do u get tired of always doing the right thing and just want to be a "bad girl/g

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    qtkeeksposted 7 years ago

    do u get tired of always doing the right thing and just want to be a "bad girl/guy", for a day?

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    websclubsposted 6 years ago

    Doing the right thing: It is a must do. Other wise there would be complete chaos total disorder and confusion all over the place.
    For you to keep on doing the right  thing  more often, you needs to make it one of your main objectives in life. It requires that you continually focus on doing no harm, do good, do the right thing and keep it as a top priority.
    Are you one of those people that is always trying to do the right thing? More than not it may require that you give up some of your free time, to do things that other people are simply not willing to do.

    Desire to do the right thing, because sometimes the right thing, will not come easy,  nor will it be the most popular thing for anybody to do. That’s because you may not always fit in with the in-crowed. Who’s true motivation, is not to sometimes do things, simply because they are the right things to do.
    Yes, you may have made some mistakes at one point or another, but overall you have a positive scorecard because you have done more things right than wrong.

    Are you just going through the motions, without ever noticing what is really working for you?
    Remember that things just work out for people, when they are genuinely trying to do the right things. 
    It's a different perspective to living a better life. - you do have free-will however not without consequences. … tter-life/
    Please don’t allow any resentment to surface and discourage, or distract you from doing things right, nor destroy all you have gotten by pain and hard work.

    The person that opens doors for others, is friendly toward strangers, continually goes above and beyond the call of duty.
    In everything you do, you must make certain that doing the right thing, is your top priority and a part of who you are.
    To do the right thing, weather or not you feel like doing it. This requires that you are always, thoughtful and considerate, of the people around you.
    Sure it is perfectly understandable from time to time some feelings of resentment may surface.
    Perhaps you wonder why, you are always the one that has to do everything?

    gives to others and wants nothing in return ...