murder someone because that is wrong, But the Law has saved me from getting my butt kicked on several occasions, Not fear of the whupping but fear of the judge has kept me from punching certain individuals whom I thought deserved it. Has it not you or is there nothing you would fight for. Right or wrong.